My Husband Warm the Bed- 1153

As soon as they heard that Silvia was not pregnant, there was an obvious disappointment in both Jayden and Silvia’s eyes. The doctor wanted to comfort them, but Jayden held Silvia’s hand tightly and said, “Silly girl, you are still young. We are not in a hurry”

But in fact, he was very eager for her to have his baby tool

He had been working hard making love to Silvia as he wanted her to get pregnant as soon as possible. However, at the same time, he did not want to put any pressure on her.

The doctor echoed, “That’s right, both of you are still young. You really can’t rush into it when it comes to this. If you really want to get pregnant, you can prepare for it by reconditioning your body. Then, the baby you conceive would be healthier”

Silvia forced a smile and said, “I’m still young, so I’m not in a hurry. However, this guy is getting older now, so I guess he should be anxious. After all, the older a person is, the more difficult it would be for him to have a baby, right? What if he ends up having no children to pass on his lineage?

This young lady really had a wicked tongue!

Jayden then waved his hand, indicating for the doctor to leave. As soon as the doctor left, Silvia immediately stared at Jayden. “Young Master Kyle, I mean, is

there something wrong with you?” Both of them did not use any form of protection every time they had s*x, and he had been working so hard every time, so why was Silvia not pregnant yet?

“There’s something wrong with me?” Jayden reached out his hand and pinched her face. “Silvia, who was the one that cried and asked me to be more gentle with her last night? How dare this woman question him? She really deserved punishment!

“You’re hurting me. Silvia patted his hand away. “If there’s nothing wrong with you, then why wasn’t I pregnant? Don’t you try and find an excuse to defend yourself. Don’t forget, we never used contraception during s*x!”

Jayden didn’t know what to say

Seeing that he was keeping his silence, Silvia added, “There must be something wrong with you. If you don’t believe me, then let’s do a thorough check up now.”

Jayden got up and said, “What check-up? We’re going home now.” Silvia followed him closely. “Why? You’re not the only one doing it anyway. We’ll

do it together. Don’t be afraid, I’ll be there with you.”

Jayden looked back at her and said, “So you really want to be pregnant with my child so badly?”

Silvia glared at him and defended, “Who wants to be pregnant with your child? I just wanted to find out the truth. After all, the test won’t harm you. As long as you are fine, you won’t have to worry about it again when you’re with another woman in the future.”

Jayden said in a deep voice, “Silvia, are you asking for a beating?”

Silvia said in frustration, “Why can’t you understand it? Alright, if you’re not going to do it, I will do it instead. As long as there’s nothing wrong with me, then the problem must be on you.”

“I dare you!” Thinking that she would have to lie on the operating table while the doctor took swabs and inserted scopes in her. Jayden immediately burst into anger. “Silvia, I warn you. Don’t you ever think of doing such a thing again?”

Silvia glared at him. “Jayden Elias Kyle!”

He said, “I’ll do the test!

Seeing that he had compromised for her. Silvia hugged his arm and said, Jayden, if you find out that there’s something wrong with you, don’t be too sad about it. I am a kind person, and perhaps, I won’t be ashamed of you.”

Jayden said, “I dare you to do that.”

Silvia said, “Old man, you’re already at this age, but why are you still being so petty?”

Jayden held Silvia in his arms and gave her a deep kiss. “I’ll teach you a lesson

once we get back home tonight”

Since he could not win her with words, then he would subdue her using actions!

Not too long after, the test results were finally out. It proved that there was nothing wrong with Jayden’s reproductive system at all.

If he had no problem, then it was likely that the problem lay within Silvia. However, Jayden did not want Silvia to find out about it, so he had asked the doctor to keep it a secret.

He said to Silvia, “The doctor said that we should come get the test results


Silvia comforted him and said, “Don’t worry. No matter what, to me, you are still

the brave and strong Young Master Kyle.”

Jayden loved listening to these words. He smiled and said, “Such a sweet talker! You’re getting better at pleasing others now!”

Silvia was happy to receive a compliment, so she snuggled into his arms like a cute kitten and said, “It’s because you’ve taught me well.”

Jayden held her hand and said, “Let’s go home.

Silvia nodded and said, “Thank you. Young Master Kyle!”

Jayden said, “What are you thanking me for?”

Silvia said, “I just want to thank you!”

She had planned to thank him for helping her out. However, her plans were disrupted by the hospital visit. Although she couldn’t do anything to thank him,

she still wanted to thank him verbally,

Jayden poked her head and asked, “Is your brain damaged or something?”

Silvia nodded. “I guess so?”

She realized that ever since she was with him, she had been using a lot lesser of her brain. Sometimes, she was so well protected that she had almost forgotten what her name was. If went on like this, she might really become an idiot soon.

Jayden said, “You better take care of that brain, or else I’ll kick you in the a*s.” Silvia raised her fist and punched him. “I warn you, Jayden. Only I can kick you. If you dare to kick me, I will make you pay for it

Their relationship started off with him forcing himself on her. If it were to end, she must the one who did it. However, why did the thought of them ending their relationship made her feel so awful?

Forget it she didn’t want to think about it anymore. Since the two of them were together now, then she would make sure that she lived her life to the fullest extent. Even if they were to go separate ways in the future, she would not have regrets about this relationship.

Jayden ruffled her hair and said, “I will never let you have the chance to do that

to me.

Silvia smiled and said, “Then you better listen to me, and do whatever I say… don’t get angry at me, don’t punish me, and don’t be such a control freak..

Jayden said, “Yes! My dear wife!

Silvia pinched him his arm and said, “Who’s your wife? Don’t just call me anything you like, alright?”

She said that she was not his wife, but the look in her eyes and her lips which were slightly curved, were all saying that she was enjoying it

Although it was just another blunder and the baby they were eager to have did not actually exist, they still had each other. Their life ahead was still bright and they would never be lonely again.

As the investigation on Mr. Donald continued, the police began to unravel more of his secrets. Each of his crimes was enough to lock him up in prison for decades. It could be said that his life was completely over.

After Mr. Donald was convicted, the appointment of the new chancellor was set into action. It was said that the new chancellor was completely new to the school, having never assumed any position at the school before, and this was unheard of in the history of University A. Perhaps this was an extraordinary person.

In the past week, while everyone was discussing the new chancellor, they were also paying attention to the person who had posted the article on the school’s forum. However, up till this day, there was no one who had managed to find out who that person was. It was as if that person did not exist at all.

On that day, Silvia arrived at the campus early. As she arrived at the lecture hall, almost all her classmates were already there. When Reagan and Lemur saw her, they immediately went over to her.

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