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It was obviously a shameless answer, but Jayden could still put on a serious look. Silvia was so angry that she raised her leg and stepped on his foot. “You’re so shameless!

Jayden said again, “Well, I think I’ve heard that women seem to like shameless men too. Is it not a fact that girls like bad guys?”

Silvia really did not know how to communicate with this man who had been

thinking so highly of himself anymore!

Silvia was so annoyed that she turned around and wanted to leave. However, Jayden pulled her back. She couldn’t break free from his grip so she shouted at him, “You can continue being a bad guy! Just keep waiting for a woman who likes a bad man to fall in love with you!”

“I don’t want any other women, I only want you.” Jayden held Silvia in his arms and said with a serious look. However, when he looked at the startled look in Silvia’s eyes, he immediately changed his tone. “Don’t women like men who are a little flirty?

He was scared, he was actually scared. He was afraid that he would not get a corresponding response for his sincerity. And more importantly, he was even more afraid that he would be met with her contemptuous ridicules.

Jayden’s behavior did scare Silvia, which was why she was stunned for a long while. All she could see was the serious look in his eyes.

His gaze was deep and intense, like a bottomless abyss, as if it could suck her in at any time, and she would never be able to escape from him.

After a brief silence, Jayden said, “Then tell me, in your opinion, what kind of

man do women like the most?”

Silvia immediately shook off her thoughts and said, “If a man wants to get a woman to like him, then he only needs to remember one thing, that is to buy anything that she wants for her!”

Jayden nodded and said, “Well, I see your point there.”

Silvia asked again, “Jayden, didn’t you say that you would buy whatever I like for me? Are you serious about that?”

Jayden raised his eyebrows and said, “Silvia, since when was not serious with


Yes, he had always been quite serious with what he said and did to her. For instance, when he said that she could not eat meat for an entire month, she really did not get to eat any meat for a month.

Jayden added, “Just tell me what you want.”

*Come with me. Silvia held Jayden’s hand and walked a couple blocks. Eventually, they arrived at a remote corner, with a small store in it.

Silvia then introduced the store to Jayden, “The store is more than a century old and it holds a very special position in the hearts of the people in Madison


“What’s so special about it?” Jayden had been in Madison City for three years, but he had never heard that there was such a store in this city. After entering the store, he immediately studied the entire store carefully

The store was very special because it had all sorts of items in it. At a glance, it

seemed that the store had everything that one could think of. On top of that,

every item that was on display looked vintage. Looking at the items in the store, it was as if every one of them had their own


More importantly, there were no store assistants who were watching over this shop. There was a sign at the counter near the door with some words written on it, “As long as you like it, you can take it away. Just pay as you see fit.”

The store owner was seemingly a smart and bold person. Such a business model had been proved not feasible in many countries. However, it was unexpected that this store could actually survive in Madison City for more than a century.

Jayden looked around the store and then looked at Silvia “This store is indeed different from others! The items sold here are very unique and the interior is quite impressive too. I guess the owner profits quite a bit from it.”

Jayden was a businessman. When a businessman looked at something, his most instinctive approach was to estimate its commercial value. He would evaluate them and analyze if they could make money, and how much it could make.

“You’re so narrow-minded. The purpose of this owner for opening this store is not to make money, alright?” Silvia was not a businessman at all and it was more than often that her thoughts were on the simpler side. “If he really wanted to make money, he could have just priced everything on the high side. There’s

no need to let customers decide on the price themselves.”

Jayden added, “Why are you so certain that the owner’s intention was not to make money? Do you know the owner of this store?”

“No one has ever seen the owner of this store, so how could I know him?” Speaking about the owner, Silvia thought of something so she said, “There are many rumors about the owner of this store. Some said that he’s from a fallen noble family, while there are some who said that he was a beggar who got rich in his later days… However, no one actually knew his identity. It is undeniable that you’ll be able to get everything that you need here. And if you can’t find the item that you want, you can just write them down on this notebook and it will be available on your next visit”

“This is indeed an interesting business model” Jayden nodded in appreciation. After listening to Silvia’s explanation, he took a good look around this store once again. The items inside were indeed unique, and there were a variety of goods, which could meet the demands of different customer groups.

“Come with me, Jayden” Silvia took Jayden’s hand and dragged him to a small cabinet in the shop. She pointed to a red ruby inside and said, “Buy this red ruby for me.”

“Okay.” As long as it was something she wanted, Jayden would buy it for her without a second thought. However, he was curious. He wanted to know what was so special about this red ruby, that led to the silly Silvia, who never asked Jayden for anything, asking him to buy it for her. “Is there any special meaning behind this red ruby?

Jayden, just buy it when I ask you to Why do you have so many questions? Let me tell you, no one likes women who talk too much and the same goes for men.” This was her secret. She would only tell him when the timing was right.

Since Silvia did not want to tell him, Jayden stopped asking. He smiled and said, “How much do you think it is worth?”

Silvia said, “You are the one paying. Of course you will have to decide on how

much to pay. Don’t ask me about it.”

Jayden said, “But I don’t have any cash with me.”

“That’s not a problem at all!” Silvia glanced at him and pointed to the bank account number that was written at the counter. “You don’t need to pay them with cash. You can just do an online transfer. If you tell me that you can’t even do that, I think I might just punch you.”

“Of course I will not let that happen again.” Jayden quickly took out his mobile

phone and transferred the money. When he was at it. Silvia leaned over and tried to peek on the amount that he had paid. However, Jayden was quick enough to flip his phone so that she could not see it. “This is a secret.”

Silvia rolled her eyes at him and said, “Young Master Kyle, don’t tell me that you’re so stingy that you’ve only paid a dollar for it?”

Jayden smiled and said, “Well, it’s possible.”

What? A dollar? Was he really that stingy?

Even if the red ruby was worthless, as long as it was something that she liked, it

would be an invaluable treasure.

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