My Husband Warm the Bed- 1148

The anonymous post stated how Mr. Donald had abused his power and forced his female students to sleep with him. Besides that, he was also the one who installed the pinhole cameras in the female dormitory and he had even stolen undergarments that belonged to some of the female students,

The more she read, the more shocking it was. After reading the entire post, Silvia felt like she had been to hell and back

A university was supposed to be a sacred and beautiful place, but such an

infuriating thing had happened at this very place.

“It turned out that he was the one who took the photos! And he was the culprit of the incident of the missing undergarments that happened on campus the last time!” Silvia sighed softly

She had never expected that the pervert behind all these would be Mr. Donald. He was someone who was highly respected by the students. It was no wonder that Reagan would speak in such a regretful tone. It was indeed true that one should never judge a book by its cover.

Reagan added, “As soon as Mr. Donald had arrived at his office, the police had immediately arrested him. Boss, it seems like there will be a bloody storm happening in University A very soon. D

Silvia sighed and said, “Our university had always been under the eyes of the public. Now that our chancellor had gotten into a deep mess, of course a bloody storm would happen.

University A was the most prestigious university in Madison City, Now that the chancellor was in such deep trouble, it would definitely be shocking news to the


The very first place that this news had gone viral was the university’s online forum and eventually, everything went out of control. After the chancellor was arrested that morning, the news had already started to spread like wildfire on the Internet.

Anyone who was literate and had access to the Internet would know about this incident. University A, the higher education institution which had gone through a hundred years of ups and downs, was once again put through an ordeal. Since the current chancellor was being arrested by the police, the university

would have to elect a new chancellor. Within a short period of time, there was

already a long thread on the university’s online forum, discussing the potential candidates who would be taking over the position as the chancellor.

Mr. Donald was being reported anonymously. Therefore, that would mean that the party who would be benefited the most through this incident would be the person who had the greatest potential to be the next chancellor, Because of that there was already a group of people online speculating that the candidates for the new chancellor might have something to do with Mr. Donald’s arrest.

However, even if that was really the case, one could only say that the person had done a favor for the people by eliminating such an evildoer. As an educator, Mr. Donald’s actions were absolutely unacceptable. He deserved to be arrested.

Just as everyone was talking about the potential candidates, Silvia had once again received a text message from Alina. “Silvia, thanks for helping me out!”

Silvia did not understand what Alina was talking about, so she replied, “Alina,

what the he* are you trying to say?”

Alina replied, “I want to thank you for getting rid of that scambag for everyone’s sake. Silvia, if it weren’t for you, Mr. Donald would still be going around the school, harming other girls.”

Silvia replied, “Huh.. you’ve really thought too highly of me. I’ve only found out about the incident yesterday after you gave me the thumb drive. How could I know that Mr. Donald was the culprit? Moreover, even if I knew that it was him, didn’t have the evidence to take action. Also, as I said, I wasn’t the one who posted that anonymous article on the forum. If you want to thank someone, then it should be the one who posted the article, not me.”

Alina said, “Of course I know that you wouldn’t have such an ability to make things turn out like this. I’m just teasing you. You don’t have to be so serious about it.”

Alina obviously knew that Silvia did not have the ability to bring Mr. Donald to justice. However, the man by Silvia’s side was the most influential man in Madison City. As long as she could make him get into action Mr. Donald would not even have the chance to fight back at all.

Look, she had just handed the evidence to Silvia the day before, and Mr. Donald was already taken away by the police the next morning.

Apart from Jayden, who else would be able to get their hands on all the evidence within such a short period of time so that the police could arrest the culprit right away?

Of course there was no one else who could do that!

Even if there were, no one would make a fuss over such a trivial matter. However, Jayden was different Silvia was one of the victims in this incident.

Silvia Turner!

Every time Alina thought of this person, Alina really wanted to tear her into pieces. She thought that Silvia’s existence was to remind her how sad and miserable her life was.

Silvia had a pair of parents who loved and doted on her, a wonderful first love, a bunch of friends who would go through life and death with her, and now an influential member of the Kyle family protecting her.

But what about Alina? Her first love didn’t treat her sincerely. She did not have any friends who would go through thick and thin with her, and she didn’t have a backer who could support her like how Jayden was to Silvia

All she had was her body, which was tarnished and full of scars, and the

nightmare of being humiliated by Mr. Donald…

Perhaps, without Mr. Donald, she could still fight for her life. However, after being humiliated countless times, she knew that her life was completely over.

Thinking of her miserable past, Alina looked in the direction where Mr. Donald was being imprisoned with a solemn look in her eyes. “You old piece of sht, I’ve told you that if I’m going down. I will bring you down with me.”

She had nothing left. She had no one who loved her and no qualifications. On top of that, her reputation had fallen in disrepute. Therefore, what was there for her to care about in this world? What was there for her to be afraid of?

Nothing! Nothing at all!

The chancellor’s arrest had caused a huge impact on the university. The lecturers were not in the mood to teach while the students just could not keep their focus during the classes. Everyone’s attention was all focused on the incident and they were all eagerly waiting for the latest update on Mr. Donald’s case

That went the same for Silvia too. She was not in the mood to listen to what the

lecturer was teaching anymore. All she could think about was the two text

messages that Alina had sent her. What exactly was Alina trying to tell her? “Boss, who do you think this anonymous person who posted the article on the forum was?” Everyone was guessing who this person was, but no one could

figure it out. Reagan had been discussing it with a group of people, but they could not come out with a conclusion at all. Therefore, he went over to Silvia and asked for her opinion.

Silvia lay on the desk and replied feebly, “How would I know who posted it? Reagan, I’m really frustrated about something else now, so don’t come here and bother me.”

Reagan asked, “What’s the matter, Boss?

Silvia said, “I met up with Alina yesterday and she had given me a thumb drive. And in that thumb drive were all those explicit photos and videos that were secretly taken of those female students,

Reagan said in surprise, “Boss, so you’ve known about it a long time ago?”

Silvia corrected him, “No, I only knew that someone had been secretly taking pictures of the female students in our dormitory, but I had no idea that it was Mr. Donald. I was planning to hand over the evidence to him today.”

“Boss.” Reagan suddenly thought of something, “Alina was one of the victims. Mr. Donald was already being arrested right after she had given you the thumb drive. Don’t you think that things are a little fishy?

“Could it be that. Silvia suddenly thought of Jayden. She also recalled the calm look on his face when he heard about the news the night before. Was it just an illusion? In fact, he minded that someone secretly photographed her, so he had asked someone to gather all the evidence on Mr. Donald?!

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