My Husband Warm the Bed- 1151

Mrs. Turner’s playful words had caught Jayden by surprise. After being in a daze for a while, Jayden blushed and started to stammer, “Yes.. Um, I’d better send you home first then.”

It was fortunate that Silvia did not see how embarrassed he was at that moment. If she were to see it, she would definitely die from laughter. No one would expect the domineering Young Master Kyle to be in such an awkward situation

Mrs. Turner waved her hand and said, “My house is just down the street. I can go back by myself. You should get back to work now, instead of wasting your time on an old woman like me.”

“Mom, you’re not old at all. If you were to go out with Silvia, other people would

definitely think that the two of you are sisters.” Jayden did not say this just to please Mrs. Turner, as he really thought so.

Silvia was now twenty years old. Mrs. Turner got married at a young age, so when she gave birth to Silvia, she was only in her early twenties. Now, she was only in her early forties and since she had taken good care of herself, she

naturally looked much younger than her true age.

All women liked to be praised for being young and beautiful and the same went for Mrs. Turner. She was happy to receive such a compliment, and more importantly, the person who praised her was her son-in-law.

Upon hearing this, Mrs. Turner smiled from ear to ear. “Jayden, it’s useless to say these things to an old lady like me. Instead, you should praise Silvia more. If you compliment her, that young lady will be happy for the entire day and she will do anything for you.”

“Okay” Jayden kept Mrs. Turner’s words in mind. While he was on his way back to the company, he had been thinking about how he could praise that silly girl. He wanted to see her being happy for the whole day.

As soon as he arrived at the company, Jayden received a message from Silvia, “Hey, I have a question for you. If you’ve done a big favor for someone, how would you want that person to thank you?”


In the past, whenever she sent him a message, she would at least address him as ‘B*stard’. But now, she only said ‘hey’ so nonchalantly, so how would he know

who she was talking to? Jayden frowned and did not intend to reply to her


Based on his understanding of Silvia, if he did not reply to her text messages, Silvia would definitely bombard him with messages, until he actually replied


However, Jayden had made a mistake this time. After sending the message, Silvia immediately regretted it. It was true that she wanted to thank him, but she wanted to surprise him! How could she have asked him?! That would spoil the surprise!

Silvia thought for a moment and thought of Audrey. She immediately dialed Audrey’s number. The phone rang for a while before connected. Audrey said in a weak voice, “What’s the matter, Silvia?”

“What’s wrong with you?” Judging from Audrey’s voice, Silvia could tell that something was wrong with Audrey, so she asked worriedly

“Let’s not talk about me. Why did you call me?” Audrey did not have the strength to even speak anymore. If it wasn’t Silvia who was calling, she would not even bother to answer the call at all.

“I’m fine. But you, what happened to you? Do you need me to go over to your place?” Judging from her voice, Silvia thought that Audrey might actually die in the next second. Because of that, she was no longer in the mood to ask Audrey about how she should thank Jayden

I’m on my period. It hurts so much that feel like I’m going to die.” Audrey howled. “But I’ve already taken some pills, so the pain will probably go away in a bit. To think about it, it really s*cks that we’re women and we have to go through this whole process every single month. I must make sure that I’m born as a man in my next life, so that I’ll never have to suffer this kind of pain again.”

Audrey was rattling endlessly, but Silvia didn’t respond to any of her words. Audrey called Silvia’s name repeatedly and said, “Silvia, are you listening to me? If you are not listening, I’m going to hang up then

“Audrey, are you really alright?” Silvia asked sullenly. She immediately thought of herself when she heard Audrey talking about her period. Silvia’s period had always been punctual, and it would not hurt that much. However, she had been busy with the company that she had forgotten about everything else. It was only now that she had remembered that her period was delayed for two weeks.

Under normal circumstances, there should be nothing to worry about. However, because of Jayden, that b*stard who was full of energy, it was inevitable that

Silvia would worry about it

Could it be that the reason why her period was delayed this time was because… However, because of what had happened the last time, Silvia did not dare to think that she was pregnant nor did she dare to tell anyone else about it. If she happened to make a mistake again, she would really become the butt of a joke.

“I’m much better now. What about you? Why did you call me?” Audrey asked.

Silvia said, “Actually, it’s nothing important at all. You know, Jayden, that b*stard, did me a big favor, so I wanted to thank him, but I didn’t know how to and that’s why I called you.”

Audrey teased, “Silvia, do you really not know, or are you just trying to show off to me? It’s so easy if you want to thank him. Just wash up and lie in his bed. Then, let him do whatever he wants with you. I guarantee that he will be satisfied with that.”

Silvia had thought of this idea and she had even thought of buying a set of sexy lingerie. However, she could not that anymore, because there was a slight possibility that she was…

“No, no, no… Silvia quickly pushed the thoughts out of her mind. “I’d better not think about it first. I’ll go to the pharmacy to get a pregnancy test and get the test done first. I must get an accurate answer before telling anyone. I must not repeat the same mistake,” Silvia thought to herself.

After hanging up the phone, Silvia changed her clothes and went out alone. After walking out of the villa, she took a taxi and arrived at a pharmacy.

Before stepping into the pharmacy, Silvia looked around to make sure that no one was following after her. Then, after entering the store, Silvia could not find what she wanted to buy after scouring through the entire shop. Therefore, she had no choice but to ask the staff for help. “Hi, do you have any pregnancy test kits for sale here?

The staff who Silvia had asked help from was a middle-aged woman. When she saw that Silvia was a young and thin girl, she could not help shaking her head. “What’s wrong with the younger generation nowadays? You’re already sleeping with guys at such a young age.”

Silvia thought of explaining for herself. However, she remembered that the staff had nothing to do with her at all, so there was no need to explain.

Then, the staff found a box of test kits and handed it to Silvia “Girl, your body

belongs to you. Everything would still be fine now because you’re young. Once

you get older, you will then realize how detrimental it is to do that to your own

body Detrimental? Was the woman asking her to give up on the baby? Who said that

Silvia wanted to give up on her baby?

If she was pregnant, she would definitely give birth to the baby. She would not care whether Jayden, that b*stard, wanted it. No one could stop her baby from coming into this world. D

“Thanks for your concern!” She smiled and hid the pregnancy test under her jacket. After stepping out of the pharmacy, she immediately sent a text message to Jayden, “I’m going back to Mom’s place tonight. You don’t have to pick me up.”

As soon as the message was sent out, Jayden’s phone call came in. “Silvia, do you have to be so petty about it? I was busy just now and that’s why I didn’t reply to your message. Do you have to be so angry that you have to go back to your mom’s place?

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