My Husband Warm the Bed- 1154

Reagan said, “Boss, I heard that a big shot has sponsored our school with a huge amount of funding. Also, lecturers who have not been doing their jobs well would be fired and they would be replaced with top lecturers from elsewhere.”

“Big shot?” Silvia immediately thought of Jayden. However, she guessed that he

would not have that much time to meddle in the university’s affairs. Unless… He really had nowhere else to spend his money, so he decided to spend it on the university?

“If it really was that b*stard Jayden, he could have just asked me to spend his money if he didn’t know what to spend on!” Silvia thought.

She had many different ideas on how to spend the money.

For instance, she recently had the idea of opening her own restaurant. The restaurant would serve a variety of cuisines. Therefore, no matter what she wanted to eat, she could just go to her own restaurant and have them all in one place

Reagan nodded and said, “Yeah, that’s right. Since that person could actually sponsor our university that would only mean that he’s a big shot. It seems that our school will be having a huge internal adjustment very soon.

Silvia asked, “Who told you that?”

Lemur replied, “Everyone in school knew about it already. You’re the only one who doesn’t know anything. I guess you’re starting to lose touch with reality while you live the pampered life as the wife of a rich man.”

Silvia rolled her eyes at him and said, “Who are you calling the wife of a rich man? Can’t you just speak properly for once?

Seeing that Lemur was getting refuted, Reagan said with a smug, “Boss, we’ve

also heard about something else, but we’re not sure if it’s true and if we should

tell you about it.

Silvia picked up the pen and knocked it against Reagan’s head. “Do you guys want me to beat you up? Stop making me guess already. If you have something to say, then report it to me directly. Else, I will make you regret it!”

Reagan said, “This rumor has something to do with you.”

Silvia said, “That’s not something new! I’ve had so many rumors about me going around!

For the past two years, there were rumors about Silvia having a sugar daddy, and that she had a strong backer in the university. They were all outrageous!

It’s about Felix.” Reagan knew how much Silvia cared about Felix, so he was

very worried when he caught wind of this

As expected, when Silvia heard the word ‘Felix’, her face fell a little and she immediately asked, “What is it?”

Reagan gave Lemur a knowing look and they both know that they could not hide it from Silvia forever, so they decided to tell her. “A few months ago, Felix suddenly disappeared right before graduation. He was not dropping out of school nor did he get suspended, so how could a person just disappear all of a sudden? His family said that he passed away, but we didn’t even see his ashes, let alone his body. It wasn’t just you, but many of us, who didn’t believe that he

was dead.”

Felix’s disappearance was something that had been bothering Silvia for so long.

Up till now, she still could not figure out why Felix had gone missing out of a sudden. Felix was not the kind of person who would abandon her when she was in trouble. “What are you guys trying to say?”

Reagan added, “What I’m trying to say is that Felix is not dead, but he disappeared from the university. Have you never thought that it’s fishy?”

Of course, Silvia had doubted it before. However, she could not find any clues

on what happened to Felix

Lemur then said, “Boss, you have also suspected it, but you can’t find any evidence. However, there’s a rumor saying that Felix has offended some big shot, so it was that big shot who made him disappear from our school and he had even kicked him out of Madison City

“A big shot?” Silvia immediately thought of Jayden again. However he quickly denied that thought.

All of these happened a few months ago, and Silvia had not met Jayden at that time. Hence, Felix would not have the chance to offend Jayden. It wouldn’t be Jayden… It couldn’t be him…

Reagan and Lemur said worriedly, “Boss..”

“Where did you hear these things though?” Silvia was a little flustered, but she did not even know what she was worried about. Perhaps it was because of the word “big shot” that made her think of Jayden.

Reagan said again, I don’t know where the news came from, but it started

spreading among the students today. I don’t know how true the rumor is, but Boss, every rumor has its grounds! The only thing I was confused about was, why did it start spreading only today?”

1 think that’s strange too.” Silvia clenched her fists. “If this is real, I’d definitely hunt him down and avenge Felix no matter who that person is.”

Even if she would not think of being Felix’s wife anymore, they were still childhood playmates who grew up together. She had never forgotten his kindness and how well he treated her back then.

Whenever she had been wronged, Felix would stand by her side to protect her, support her, and encourage her. Of course, if someone were to do harm to him, she would also do her best to avenge him and bring him justice

Reagan said worriedly, “Boss, now that Wateria Corporation is finally back on

track, and your relationship with Young Master Kyle is going well, it would be the best if you don’t meddle in this matter anymore.”

Silvia raised her eyebrows and asked, “So, if I suddenly went missing one day and you guys found out that someone was behind it will you not do anything about it?”

Reagan and Lemur answered simultaneously, “Of course we will do something about it. How can we just stand by and do nothing?”

Silvia patted their shoulders and said, “This is why the two of you are my best friends. If something were to happen to anyone of you, I will definitely avenge you, even if it means sacrificing my life.

Reagan and Lemur could not refute her. Yes, Silvia was right. Even if they were not lovers, they were still friends who grew up together. As long as either of them was in trouble, the other would not just sit by and watch Moreover, Silvia was a loyal person, who would never abandon her friends,

At the same time, Jayden had also received a report. It was a report that was extremely important to him.

The report clearly stated that Silvia had a low basal body temperature, which would make it difficult for her to conceive a baby. This was the actual reason why Silvia was still not pregnant despite them having s*x regularly

After reading the report, Jayden frowned and looked up at the doctor. He said with a solemn look, “So it is her low basal temperature that is making it hard for her to concelve? And even if she conceived, will she be prone to miscarriage?

How can we solve this problem, Doctor?’

Yes. Therefore, it would be better for Mrs. Kyle not to get pregnant before her body has is in good condition. Otherwise, a miscarriage may happen and it would be very detrimental to her body” The doctor explained while observing Jayden’s reaction. “Mr. Kyle, there are two reasons for Mrs. Kyle’s low body temperature, which is either her personal health or an irregular lifestyle. From what we checked, it seems to be the former case. She must have had a cold long ago and it was not treated in time, causing permanent damage to her health.”

“Caught a cold and not treated in time? What kind of cold would have such a great effect on her body?” At that instant, Jayden immediately thought about everything that he knew about Silvia.

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