My Husband Warm the Bed- 1155

Soon enough, Jayden recalled the time when Silvia was abducted and thrown into a tub of ice water for several hours, and she almost lost her life. He told the doctor, “A few years ago, she was almost frozen to death after being soaked in Ice water for a few hours. Could that be the reason?”

“Yes, Sir, it’s very likely” As the cause was discovered, the doctor spoke a little excitedly. However, when she saw Jayden’s somber face, she hurriedly lowered her head, “Sir, don’t worry too much. It’s not a serious issue and it can be easily treated. Mrs. Kyle only needs to recondition her body and she will be able to conceive again.”

At this moment, Jayden was only concerned about Silvia’s health. As for whether she could get pregnant or not, that was secondary. The doctor said a lot but she did not mention anything that Jayden was concerned about.

Jayden was very dissatisfied. He raised his eyebrows and said in a deep voice, Just get to the point!”

The doctor was a little confused. She had already explained the main points to him! What else did Jayden want to know?

As the doctor observed Jayden’s solemn face, she finally understood his concern. “Mr. Kyle, I’ll prescribe some homeopathic medication for Mrs. Kyle to recondition her body. Also, I’ll pass you a list of lifestyle habits for Mrs. Kyle to take note of. Coupled up with a healthy diet, her health would improve very soon”

Despite the doctor’s lengthy explanation, Jayden merely replied coldly, “She hates bitter food.”

But… all medications were bitter to the taste!

The doctor was exasperated, but she did not dare show it. “Mr. Kyle, that’s not a problem at all. I will think of a way to mask the taste of the medicine

Finally satisfied with the doctor’s answer, Jayden waved his hand, gesturing for her to leave.

After the doctor left, Jayden felt the urge to hear Silvia’s voice. He immediately called her, but call did not get through. Perhaps, she was still in class.

Not long after. Silvia returned the call. As soon as he answered the phone,

Jayden heard her say, “Jayden, why did you call me? You called me when I was

in class. Don’t you know that I can’t be on the phone when in class?” Listening to her noisy chatter, Jayden suddenly felt much more at ease. He smiled and said, “If I want to call you, I’ll do it. I don’t care if you are in class or


As soon as he said this Silvia started grumbling, “Young Master Kyle, can you stop being so overbearing? Can’t you be a little more considerate? Why do you have to behave in a despicable manner? Women hate that!”

Jayden chuckled and said, “Don’t women like men who are somewhat overbearing?”

Silvia rolled her eyes and said, “Young Master Kyle, who told you such


Silvia guessed that whoever told him that was most probably a rival in love out to sabotage him!

All men knew that they had to dote on a woman to win her heart. An oppressive man like Jayden should have tough luck finding a woman at all! So, Jayden must have been a national hero in his past life to be so lucky to marry her in this

life! Jayden spoke in a confident tone, “It’s just common sense, do I actually need to

hear it from someone else?”

Silvia was flabbergasted, so she said, “Alright, you’re the mighty young master of the Kyle family, whatever you say is correct. I won’t argue

In fact, Jayden was teasing her because he wanted her to argue with him. “Wow, aren’t you the master of arguments? So why did you admit defeat so easily this time? This is very unlike you!”

“Because there is no way to reason with a pompous young master like you. I

will always lose no matter what, so why should I torture myself?’ Silvia shrugged and said, “Young Master Kyle, if there’s nothing else, I’m going to hang up the phone now. I need to pay attention to class to excel in my studies.

However, Jayden stopped her. “Silvia…”

Silvia asked, “What’s wrong?”

Jayden shook his head. “Nothing.”

Jayden felt inexplicably uneasy, but when he heard Silvia’s voice, he felt comforted and did not want her to hang up

Silvia sensed that Jayden’s tone was a little strange, so she asked carefully,

“Young Master Kyle, is something wrong?

“No, nothing. By the way. I’ll be picking you up earlier later.” Jayden couldn’t help but think that it was a little absurd. He had been through all sorts of hardships, but he could never stop himself from worrying when it came to anything that

was related to Silvia.

Even when he was on the brink of death, he had never panicked. However, when he heard that Silvia had some minor health problems, he was so inexplicably


It was probably because he had been lonely for too long. Now that there was a woman who had warmed up his cold heart, he was afraid that he might lose her one day. And that was why he was so anxious,

“Young Master Kyle, you were the one who asked me to be a good student,

but you’re now asking me to skip class? Why are you being so unruly now?” Despite this, Silvia liked it. It was not her first time skipping class anyway, so it wouldn’t matter if she were to do it again,

Jayden asked, “Just tell me if you’re okay with that

Silvia said with a smile, “Can I actually say that I’m not okay with that though?” Firstly, he would never give her a chance to refuse his request. Secondly and

more importantly, she was also reluctant to refuse his invitation

She also wanted to spend more time with him. Even if they were to do nothing, she would be content being able to stay by his side.

Jayden said, “That’s a deal then.”

Silvia nodded. “Okay.”

Jayden added, “You should hang up then.”

Silvia said, “You hang up first.”

Jayden said, “Be a good girl, you should hang up first:

Silvia said, “Okay, I’ll hang up first then.”

“Ew. You guys are so cheesy. I can’t stand it!” Silvia had just hung up the phone when she saw Reagan and Lemur looking at her, “Boss, it seems like you’ve fallen for Young Master Kyle’s charm.

Silvia clenched her fists. “That sounds ridiculous! I’m warning you guys! Don’t

spout such nonsense.”

Reagan said, “Boss, you didn’t know your expression earlier! Anyone could tell that you’re madly in love! So don’t deny it anymore. in fact, the more you deny it, the more it shows that you’re trying to hide it.”

At that instant, Silvia flung her fist at Reagan and gave him a punch on the back. “You little brat, I told you not to talk nonsense, but you just keep going on. Was it because I haven’t beaten you up lately so you’re asking for it now?”

Reagan massaged the spot where Silvia had punched him. He retorted aggrievedly, “But what I said was the truth, so why can’t we talk about it? You’re a tyrant!”

Looking at his pitiful look, Silvia stroked Reagan’s head, comforting him, “Well, you shouldn’t have said that I’ve fallen for Young Master Kyle’s charm. Instead, you should’ve said that he was the one who had fallen into my trap and would never be able to escape from me.”

Reagan and Lemur could not be bothered to argue. They could never win against Silvia anyway

However, it was true that Silvia was getting more thick-skinned recently!

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