My Husband Warm the Bed- 1157

Eating was definitely Silvia’s forte. She had ordered two portions of beef stew, a

plate of pasta, a portion of Bratwurst, and even a pork burger. Although Jayden knew that Silvia was a big eater, he was still surprised. “Silvia, are you sure that you can finish all of these?!”

“Excuse me, could you please leave the menu here? I might be ordering more later. Thanks.” After ordering the dishes, Silvia looked at Jayden who was sitting opposite her. “What’s wrong? You’re Young Master Kyle, aren’t you? Do you think that I’ll make you go broke for treating me to one meal?”

“I’m not afraid of that at all. I’m just worried that you’ll get indigestion after finishing so much food.” Jayden waved his hand and stopped the waiter. “Excuse me, could you please cancel the bratwurst and the burger for us? Thanks.”

Silvia was so annoyed that she immediately stood up from her seat. She pointed her finger at Jayden and complained, “Jayden Elias Kyle, how could you?! You promised to treat me to a nice meal and would let me eat whatever | want, but what are you doing now? How could you just cancel the order? Why

did you even agree to treat me to this meal if you are going to be so stingy?”

Jayden dismissed the waiter, and then settled Silvia down on her seat, “It’s not that I’m not letting you eat, I just don’t want you to get indigestion.

Silvia said angrily, “Jayden, do you think I’m stupid? Do you think that I can’t tell if I’ve eaten too much? That’s how much I could eat, you can’t blame me for it

Jayden advised, “Alright. Be a good girl, okay? If you’re not full later, I’ll ask Auntie Cherry to prepare some supper for you.”

Silvia said angrily, “Why bother? Can’t you just let me eat until I’m full now?”

Jayden said, “I’ve already made up my mind

Once Jayden had made a decision, no matter how she complained, she still would not be able to change his mind. So, Silvia knew that it was better to just listen to him than wasting her time and energy to argue with him, “So I really can have supper tonight?”

Jayden said, “Of course you can. But on the condition that you have to be a

good girl

Silvia didn’t know what to say.

She really wanted to kick him to the other side of the universe.

A stingy man like him would never be able to get himself a wife. It was really a great loss for her to marry him.

Jayden added, “Just listen to me, okay? It’s for your own good!”

When she heard him talking to her in such a commanding tone, Silvia got angry and said, “You always want me to listen to you. If you want me to listen to you, then why can’t you listen to me too? You are my man. Can’t you just let me win once? Why do you have to go against me every single time and upset me?”

Jayden was determined to stop Silvia from eating so much, but when he heard her saying that he was her man, he had already lost.

He was so excited that he grabbed her hand. “Silvia, what did you just say? Say

it again!”

Silvia was startled by his sudden action and wanted to retreat. However, he was holding on to her hand so firmly that she couldn’t get away from him. “Did I say it wrongly though? You are my man. Can’t you just let me win once?”

“Silly girl, everything would have been fine if you had said so from the beginning.” Jayden smiled as he said. Then he held her face in his palms and kissed her

She was right. He was her man, and he should have let her win.

Jayden immediately waved his hand at the waiter and reordered the dishes that he canceled a while ago. On top of that he had even ordered some desserts for her. He was determined to let her eat to her heart’s content.

Silvia was dumbstruck as she looked at him behaving in such a strange


What’s wrong with this man? Was he alright?

Just as she was thinking about it. Jayden suddenly got close to her face. Silvia was so startled that she immediately leaned back. However, Jayden grabbed the back of her head and said, “Before we start eating, let me have a taste of the appetizer first.”

Silvia resisted, “Don’t mess around. I’m a human being, not food on your plate.”

This man had really gone too far. He was even treating her as his appetizer..

However, no matter how angry she was, she could put all the worries behind her when the food was served on the table. It was indeed the ultimate enjoyment to drink a bowl of hot beef stew on such a cold day

Looking at the dishes on the table, Silvia had already completely forgotten

about what Jayden had done a while ago. During the meal, she had even shared her food with Jayden. “Young Master Kyle, don’t just watch me eat, you should eat some too.”

Looking at her being so happy, Jayden was happy too. “Silvia.”

Silvia’s mouth was stuffed as she answered in a muffied voice, “Hm?” “Let’s have a … Wedding. Jayden could not bring himself to finish his sentence. He knew that Silvia had a knot in her heart, and there was still a man whom she was still missing. He still needed time to make her forget that man.

“Stop talking already. Hurry up and eat” Silvia said. After that she continued to devour her food. She did not pause at all since she started eating,

Jayden, on the other hand, had been taking care of Silvia throughout the meal.

At the end of the meal, Silvia was in a good mood. She held Jayden’s arm and said coquettishly, “Young Master Kyle, I’m in a good mood today. Can you go shopping with me?

Shop was a waste of time and Jayden would never waste his time doing such a thing. However, since his wife had asked him to accompany her, as her husband, could he refuse her?

Of course not!

Therefore, he agreed without any hesitation. “Sure. I’ll keep you company wherever you go and you can buy whatever you want.”

Upon hearing Young Master Kyle’s generous offer, Silvia said with a smile, “You’re such a generous husband. I wouldn’t mind having a few more husbands like you.”

Jayden was upset when he heard what Silvia had just said. “Silvia, am I not

enough to satisfy you?”

Silvia was slightly stunned. However, she immediately broke into a sly smile and said, “Jayden, what are you talking about? It’s just a metaphor. Why are you being so petty?’

Jayden glared at her and said, “Don’t ever make such a joke again in the future. You must remove this thought immediately if it ever comes into your mind again.”

Silvia smiled at him and said, “Alright, alright. I won’t think about it, okay? But tonight, I want to see how great of a boyfriend you are.”

Jayden corrected her and said, “I’m your husband.

Silvia said, “There are many girls who address their boyfriends as their husbands anyway. Why do you care so much?”

Jayden emphasized, “I’m your husband.”

This man was particularly stubborn. Since he was not willing to compromise, Silvia had no choice but to give in. “Okay fine! You’re my husband. Are you happy with that? Then, I want to see how great of a husband

you are, how about that?

Jayden was finally satisfied with the way she was addressing him. He pulled her into his arms and said, “If you want to see that, wouldn’t we have to go home and do that?”

What was this man thinking about? Silvia punched him and tried her best to get the topic back on track. “Young Master Kyle, do you know what kind of man is

the most popular among women?” Jayden said, “A man who can last long!”

Silvia gritted her teeth and said, “Jayden, I’m trying to be serious here. Can you please stop being so shameless?”

Jayden shrugged and showed Silvia a serious face. “I’m being serious too. Is

there anything wrong with my answer though?”

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