My Husband Warm the Bed- 1156

Jayden had always been punctual. He would never make Silvia wait for a long time

As soon as Silvia snuck out of the lecture hall, Jayden’s phone call came in.

“Are you out yet?”

Silvia said happily, “Yeah, I’m walking down the stairs now. Just give me five

more minutes, Young Master Kyle.”

Jayden said, “Okay!!

All classes were still ongoing, so all lecturers and students were in the classrooms. As Silvia walked out of the academic building, there was around her at all, making it very obvious that she was sneaking out of class. one

However, Silvia had often skipped classes, so she did not feel weird. She hopped happily to the campus entrance while humming to her favorite song.

“Looking forward to your return, my baby

“Looking forward to your embrace, my baby

Silvia was tone-deaf. Her singing was so terrible that Reagan would always tease her by saying that their ears would bleed whenever Silvia sang On top of that, she had no self-awareness at all. Whenever she was at the karaoke, she would always hog the microphone. She was so annoying that no one could actually stand her, except for Reagan and Lemur.


While she was humming, Silvia suddenly heard a familiar voice. She spun around in the direction of the voice. However, she did not see anyone.

“Felix?” Silvia looked around again, but still, she did not see anyone. She could not help but laugh at herself. “I’ve probably gone insane. I’m even hallucinating and thinking that Felix’s calling for me?”

Perhaps she was imagining voices because of the rumor about Felix that she had heard earlier that day. Probably, Silvia had been thinking about it too much that she was starting to imagine things


Just when she took another step, the familiar voice sounded once again. She

looked in the direction of the voice, and this time, she saw a handsome young


He was standing under a tree not too far away from her, dressed in a white casual outfit that she was familiar with. The sunshine fell on him, making him

look as warm as rays of sunlight in cold winter

“Fe… Felix?” Silvia muttered. Was the man standing under the tree really Felix? Was it really him? Did he really come back alive?

But why did everything feel so surreal? It felt like it was just a dream. It was as if all of these would disappear without a trace once she woke up from her sleep

“Silvia.” He smiled as he reached out his hand to her. Just like in the past, whenever she was sad, and when she was helpless. he would always smile at her and reach out his large and warm hands to her. He would hold her hand and tell her, “Silvia, don’t be afraid, I’m here!”

“Felix!” Without a second thought, Silvia ran towards him. She did not care if this man in front of her was real or just her imagination. At that instant, she only wanted to hug him and let him know that she had been worrying about him for so long

However, when she was about to get close to him, her ‘Felix’ turned around and ran away. He was so fast that Silvia could not keep up with him at all.

“Felix, don’t run away. Wait for me!’ Silvia shouted and chased after him.

However, he had disappeared from her sight, vanishing into thin air just like


Could it be just an illusion?


All of a sudden, Silvia’s phone rang. The sound of the ringtone instantly pulled Silvia out of her thoughts. She took out her mobile phone from her pocket and saw that it was Jayden who was calling.

She answered the call and said sullenly. “I’m almost there.

Jayden said, “Turn around”

Silvia looked back and saw that Jayden was standing not far behind from her

with a smile on his face. “Why were you running away just now? I’ve been calling you from behind for a few times but you kept on running

“L.: Could she tell Jayden that she thought she had seen her first love? Could

she? Could she say that?

Of course not.

Jayden was such a domineering man. If he were to find out that Silvia had a man whom she used to like, he would never let her off easily

For peace’s sake, Silvia decided to keep the matter from Jayden. “It’s none of your business if am running, why do you care?”

Jayden raised his eyebrows and reached out his hand to pinch her face. “It seems like I’ve not taught you well because you still dared to talk to me like

this. Didn’t I tell you not to make me angry?!”

Silvia flung his hand away and said, “You said that you would give me freedom, but I was just running for a bit and here you are, asking all sorts of questions. Where’s the freedom you’ve promised me?’

Usually, when Jayden asked her something, she would answer obediently.

However, she was behaving differently at present. Obviously, she was hiding something from him again. The silly look on her face made him want to bully


However, Jayden was planning to take her out on a date, so he didn’t want to spoil the mood by getting into a fight with her. He put his arm around her waist and said, “Alright, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have made Miss Turner angry. Is Miss Turner willing to give me a chance to take you to a meal to make it up to you then?”

Silvia was already feeling a little guilty. Now that he had taken the initiative to apologize to her, there was no reason for her to refuse him. She smiled and said, “Of course I do.”

Upon hearing her answer, Jayden pulled her into his arms and kissed her. “Thank you so much, for being the bigger person, Miss Turner.”

“Hmph, I am not that petty.” Silvia was a typical opportunist. Now that Jayden was thanking her, she actually thought that he was the one at fault. She was behaving so arrogantly like a proud peacock.

*I’ll have to thank you for that then.” This young lady was really thick-skinned. However, in Jayden’s eyes, she was silly and adorable.

“Young Master Kyle, if you would like to thank me, why don’t you treat me to a nice meal then?” The weather was getting colder and Silvia had been craving a delicious piping-hot beef stew. However, she dared not ask for it because she was still being punished. Now that she had a chance to make a request, she definitely would not let it slip

“Sure!” Jayden held her hand and said, “You can eat whatever you want today.”

Jayden had agreed to her request with such alacrity, and Silvia was starting to feel a little uneasy. “Young Master Kyle, are you plotting something again?”

Silvia had always felt that Jayden had some hidden intentions and that he must

be plotting something against her.

“Is that what you think about all day?” Jayden knocked on her head. “Couldn’t it purely because I want to treat my wife to a nice meal?”

“It’s perfectly justified for a husband to treat his wife to a meal, but…” Silvia stared at Jayden. “You are usually not this easygoing. Now that you’re suddenly being so nice to me, I felt a little weird… Young Master Kyle, did you do something bad behind my back and you’re now trying to make up for it with a meal?”

Jayden knocked on her head again and said, “Miss Turner, I think you should really consider changing your future career plans. You should become a screenwriter once you graduate. I’m sure that you will be a successful one with that imagination of yours.

Silvia hugged his arm and smiled, “If I were a screenwriter, the first thing that I’d write about is you forcing a young lady to marry you.”

Jayden said, “Well, you can try doing that and let’s see how I’ll punish you!”

Silvia said, “What a tyrant!”

Just as they were bickering, they did not realize that there was a pair of eyes that had been watching them. Those eyes were deeply reddened, as if they were covered in blood!

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