My Husband Warm the Bed- 1146

Seeing that Silvia had sat down, Alina was a little puffed up. “Would you like to

order a drink for yourself?” Silvia said coldly, “No thanks. Just get straight to the point already. I don’t want to see your face any longer and I believe that you don’t want to see mine

either. So stop making things harder for both of us.”

Alina shook the wine glass in her hand and said, “If I remembered it correctly. you are very good at drinking, aren’t you? So why aren’t you drinking now? Are you afraid that I will poison you?”

Silvia did not want to drink because she had promised Jayden to not drink for the entire month. She did not want to anger him again, so she had to keep her promise. However, there was no need for her to explain all that to Alina, so she replied, “That’s right. I’m really scared that you will poison me. I believe that you would want to do that if you could.”

“Yeah, I really wanted to poison you. But if I really wanted to do that, I would have chosen a place where no one else was around, right?” Alina looked around. “There are so many surveillance cameras here. If I were to poison you, I would be digging my own grave, wouldn’t 1? My life still has its meaning, I don’t

want to lose it because of that cheap life of yours.”

You’re absolutely right. You can’t wait to poison me to death, and I can’t wait to see you die. So could you please tell me what you want from me now?” Silvia did not have the patience to chat with Alina anymore. Rather than wasting her time listening to her bullsht, she might as well chat with Jayden on the phone, right?

Whenever they chatted on the phone, she would be the one who did most of the talking and he would only reply to her message occasionally, but she was still happy

“Well, since you don’t want to drink with me, I will just get straight to the point then.” Alina took out a thumb drive from her bag and placed it in front of Silvia. *This is a big gift from me to you. Take it back and look at it alone. Make sure that you don’t let your two male friends see it.”

“You’re giving me a huge gift but I can’t watch it with my male friends?” Silvia picked up the USB flash drive and looked at it. “What’s in it?”

“You’ll have to see for yourself. I can guarantee that you will thank me after

you’re done watching it Alina raised her glass and finished the drink in it. “You’re just so lucky throughout your entire life, Silvia”

Silvia was not in the mood to listen to Alina’s nonsense anymore. She got up and wanted to leave, but Alina grabbed on to her arm. “In the past, you had Felix who loved you and protected you, so no one dared to touch you. Now that Felix is gone, you’ve got Jayden by your side instead. Tell me, what is it about you that could make them fall for you?

“Even if you asked me, I wouldn’t know the answer. Silvia kept the USB flash drive in her pocket and continued, “If you want to know, then you should go ask them and not me.”

“Do you think I’ve never thought of that?” She really wanted to ask them. If she knew the reason, she could then make them fall for her. However, she did not have the opportunity to do that at all.

In the past, Felix and Alina were schoolmates and they were both members of

the student council. They had spent a lot of time together, but no matter what

tricks Alina had used on him, Felix would not even bat an eye.

As for Jayden, she could not even get close to him, let alone to make him notice her

Then go ask them. After that, Silvia immediately turned around and walked away, leaving Alina looking at her back and gnashing her teeth in hatred.

Alina’s mind had always been wicked, and Silvia knew about it all these while.

The things that Alina had given her would never be of any good. Silvia knew that she should not have accepted it. However, she was curious about the content in it, so she ended up accepting the USB flash drive that Alina had given her.

As for the contents, Silvia would have to take a look at home. Once Silvia got home, she immediately rushed to her bedroom and turned on the laptop.

The moment she opened the folder in the thumb drive, Silvia was stunned. The thumb drive was full of explicit pictures and videos of different women.

After taking a careful look at the pictures, Silvia noticed that the shooting angle was somewhat unusual. If she had guessed correctly, these photos must have been secretly taken without those women’s consent.

Silvia clicked on the mouse and scrolled through the folder. As she continued to flip through it, she saw an extremely familiar face.

She was familiar with this face because she saw it in the mirror every single

day. It was herself.

In that photo, she was in her undergarments. Except for her private parts, her whole body was exposed in the picture,

“D*mn it, who did this?”

Silvia observed the pictures carefully. Judging from the backgrounds, Silvia was

somewhat sure that the pictures were taken in her dormitory on campus.

Could it be that someone had installed a pinhole camera in her dormitory? Silvia continued to look through the photos. After looking through more than a

hundred of them, she finally came across two other female students who had shared the same dormitory with her. However, their situation was way worse than hers. They were completely naked in the photos.

Damn it!

Who the f*ck did this?

How could such a thing happen in such a prestigious university in Madison City?

Silvia picked up her mobile phone and wanted to call the principal to report this matter to him. However, before she could press on the call button, she suddenly realized that it was already late in the evening

The principal had already got off work, and no one would be in the principal’s office to answer the phone.

However, she was not in a hurry. As long as she had the evidence with her, she could still report to the principal the next morning,

Just as Silvia was immersed in her thoughts, a deep male voice suddenly

sounded behind her. “What are you looking at? You’re so engrossed in it.” “Oh, it’s nothing.” Silvia shut the laptop. She did not want Jayden to know that she was being photographed without her consent.

“If there’s nothing then let’s go downstairs to have dinner.” Jayden knew that she was hiding something from him, but he decided not to ask her about it. He knew that he would not be able to get her to tell him anything anyway If he really wanted to know, asking her was not the only way. He had his own means to find out.

“Okay.” Silvia nodded obediently

Throughout the entire meal. Silvia had been lowering her head and thinking about those pictures in the thumb drive. She was so occupied by the thought that she did not even have a piece of the buffalo wings that Auntie Cherry had

prepared for her. Seeing her being like this, Jayden was even more certain that something must have happened to her.

He picked up a piece of the buffalo wings and put it on Silvia’s plate. “This is

your favorite dish, why aren’t you eating it?”

Silvia took another bite of her food and said sullenly, “I don’t feel quite well so didn’t feel like eating it. Um, you can continue eating, I’ll go upstairs first.”

Jayden stopped her. “Silvia!”

Silvia asked, “Yeah?”

Jayden said, “Do you still remember what I told you?”

Silvia said, “You’ve said so many things to me. How would I know which one

you are referring to?”

Jayden then said, “Sit down and tell me honestly. What happened?”

Jayden was frustrated to see this young lady in such a depressed state but still

chose not to tell him about it,

Silvia asked, “Huh? Did something happen?”

Jayden raised his eyebrows and asked, “Are you sure that you’re alright?

She did not want to tell him about it, but it seemed like he was going to get mad at her again. Silvia did not want him to get angry, therefore after hesitating

for a while, she decided to tell him.

“Someone had taken some pictures of me without my consent. It’s not only me. My roommates and the other girls at the university had fallen victims to it too. There were explicit pictures, and also videos… The more Silvia talked about it, the more emotional she was. “F*ck, if I ever find out who did this. I’ll definitely skin him alive.”

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