My Husband Warm the Bed- 1147

Silvia was furious. There were so many videos and photos! It was possible that almost every single female student at the university had had their pictures taken. “Young Master Kyle, could you please help me analyze this? Who on earth could pull this off?”

After listening to Silvia’s statement, a sharp look flashed in Jayden’s eyes. However, he quickly disguised it, saying calmly, “Okay, I got it.

“You got it?” She had just told him that she got photographed. Shouldn’t he at

least expressed anger about it or even comfort her.

Who would have thought that Jayden, this son of a bitch, would act like nothing had happened after listening to the entire story, right? And the only response that he had given her was, “I got it.”

No matter what, she was still his legally wedded wife. Now that his wife was being secretly photographed. How could he as her husband react so indifferently?

Was this a normal reaction that a man would have?

“Jayden Elias Kyle, you… Silvia was disappointed in him. She did not know how to react to his indifference so she said, “Forget it, I’m going to bed now. Don’t come over and disturb me later. I don’t want to talk to you.”

She was really angry at Jayden. It was alright for him to act like this if he did not

know about anything. But now that he knew, he was still acting so calmly and indifferently. His behavior had annoyed her.

If this was to happen in the past, Silvia would definitely get into a fight with him. However, she was now learning to control her temper, to compromise with, and to get along with him

Regardless of the seriousness of the matter, as long as it was related to Silvia, it would be a big deal to Jayden. Moreover, what happened this time was utterly serious. Jayden obviously cared about it. However, he was not like her. He would never show all his feelings to everyone. “Don’t bother yourself with this matter anymore.”

“You. Jayden, don’t let me see your face again tonight and talk to me. don’t want to get into a fight with you.” She and her roommates were being photographed without their consent. Since she had already gotten her hands on the evidence, how could she just ignore it?

Silvia really could not figure out what this man was thinking. Perhaps, all he cared about was all those women. For instance, that beautiful Dr. Thames,

Jayden said, “Just listen to me.”

Jayden, I must be a dumbass if I actually listen to your Silvia glared at him fiercely. Then she turned around and ran upstairs.

She must not let this matter go just like this. She had decided that she would hand in the evidence to the chancellor first thing the next morning so that the chancellor could assemble a special team to investigate this matter. Then, she would not have to worry that the culprit behind all of these would continue to be on the lam.

After Jayden was done with his work, he went back to his room and noticed that Silvia was not in the room. Whenever this young lady was angry at him, she would definitely sleep in separate rooms with him.

If she didn’t come to his room, did she think that he would not go over to her room instead? This silly girl actually thought that she could stop him from getting close to her like this. What a childish thought she had.

After taking a shower, Jayden went over to Silvia’s room only with a towel wrapped around his body. When he went into her room, he found that she was already deep asleep. However, she was still holding on to the laptop in her arms.

One of the great things about Silvia was that no matter how serious the matter she was facing at the moment, she would still be able to eat and sleep normally. She would never worry about the things that she had no control over.

He sat at her bedside and took the laptop away. Then, he covered her with the blanket as he said, “Silly woman, why are you so dumb? How could I tolerate someone who takes explicit pictures of my woman?”

Of course not!

He pinched her cheek, and got to the other side of the bed, and sat next to her, He turned on her laptop, clicked on the album, and deleted all the pictures of Silvia.

No matter how her body looked, it was only for him. If anyone else wanted to see her body, he would make them blind.

After deleting Silvia’s photos, Jayden took out his mobile phone and made a

phone call. “Someone had been sneaking shots of the female students at

University A. I want you to look into it, and let me know what you’ve got by

tomorrow morning.”

After making the phone call Jayden placed the laptop on the nightstand. He lay

down and held Silvia, who was sleeping like a log, in his arms. Then he began

reclaim the debts that she had owed him for the past few days.

Silvia, who was woken up by his movements, grabbed on to his hand and said, “Stop it, Jayden! I want to sleep!”

“You can continue sleeping. I will just…” His wife was right in his arms. He did not want to restrain himself any longer, not even for a second more. Therefore, he had made up his mind that he would reclaim all the debts that she had owed him.

“Jayden, ah. don’t, can you not.. Silvia resisted him. However, all men had a strong desire to conquer the opposite s*x. Therefore, the more she struggled. the more excited he was.

In just one night, the two of them had made love a few times. In the end, Silvia was so worn out that she was lying feebly in his arms and she barely had the energy to breathe. “You are an animal!”

After staying up for the entire night, Silvia had undoubtedly woken up late the next morning. She was late for her class again.

Before this, she was always late for classes because she was busy with work. However, it was different that day. It was all because of Jayden, that animal who did not know what self-abstinence was. Silvia dragged her exhausted body to the classroom. When Reagan saw her, he

quickly leaned into Silvia’s ear and said, “Boss, something huge has happened.”

Judging from Reagan’s reaction Silvia instinctively patted on the thumb drive that was in her pocket. Could it be that Reagan had already found out about it?

However, Reagan did not notice Silvia’s unusual behavior so he continued with a sigh, “As the saying goes, we should never judge a book by its cover. Mr. Donald is really the epitome of this saying.”

“What? What’s wrong with Mr. Donald?” Silvia’s initial plan was to go to the chancellor’s office to look for Mr Donald after this class. Could it be that the culprit had already known that she was going to see Mr. Donald so he acted before her and framed Mr. Donald? Or perhaps Mr. Donald had already found out about the incident and had already caught the culprit?

Reagan put on a complacent look and said, “Boss, something happened to Mr. Donald. Didn’t you hear about it yet?”

Silvia shook her head. “I haven’t heard of it. What happened to him?”

Reagan said, “You probably also aren’t aware that something big is going to happen in our school, right?

Silvia’s face was full of confusion. “What is it?”

Reagan said, “Mr. Donald had forced quite a number of female students to sleep with him. This includes Alina, who was recently expelled.”

Silvia’s head was buzzing as she heard the news. It had taken her quite a long time to react to it. “Reagan, don’t talk nonsense! You really shouldn’t be joking about these things.”

Reagan said, “Exactly. I know that it’s a serious issue, so do you think I will actually joke about things like this? I’m really telling the truth. You’re probably the only person on campus who doesn’t know about this yet.”

Silvia still couldn’t believe that the kind and gentle Mr. Donald would do such a thing. “Reagan, are you sure it was Mr. Donald and not someone else?”

Reagan took out his mobile phone and logged on to the university’s online forum. He searched for the post involving Mr. Donald’s incident and handed the phone over to Silvia. “An anonymous person had posted this on the school’s online forum at 3 A.M. this morning.

Silvia took over the phone and read the post carefully. The post had a detailed breakdown on all the crimes that Mr. Donald had committed.

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