My Husband Warm the Bed- 1140

The audience loved the performance, so after it ended, they cheered for an encore, Silvia once again led Reagan and Lemur on to the stage and started their second performance.

While Silvia was enjoying herself during the dance performance, she vaguely

caught a glimpse of a figure by the door. That man looked like Jayden…

Young Master Kyle? Jayden Elias Kyle?

As Silvia thought of him, she immediately sobered up a little. When she looked at the door again, Jayden was not there at all.

Thank God he was not there. She probably mistook someone else for him.

Silvia breathed a sigh of relief and continued to dance with Reagan and Lemur. She was so engrossed in her dancing that she did not notice that the man from the door was already standing on stage.

Jayden stood there, looking at Silvia who was dressed skimpily. He watched her moving her body to the music and shouting at the top of her lungs, as if she was not aware that there was a crowd under the stage looking at her. The more Jayden looked at her, the angrier he was, and eventually, a tempestuous look appeared in his eyes,

Silvia continued singing and dancing wildly on the stage. She had no idea that the ‘dangerous person’ was slowly approaching her.

However, the audience in the bar could already sense it. Their eyes were going back and forth between Silvia and Jayden. No one dared to applaud nor did they dare breathe, as they stared at the man who had appeared on stage,

Amongst the audience, Audrey was the most horrified. At that instant, she really wanted to run to the stage and warn Silvia, but she could not move her legs at all. In the end, all she could do was hide under the table cowardly.

Audrey had experienced Jayden’s frightening ways. Hence, she did not want Jayden to know she was one of the culprits who brought Silvia to the bar. Otherwise, Audrey might actually lose her current job at Wateria Corporation

To be honest, she was quite a wimp. She had never been tough in her entire life. Even when she was being bullied, she would always keep quiet and swallow all her grievances

“Everyone, let’s have fun!” Silvia was dancing and shouting, but the audience did

not respond to her at all, and at this instant, she felt like an icy blast had hit her. She stopped dancing, looking at the ice sculpture standing in front of her. However, that ice sculpture was alive and breathing…

When she finally realized who it was, Silvia was so scared that she kept retreating. If it weren’t because her legs had gone weak, she would have already

run away

Reagan and Lemur also spotted Jayden, but because of their tipsiness, they

were a little obtuse, “Boss, Young Master Kyle is here. He must be here because

he was attracted by our exciting performance, right?”

Reagan burped and then said, “Young Master Kyle, you can go take a seat down there and watch us perform.”

Jayden’s eyes had not left Silvia for even a second, but when he heard what Reagan had just said, he immediately asked, “How long have you guys been performing?”

Reagan said. “it hasn’t been very long, we’re only at our second song now. Young Master Kyle, too bad you weren’t here a while ago. Our first song was even more lit. Boss had danced the most provocative dance that she knew and she was so sexy that everyone just could not take their eyes off her… To be honest, our boss only looks like a woman when she dances.”

“Really?” Jayden asked calmly, but his eyes turned even colder as he stared at Silvia

Silvia raised her leg and kicked Reagan’s bottom. “Reagan, can you shut the fck up already? What else do you know besides bullshtting? Do you want me to skin you alive?

After getting his ats kicked, Reagan felt extremely wronged, so he asked, “What

did I do wrong, Boss?”

Just as Silvia was about to reprimand Reagan, she saw Jayden’s cold eyes and did not dare to behave so arrogantly anymore. She swallowed her words and immediately hid behind Reagan and Lemur.

Seeing her body so exposed, Jayden really wished that he could just twist her neck off. It had only been one night that he had not kept her under his watch, and she was already dancing at a bar, stripping off her clothes.

He took his suit jacket off and wrapped it around her body. Put this on!”

Silvia was still tipsy so she did not realize the dire consequences of angering Jayden. She immediately resisted, “Can’t you see that I’m sweating? Why are you asking me to put this on? Are you trying to kill me with the heat?”

Of course not. Killing her that way was too kind to her. Jayden really wanted to break her neck off instead.

Looking at his solemn face, Silvia added, “I know you just can’t stand seeing me being happy and you have been thinking how to torture me every single day, but let me tell you Jayden, I’m a tough girl, so you won’t be able to kill me off so


“That’s right. I really want to kill you!” Jayden gnashed his teeth and said.

Silvia pointed at him and said, “Huh. of course you want to kill me, so that you can go after other women who are younger and more beautiful than me, right?” Jayden did not want to argue with this crazy woman anymore, so he

immediately carried her up in his arms and strode out of the bar,

Silvia did not want to go with him. She still wanted to drink, so she struggled “Jayden, put me down, I still want to drink.”

Jayden said, “Shut up!”

Silvia obviously would not listen to him. She refuted, “Jayden, didn’t you say that you won’t be picking me up today? So how did you know that I’m here?

Jayden gritted his teeth and said ferociously, “Silvia, are you looking for a


“I was just asking a question. Since when did I ask for a beating? Silvia scratched her head and said, “Young Master Kyle, I have been working hard for so long and it has been a long time since I came out to have fun. Can’t you just let me have fun this time?”

Jayden said, “Then can you please tell me what’s your interpretation of having fun? By having fun, do you mean stripping all your clothes and let all the men see how flat your body is?”

How dare he criticize her body! Silvia was angry so she scolded, “Jayden, you’d better watch your words!

Jayden said, “Did I say something wrong though?”

Silvia said, “Of course, you did. I have such a great body. It’s not like what you said. There was even a bunch of men among the audience who were complimenting me.. They said that I have a great body

Those men were complimenting you?” Not only did Jayden want to snap Silvia’s neck, but he also wanted to dig out the eyes of every man that were present at the bar

Silvia nodded and said, “Yes, they all have good taste. Unlike you, who can

never see my beauty. And that’s why I’ve decided to put on an extra show for


“So you’re stripping off all your clothes and let them look at your body?” Jayden was furious because of the way she was dressed, but all Silvia heard was him criticizing her body. At that instant, Jayden thought that this woman really needed some punishments. D

Silvia pouted her lips and said, “What are you saying? Was I stripping off my


Jayden said coldly, “Just look at the clothes that you’re wearing now. How far away are you from being n’ked?”

Silvia said provocatively, “It’s my own choice to choose whatever I want to wear. What does it have to do with you?”

It was such an embarrassing scene. Her friends and all the customers were all watching the two of them as they quarreled. How could Jayden just take her away like this? How was she going to step into this bar again?

Jayden said, “I’m your man. If even I couldn’t meddle in this, then who else could?”

Silvia snorted and said, “Jayden, don’t forget that I have not admitted that you are my man yet.”

Jayden shouted angrily, “Silvia Turner!

The look in his eyes was somber and terrifying, and it was not until now that Silvia had felt fear creeping in. She immediately ducked and rubbed her head against his chest, trying to find a safe place to hide. I’m just kidding with you, Jayden. Do you have to shout at me like this?”

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