My Husband Warm the Bed- 1139

Reagan was frustrated, so he picked up the beer bottle and took a long gulp. Lemur immediately snatched the bottle away and said, “Reagan, we are here to have fun with Boss. Should you be drinking like that?”

Reagan said in anger. The person I like just rejected me, can’t you just let me


“Silly kid, you’re really not my cup of tea, so you should really stop torturing yourself. Audrey patted Reagan’s shoulder and handed him a glass of cocktail “Here, once we finish up this drink, we’ll be best friends forever.

“Best friend? I don’t want that, I want us to be more than friends. I want you to

be my girlfriend.” Reagan wanted to express his feelings out loud. He knew that he would feel better doing that, but it was possible that his friendship with Audrey would be over.

Reagan did not want to compromise, but he had no choice but to do so. The world was cruel. He took the glass Audrey handed over and emptied it. “Bottoms up, Audrey.”

Audrey raised her glass and drank the cocktail. “Reagan, from now on, I’m your best friend. I’ll definitely help you find your sweetheart.”

Lemur said, “Boss and I are here as witnesses. Come, let’s down a few drinks

first. None of us is allowed to go home without getting drunk, okay?” Reagan took the cocktail glass away from Lemur and said, “These are all mine. I want to drink alone.

“Why are you drinking so much by yourself?” Lemur wanted to grab the glass back from Reagan, but Silvia stopped him. “If he wants to drink, then just let him get drunk. Perhaps he will figure it all out when he wakes up tomorrow”

Reagan looked at Silvia with a plaintive look in his eyes and said, “Boss, seriously, am I still your buddy? Lemur and the others would at least comfort me, but you don’t even try to pretend that you care! You make me sad!

Silvia smiled and patted Reagan’s shoulder. “I let you drink because you wanted

to! But you’re upset with me instead? When have you become so


Reagan lamented, “Oh, why did I decide to become your underling? Silvia smiled and said, “Well, it could be because you were blind at that time.”

Reagan was flabbergasted.

Audrey said, “Let’s not talk about this anymore. Let’s toast to congratulate Silvia

for bringing Wateria Corporation back on track.”

Lemur echoed, “Congratulations, Boss. Bottoms up! Also, other congratulating her, let’s also wish for a greater future for ourselves too!


“Bottoms up!” The four of them raised their glasses simultaneously and emptied their glasses.

It has been a while since Silvia last drank. She licked her lips and said, “Blotie, why does your I Love You 3000 taste even better now? Can you please get us another round of that? Thanks!

Blotie, who was attending to the other customers, looked back and said with a smile. “Thanks for the compliment! If you like it then you should have a couple more glasses. It’s on the house.”

When the other customers heard that Blotie were giving away free drinks to

Silvia and the others, they immediately asked, “Blotie, we’re also your

customers, why aren’t we getting free drinks too?”

Blotie smiled and said, “I’m happy for my friend’s achievements. So, I hereby announce that we’re having a buy 3 free 1 promotion for I Love You 3000 tonight! If you like it make sure you don’t miss it!”

The bar’s business was not doing well lately, so Blotie immediately thought of this promotion. In an instant, the atmosphere grew livelier and the crowd hovering outside began entering the bar.

Seeing that it was a full house, Blotie was smiling from ear to ear. She went over to Silvia’s table and said, “Silvia, you really are my lucky star. Whenever you’re here, it’s always a full house.”

“Blotie, since you are thinking so highly of me, then let me do something in return for you.” Silvia put down the cocktail glass and belched before saying, “Can you please go get our stage costumes ready? The three of us will perform here for free.

“Now, that’s our Boss!” Silvia was in the mood to perform, and Reagan and Lemur were both excited about it too. Reagan wanted to perform because he wanted to show off his skills in front of Audrey, hoping that she could notice his strengths.

Audrey, who had never seen them perform, was confused. “Silvia, what are you

guys going to do?’

Reagan put down the beer bottle on the table and staggered to his feet.

“Audrey, just sit here and enjoy our performance.

Looking at the three of them who could not even walk straight, Audrey was a little worried. “Are you guys sure that you can still perform?”

Silvia gave her a hug and said, “Wait for me, Audrey. You’ll definitely be impressed by our performance.

Seeing that Silvia was in such high spirits, Audrey did not want to disappoint them so she said, “Okay, be careful. Don’t get into any trouble.”

“Don’t worry, Audrey” Silvia then led Reagan and Lemur to the changing room and changed into their costumes that they had worn during their last performance

Reagan and Lemur were each wearing a waistcoat and a pair of cropped pants, which looked quite normal

On the other hand, Silvia was wearing a cropped vest and a pair of hot pants. Her entire waist was exposed, and her pants were so short that her bottoms were barely covered.

Lemur said anxiously, “Boss, it’s not like we’ve never performed before, but why is my heart beating so fast now?”

Reagan teased, “Huh! Are you having a stage fright now?”

Silvia said, “Okay, stop dawdling already. Let’s go.”

There was a small stage that was set up in Starie Blotie, and Blotie would occasionally hire some performers for the bar. However, Silvia’s group was the most popular

Silvia led Reagan and Lemur onto the stage and immediately, their outfits had already attracted everyone’s attention

Silvia enjoyed being under the spotlight. Under everyone’s gaze, she picked up the microphone and said, “Coming up next is a performance from the three of us. If you like it, please do order more drinks, alright? If you don’t… then that’s your business.”

After all, Silvia only cared if she was happy when performing, and what the others thought were never in her consideration,

Silvia had drunk a lot and was a little tipsy. So, she was bolder than usual.

As the music started, Silvia picked up the microphone and started to sing. Of course, apart from singing, she was dancing too. The dance moves were extremely provocative.

Silvia danced enthusiastically, and Reagan and Lemur were cooperating to her

performance very well. The audience were electrified and their applause was getting louder as the show went on. At the same time, they were also starting to order more drinks.

Audrey, who was sitting under the stage, was looking at Silvia who was dancing passionately to the music. Silvia was dressed in such a revealing outfit and dancing so intimately with Regan and Lemur. If Young Master Kyle were to see her like this…

At the thought of it a cold shiver immediately ran down Audrey’s spine.

She quickly looked around the bar but she did not see Jayden. Then, Audrey recalled that Silvia had told Jayden that she would be at her mother’s place. So, Jayden would not know that Silvia was having fun at the bar. Audrey felt relieved.

However, Audrey still could not be completely at ease. She had a feeling that someone was staring at them from a dark corner

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