My Husband Warm the Bed- 1150

Mrs. Turner was a well-educated and polite woman. There was never once she had ever stared at someone so rudely.

However, she was looking at her precious daughter’s husband, how could she

not take a good look at him?

After scrutinizing Jayden from head to toe, Mrs. Turner arrived at a conclusion, He was indeed a handsome and dignified looking man

Judging from Jayden’s appearance alone, he was definitely worthy of

Silvia. Silvia would never be wronged for marrying him.

However, a person’s appearance was just an external condition. Mrs. Turner’s wanted to know if Jayden would treat Silvia right and how long would he be good to her

What if Jayden’s affection for Silvia was only temporary? What if he had fallen for her just because she was something new to him, and his feelings would fade away as time went on? If he was really such a man, Mrs. Turner would never let Silvia to be with him no matter what.

Although Mrs. Turner was staring and studying him like this, Jayden did not show any dissatisfaction. It was normal for a mother who was meeting her son in-law for the first time to behave like this. On the other hand, if Mrs. Turner was being indifferent to him, he would have to worry instead.

After a long time had passed, Mrs. Turner finally realized that she had been staring at Jayden for far too long. She cleared her throat and asked, “Mr. Kyle, are you willing to have a good chat with me?”

Jayden nodded and said, “Of course I do, Auntie. It’s my honor that you’ve taken the initiative to meet up with me.”

Mrs. Turner asked, “So if I didn’t look for you, you wouldn’t have come to me at


Jayden was dumbfounded.

It was not that he had not thought about it. He was just was taking into account Silvia’s feelings, waiting for Silvia to bring him to meet her mother instead.

With one sentence, Jayden was already at a loss for words. Mrs. Turner did not intend to speak like this either. However, for her daughter’s sake, she had to be clear with her words. “Mr. Kyle, how long do you plan to be with Silvia?

Mrs. Turner immediately got straight to the point and Jayden was also very frank with his answer. “Auntie, when I wrote Silvia’s name on the marriage certificate, I’ve already decided to spend the rest of my life with her. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have made an effort to register our marriage.”

It was indeed a little impulsive to get married so soon, but they had already had s*x. Jayden thought that marrying Silvia would be the best way to compensate her.

Although their relationship did not start so perfectly, he was willing to spend the rest of his life to make up for her.

Upon hearing Jayden’s answer, Mrs. Turner felt much more relieved. She looked at him and said, “Silvia is a stubborn and hot-tempered young lady. She doesn’t know how to back down nor did she know how to be flexible in dealing with her problems… so if she loses her temper at you, please do compromise with her a little bit more. After she has calmed down, she would be much easier to talk to.

Jayden nodded and said, “I will, Auntie.”

Mrs. Turner added, “Mr. Kyle, no matter what, please take good care of her. You must take good care of her, and never let her feel aggrieved or sad. I know that it may be too much of me to make such a request, but every mother would want her child to have a good life. I don’t expect you to understand my feelings but I only hope that you can always be good to her and take good care of her. “Auntie, Silvia is my wife. If I don’t take care of her, who else would? This was Jayden’s answer to Mrs. Turner.

She was his wife, of course, he had to dote on her and protect her… However, if Silvia were to push his buttons, he would still have to punish her. He must not let her off easily

“Well, I’m relieved to hear that.” At this moment, Mrs. Turner’s mobile phone suddenly rang. She picked up the cell phone and saw the name on the screen, ‘Baby’.

It was Silvia who had called her on the phone. Mrs. Turner gave Jayden a knowing look, asking him not to make a sound. Then, she answered the call and said, “Baby, aren’t you supposed to be in class now?”

“Mom, something has happened at the university. The lecturers are not in the mood to teach, so I came home early.” Silvia’s petulant tone sounded from the other side of the phone. “Mom, I have something to ask you. I need you to analyze it for me.”

Mrs. Turner smiled and said, “Tell me about it. Let’s see if I can be of any help. Silvia said, “Mom, if someone who’s close to you helped you a lot, will you do anything to thank him?”

Mrs. Turner glanced at Jayden, who was sitting across her and said with a smile, “Of course I would. It is because we are very close to each other that we should express our gratitude towards that person.’

Silvia asked again, “Then how do we do that?”

Mrs. Turner said, “Well, it depends on who you wanted to express your gratitude

to. For instance… Silvia, tell me, who do you want to thank?”

Silvia stammered, “It’s not me. I’m just asking for a friend. By the way, you know

that friend too. It’s Audrey.

Mrs. Turner said, “If that’s the case, would just give Audrey a phone call then. I’ll talk to her in person. It would be better if I talked to her directly then you being the middle man

Silvia shouted, “Mom, how can you do this..? Okay, I’ll just admit it, okay? It’s Jayden, that b*stard. He had helped me big time and I don’t know if I should thank him or not.”

When she left the house that morning, she was still angry at him. She was angry that he did not comfort her. Moreover, he had even made her do it with him for the entire night, and now that her body was aching all over.

Mrs. Turner said in a gentle voice, “Silvia, since you’re asking me, then that proves that you wanted to thank him. Since you want to thank him, then you should just follow what your heart says and don’t think too much about it anymore.”

Silvia said happily, “Okay Mom, I get it now. I’ll go get ready for it now.”

Mrs. Turner stopped Silvia, who was going to hang up the phone. “Silvia, you’re already an adult. You must learn to control your temper. Don’t act impulsively and make sure that you think before making any decisions. Also, when two people get together, it’s important to learn how to tolerate each other’s flaws and mistakes.

Mrs. Turner was not only advising Jayden, but also Silvia. Now that the two of them were her children, she had to be fair to both of them.

Silvia said, “Mom, I’m being very tolerant towards him already. Otherwise, I would have beaten him to a pulp.”

Mrs. Turner laughed and said, “Will, my Silvia has already grown up. She even

knows how to tolerate others.”

“Mom, I have to think about how I should thank him so I’ll have to hang up the phone first, okay? Love you! Silvia made a kissing sound through the phone

before hanging up the phone.

Mrs. Turner put away her phone, looked at Jayden, and said with a smile, “It was Silvia who called. As for what she had just said, I won’t tell you anything about it. You should go back to work now. Also, remember to go home early after you’re done with work.”

Jayden nodded and said, “Auntie, I’ll send you back home first then.”

“Who is Silvia to you?” Mrs. Turner asked.

“She’s my wife. After answering her, Jayden immediately realized that Mrs. Turner was hinting for him to call her ‘Mom’ instead of ‘Auntie’! He uttered,


“Yes. that’s right” Mrs. Turner smiled happily. “Jayden, let’s not let Silvia know that we have met up today. She isn’t mentally prepared for it yet, so if she were to find out about it, she will definitely make a fuss about it.”

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