My Husband Warm the Bed- 1142

After Jayden had brought Silvia home, Audrey, who was hiding under the table, finally emerged. She tidied up her slightly messy clothes and took out a mirror to fix her make up

Audrey would always remind herself that no matter what situation she was in,

she would maintain her elegance and composure. She must not miss a chance

to be noticed by a rich man.

It was already rare for a woman to meet a rich bachelor. If Audrey were to meet one but lose the opportunity because of her image, that would definitely be the biggest loss in her entire life.

“Audrey, Boss abandoned us again.” Reagan and Lemur were so drunk that they had no sense of crisis at all when they saw Jayden taking Silvia away. They did not realize that Jayden could actually ban them from drinking with just a flick of his hand. Now, they even dared to complain to Audrey that Silvia had left them behind again.

“Since Silvia has left and both of you are so drunk, why don’t we wrap it up for today? We’ll do it again some other day, how about that?’ Audrey was also worried when she saw these two drunk men who were not in their right minds.

Reagan and Lemur had not drunk to their heart’s content so they wanted to continue. “Audrey, our boss left early because she has someone who will accompany her at home. The three of us are single and there’s no one waiting for us at home, so why do we need to go back home so early?”

Audrey had no choice, so she said, “Okay then. Since you two still wanted to drink, I’ll drink with you guys until you guys are satisfied, okay? Blotie, could you please give us another round of beer”

Blotie personally delivered the beer and asked, “Was the man who took Silvia

away just now the man that Silvia had vomited all over the last time?”

“Yeah, that’s right.” Audrey said while nodding her head.

Blotie could not hold back her nosiness so she asked again, “Who is that man?”

“I don’t know, Audrey said while shaking her head. “Why don’t you ask Silvia about it some other day.

Blotie could tell that Audrey knew who that man was, but was unwilling to share, so she smiled and said, “Oh okay, I won’t bother you guys anymore then.

You guys can just drink anything you like, it’s on the house.”

“Thanks!” Since Blotie had already said so, the three of them did not hold themselves back anymore. Each of them took a bottle of beer and started

drinking again.

While they were drinking, Reagan complained, “After Boss and Young Master Kyle got together, we seldom spent time with each other. Do you think that she will forget us eventually?”

Listening to Reagan’s words, Lemur agreed. Alas, I also think that the time that Boss spends with us is getting lesser now. I’m worried that she will suddenly disappear one day and we will not be able to find her ever again.”

Listening to their conversation, Audrey felt funny. “You guys are worried about

nothing. You guys are so close to Silvia, how could she forget about you?” Reagan said, “Well Audrey, there are some things that you don’t know.”

Audrey said, “What is it? Tell me.”

In order to please Audrey, Reagan had completely forgotten that Silvia had warned him not to mention Felix to anyone else. He said, “Before Boss got together with Young Master Kyle, she had dated another guy. It was Felix Xavier, the guy who she liked for a long time.”

Audrey nodded. She knew about this. Audrey also knew that Felix was also the very reason why Silvia was not willing to admit her feelings for Jayden.

Reagan added, “When Boss was dating Felix, she has never neglected us. She

had never rejected us to go out and have fun. Sometimes when they went out for a date, she would even ask Reagan and I to come along”

Regardless of gender, it was usual for a new couple to spend all day together in

the first phase of the relationship.

When Silvia was at that phase, she would never keep away from any gatherings and she would even bring her friends along on her dates.

Listening to what Reagan had said, Audrey could not help but doubt whether Silvia was really in love with Felix

Perhaps not

Silvia grew up with Felix. He was kind to her, and she was touched by his constant care. She thought that what they had between them was love, but in fact, they were just closer than any other ordinary friends

Of course, this was Silvia’s relationship, and Audrey had found out all about it only through Reagan. So, she would never know what Silvia’s true thoughts and

feelings were. Only Silvia would know how she felt for Felix.

Reagan spoke a lot, but Audrey did not respond to him at all. He urged, “Audrey, tell us your opinion on this.”

Audrey immediately brushed off her thoughts and said with a smile, “If Silvia

and Young Master Kyle went on a date and happened to ask the two of you to Reagan and Lemur’s silence was their answer. Not only that the two of them

tag along, would you guys dare to go though?

would not dare to follow, even Audrey would not be able to do so, unless she

wanted to get into trouble again.

After a moment of silence, Lemur spoke, “Sometimes I really wish that Felix was still around. He would not stop Boss from going out with us. He would even join us and have fun together. Whenever I think of this, I would recall the moments when Boss was with Jayden and I notice that Boss had become a little more ladylike after she had gotten together with him.”

Reagan nodded his head and said, “Lemur, I do miss Felix too, but we don’t know whether is still aliveā€¦ We should just let Boss live with Young Master Kyle.” happy life

“What are you guys thinking?” Audrey knocked her beer bottle against their heads, before speaking in a stern voice. “I don’t know how good Felix was, but only know that he had abandoned Silvia when she was at her lowest. This alone, he does not deserve Silvia’s love. And let me tell you, if any of you dare to talk about Felix in front of Silvia, I will not spare your lives.

Reagan said, “Audrey, we’re just having a casual conversation here. It’s not that we will actually do something to destroy their relationship. In fact, we are quite pleased with Young Master Kyle. Although he is much older than Boss, fortunately, he is good-looking. That alone is enough to make up for the age difference.”

Lemur nodded and said, “Our boss is only 20 years old but Young Master Kyle is already in his late twenties. Perhaps others might actually accuse him of robbing the cradle if they were to see them together”

Audrey said, “What do you guys know? Only older men would know how to treat a woman right. To be honest, women don’t really fancy guys who are in their

early twenties like the two of you.

Reagan and Lemur were speechless.

Audrey, Reagan, and Lemur were drinking and discussing Silvia’s affairs, but little did they know that there was someone behind them who had his eyes

fixed on them, watching their every move.

When that person heard that Young Master Kyle and Silvia were in a

relationship, the glass he was gripping tightly shattered instantly

The shattered glass pierced into the man’s palm, and blood was starting to flow

out. However, he did not seem to care about the wound on his palm at all and

his eyes were still fixed on the three of them

However, on a closer look, the man’s gaze was not focused. It looked like he was staring at Audrey and the others, but actually, he was looking at someone else past them.

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