My Husband Warm the Bed- 1141

With a solemn look, Jayden shoved Silvia into the car. He then got in next to her and ordered the driver to take them home.

Looking at his expression, Silvia knew that he was furious. She knew that if she

did not calm him down in time, she would definitely be in trouble.

Silvia tugged the edge of his shirt and said softly, “Young Master Kyle, please don’t be angry, alright? Actually, I didn’t drink much at all. I’ve already restrained myself from drinking too much.”

She was reeking of alcohol and had been dancing in such a revealing outfit. She even had the audacity to say that she had already restrained herself! Jayden wondered what would happen if she had let loose?!

Was she going to get wasted and pass out on the streets?

Or would she start stripping off her clothes and let the others look at her body? As Jayden thought of these possibilities, he wished that he could just lock her up so that she could not step out of the house,

Jayden clenched his fists repeatedly. He was the one who was trying to restrain himself. Otherwise, he might have already thrown her into Madison River which was just outside Starie Blotie.

Jayden kept a somber face and did not utter a word at all. He was still angry Silvia tried to get close to him, but she was worried that he would push her away. However, after hesitating for a while, she still chose to approach him.

Just as she was about to get close, Jayden immediately stretched out his long

arm to stop her. “Sit down! Don’t move!”

Now that he would not even let her get close to him, it simply meant that he was not going to forgive her so easily. Silvia had no choice but to explain patiently. “I used to drink at least two dozens of mugs of beer and I would even mix it with all sorts of liquor. But I really didn’t drink much today. I know that you don’t like it when I drink, so I’ve actually poured away quite a lot of beer when Reagan and Lemur weren’t watching.”

Speaking of this, Silvia felt a little aggrieved. She was an independent person

after all. She needed her own personal space too.

Yes, it was true that they were a couple and they should understand and

tolerate each other. However, Jayden was controlling her too much! She had no

freedom at all.

Reagan and Lemur were Silvia’s childhood playmates. When she was at her lowest point in life, they never left her side and also gave her a lot of support.

So, how could she reject their invitation to have fun just because she was


She couldn’t let them tease her for neglecting them after getting into a relationship!

After a long explanation, the cold look on Jayden’s face did not fade at all. Silvia reached out to hold his arm and said softly, “Young Master Kyle, please don’t be angry at me, okay? You look scary when you’re angry”

Jayden’s heart had actually begun to soften when he heard Silvia admit to pouring away the drinks. However, he knew that she was a liar and he occasionally could not discern the truth.

Since it was hard to tell, Jayden decided to continue to test her. He must not let

her off easily. Otherwise, she would repeat her mistake again very soon.

However, Silvia knew what his weakness was, so she had decided not play hardball with him. She said coyly, “Young Master Kyle, as long as you stop being mad at me, I promise that I won’t drink even a drop of alcohol in the next month. If I really want to drink, I will let you know and you’ll decide how much! can drink!

“Then what about your dancing?” The main issue that Jayden was angry about was not her drinking at the bar. What bothered him most was Silvia dancing with a bunch of men in such a provocative outfit.

“Blotie is my friend. I went on stage to dance because I wanted to help with her business. I didn’t know that you would be unhappy because of this. Now that I know, I promise that I will never do it again. I will never do anything you dislike. I will listen to everything you say. Silvia said devoutly.

However, in Jayden’s view, the more serious Silvia sounded, the more likely she was up to no good. He still had to test her.

Seeing that Jayden still wouldn’t forgive her, Silvia continued, “Young Master Kyle, I believe that you have friends, don’t you? | believe that you would understand the feeling of wanting to help a friend out, right?”

Jayden said, I don’t have any friends.

He was telling the truth. He really did not have any close friends.

After his parents passed away in that accident, all of his friends had

disappeared. Ever since he was being adopted into the Kyle family, he had been focusing on being a ‘good child, so he spent all of his time and energy on his studies and his businesses. He was so occupied that he had no time to make any friends at all.

At a young age, he already understood the importance of studying hard. He knew that only by constantly improving himself could he gain a foothold in such an outstanding family. Otherwise, how could he feel justified to stay in the Kyle family?

He had no friends?!

However, it did not sound like it was a lie. Silvia leaned into Jayden’s arms and wrapped her arms around his waist. “Jayden, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t have any friends in the past. From on onwards, my friends will also be your friends.”

Her simple sentence was enough to warm up Jayden’s icy heart. Now that his heart was filled with warmth, the solemn look on his face was starting to fade away

No matter how he looked at her, Silvia was just an ordinary girl, but she had the magical ability to warm his heart and make him feel at ease… With her around, he felt like everything was right.

Her words had obviously warmed up his heart, but Jayden said, “I don’t give a cr*p about your friends!

As soon as Jayden said this, all the guilt that Silvia felt earlier vanished. She

pushed him away and said, “Huh Jayden, don’t think that you are that great

just because you’re rich… People like you really deserve to have no friends!” “Why would you want to befriend someone who does not bring any benefits to you?” Jayden said with a faint smile, “Silvia, let me teach you another lesson today. There is no such thing as friends forever nor will there be enemies for life in this world. What matters is mutual benefit only then would a relationship


“So what can you get from me then?” This was Silvia’s initial reaction when she heard him. He had spent so much money on her, so he must want something in return.

“What can I get from you?” Jayden scrutinized her and continued. “We’ve been

together for so long now, do you really not know what I can get from you?” “To warm the bed for you?” Was it just because of this very reason? If that was really the case, then there are countless women who wanted to warm the bed for him. Why would it be Silvia?

If Jayden were to agree with her, then he was either lying or he must have some secrets that she was not aware of… However, they had never met before knowing each other, so what kind of secret could he be hiding?

“It’s not only to warm the bed for me. You make me feel good, and… Jayden suddenly leaned over to Silvia’s ear and whispered some words. After listening to what he had said, Silvia immediately flung her fist at him, scolding, “You dirty b*stard!”

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