My Husband Warm the Bed- 1149

Silvia had never thought that Jayden would meddle in other people’s business. Now that she had thought of Jayden, Silvia was almost certain that Jayden must have something to do with Mr. Donald’s arrest.

In Madison City, it was almost impossible for an ordinary person to take down the chancellor of University A overnight. However, Jayden was definitely capable of doing so.

“Boss, have you figured out who it was?” Reagan looked at Silvia expectantly,

hoping that she could give him an answer.

It would not matter even if it was not the actual answer. He only wanted some sort of clue, so that he could look further into it.

Silvia nodded her head and said, “I did think of someone.” Reagan asked anxiously, “Who is it?”

Silvia said, “Alina Bell

Reagan wailed, “Boss, can you stop teasing me? Alina already got expelled, she wouldn’t be able to log in to our school forum at all. How could she be the one

who posted the article last night?”

Reagan and the other students had been going in the wrong direction while trying to find out who the whistleblower was. As the article was posted on the school forum, they thought it must be a lecturer or student who did it. However, they had completely neglected the fact that hackers could have done so.

If someone really wanted to do so, it would not be a difficult task to bypass the firewall and post that article on the school forum

Silvia shrugged and said, “If it’s not her and I really have no idea who it was. You were the one who said that everything that happened was too coincidental, so the only person that I could think of is Alina Bell.”

Silvia was very clear that Jayden was probably the one behind Mr. Donald’s arrest. However, she did not want anyone else to know that it was him.

Jayden had nothing to do with this incident to begin with, so she should not drag him into this matter. Therefore, Silvia had decided to protect him, so that he would not get involved in this mess.

“Boss, you.” Reagan thought that Silvia had already figured out who was the

one behind all these, so he was full of expectations. However, now that he had

gotten such an answer, Reagan could not help but feel anxious,

“I really have no idea. What do you want me to do then? Even if you kneel down on your knees and beg me, I still wouldn’t have the answer.” Silvia picked up her bag and continued, “Since the lecturers are not in the mood to teach, I guess that I’ll just go home first then.”

“Okay, see you tomorrow.” Reagan did not want to go home. He wanted to stay on campus and continue to discuss the incident with his classmates. If he did not find out who posted that article, he would never be able to fall asleep!

Silvia went home earlier than usual. When she got home, Jayden was not there while Auntie Cherry was busy trimming the bushes in the yard with the gardener

When Auntie Cherry noticed that Silvia was home, she quickly dropped the scissors and went up to greet her, “Miss Turner, why are you back home so early?”

“Yeah, I have nothing else to do in school, so I came back home earlier.” When she entered the villa, she saw that Jayden’s slippers were still on the shoe rack so she asked, “Auntie Cherry, is Jayden not at home?”

“It’s Tuesday today, of course, the Master wouldn’t be at home at this hour.” Then, Auntie Cherry immediately realized that she had said something she shouldn’t have!

“Where did he go?” In Silvia’s view, Jayden was just a rich kid who had nothing to do all day and only knew how to spend his father’s money. If he wasn’t home, it was very likely that he had gone out to pick up girls.

“I’m not sure about that.” Needless to say, Jayden was at the company. However, Jayden had prohibited everyone from talking nonsense in front of Silvia. Auntie Cherry did not know what she could actually say, so it was better for her to just pretend like she did not know anything.

Auntie Cherry, is there something that I shouldn’t know of?” Auntie Cherry words didn’t match. If Silvia couldn’t notice it, there must be something wrong with her head,

“Huh? Of course not” Auntie Cherry smiled awkwardly and quickly changed the topic. “By the way, Miss Turner, are you hungry now? I’ll go get you something to eat.

“Auntie Cherry I’ve already had lunch so I’m not hungry now. You should get back to what you were doing just now. Don’t worry about me.” Silvia knew that

she would not be able to get anything out of Auntie Cherry, so she did not probe

further into it Besides, her mother had told her that trust was the most important thing between a couple. Therefore, it would be the best for her to not overthink about

everything and create conflict between the two of them.

Her parents had been in love for decades and it was largely because of the trust they had for each other. Therefore, Silvia was willing to listen to her mother’s advice and choose to believe in Jayden.

However, Silvia did not expect that the two people who she was currently thinking about, were now drinking coffee and chatting at a café.

Mrs. Turner had always known about Jayden’s existence. She knew that he had paid for her medical expenses, that he had arranged the best care worker for her, that he had been helping Silvia behind her back and that they had already gotten their marriage certificate.

The reason why Mrs. Turner knew about all these was because Jayden had no intention of hiding it from her at all. Moreover, Mrs. Turner was a clever and observant woman

When Mrs. Turner was admitted at the hospital, Jayden had hired a care worker to take care of her. However, in less than a week, Mrs. Turner had already found out from the care worker that who was the one who hired her.

Mrs. Turner knew about a lot of things. However, Silvia, who was not very meticulous, was not aware of it. Moreover, it was still the best if Silvia knew nothing. Otherwise, Mrs. Turner did not know how Silvia would look at things if

she were to realize that Jayden was the one who had been helping her. In order not to let Silvia overthink, Mrs. Turner had instinctively taken Jayden’s side and hid quite some things from Silvia.

Although Mrs. Turner and Jayden had not officially met up, there was already a tacit understanding between the two of them in handling anything that was related to Silvia

After contemplating for a long time and taking all kinds of factors into consideration, Mrs. Turner thought that it was time for her to meet up with her son-in-law. Therefore, she had secretly gotten Jayden’s phone number from Silvia’s mobile phone and sent Jayden a text message when Silvia was not at home.

Mrs. Turner was the one who decided on the venue She had proposed to meet up at a café that was close to her house. Mrs. Turner never liked drinking

coffee. However, considering that Jayden was a young man and coffee was something that the younger generation liked, Mrs. Turner had chosen to meet up with him at a café.

The café was located just across the street from her place. Therefore, she had arrived at the café earlier than the appointed time.

Jayden was still in a meeting when he received Mrs. Turner’s text message. When he realized that it was from his mother-in-law, he immediately passed his work to his assistant and rushed to the appointed venue.

By the time he had arrived at the café, Mrs. Turner was already there waiting for him. Although he had arrived early, he still felt bad for letting an elder wait for him.

He walked to the table where Mrs. Turner was at and apologized, “Auntie, I’m sorry I’m late!”

“No, you’re not late at all. You’ve arrived earlier than the agreed time,” Mrs.

Turner replied as she continued to stare at Jayden blatantly!

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