My Husband Warm the Bed- 1159

Jayden had been providing for Silvia ever since she had gotten together with him, but this red ruby was his very first gift to her.

After carefully keeping the red ruby in her pocket, Silvia held Jayden’s arm and smiled at him. “Young Master Kyle, thank you for the present!”

I’m your man. You don’t need to thank me!” Jayden was delighted to see that Silvia had valued his gift this much, so he pulled Silvia into his arms and said, “If you really want to thank me, I won’t refuse it though. Alright, it’s now your turn to accompany me to buy the things that I want to buy.”

“Young Master Kyle, you have your people to prepare everything for you. What else do you need?” Silvia did not think that Jayden actually had something to buy. Perhaps, he just wanted her to accompany him just because he had accompanied her.

However, Jayden proved to her that he really had something to buy and that it was a ‘necessity’ for the two of them.

After driving down a few streets, they finally arrived at a pharmacy. This is my destination.”

This was a pharmacy. Was he feeling unwell?

Silvia immediately stretched out her hand and touched Jayden’s forehead. “Jayden, the weather is a little cold today. Did you catch a cold?”

Due to his old injuries, although he looked strong, whenever the weather was windy and rainy, it was very likely that he would fall ill.

“The weather is quite chilly today, does it trigger his old sickness again?” Silvia

thought to herself

Seeing that she was worried for him, Jayden was over the moon. He grabbed

her hand and said with a smile, “I’m fine. I’m here just for that I can make you

feel even better.”

Silvia was genuinely worried for him, but he was still fooling around, which annoyed Silvia. “Let go of my hand, let me touch your forehead.

I’m really fine” Jayden lowered his head and rubbed his forehead on hers. His temperature was almost the same as hers. “Do you believe me now?”

Silvia asked, “Then why did you take me to the pharmacy?”

Jayden smiled and did not answer. Instead, he pointed at a box of condom on the shelf and said to the sales assistant, “Can I please get a carton of those in

large and get it sent to my car? Thanks.”

Silvia was speechless.

Did he have do to everything so exaggeratedly?

There were ten pieces of condoms in one small box. A larger box could fit ten of those small boxes. And a carton would consist of ten of the larger boxes.

That would mean that there would be a total of a thousand condoms in one whole carton. Even if they were to use one every day, it would still take them three years to finish them. What’s more, no one would actually have the energy

to use one each day.

When seeing the sales assistant’s judgmental look, Silvia was nearly dying from


It was all because of the man standing beside her. If it weren’t for Jayden, why

would she receive such a judgmental gaze?

Silvia was so angry that she gave him a tight pinch, warning him not to be such an embarrassment. However, Jayden did not feel there was anything wrong for him to do that and even asked the sales assistant to carry that big box to his car.

For all twenty years of her life, Silvia was famous for being thick-skinned. However, this was the first time ever in her life that she had felt so embarrassed that she could not even lift her head up anymore!

On their way home, Jayden was focusing on his driving. Silvia, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, had been staring at him. For a moment, a lot of things had rushed into her mind.

They had not been using any form of protection all these while, but still, she was not able to conceive. This time, he had even bought so many condoms at once, Just how badly did he not want her to be pregnant with his child?

Silvia was a straightforward person. The moment this question came into her mind, she immediately asked, “Jayden, are you really hoping so much that you don’t get me pregnant?”

It was not that she wanted to bear his child, but when she thought of the effort that he had put in to avoid her from getting pregnant, she could feel nothing but heartache.

“Are you overthinking again? Who says that I don’t want you to be pregnant with my child?” This silly woman, she would never fail to put her focus on the wrong things.

Silvia said sullenly, “Then why did you buy so many condoms? Are you going to tell me that you didn’t buy them to use them with me, but you’re buying it to use it with other women?”

“We’ll wait for two years. We’ll have a baby after you graduate from university” At first, Jayden really wanted Silvia to get pregnant with his child. However, taking into account her current physical condition, it was still not the right time for her to conceive a baby. Therefore, he must not let her get pregnant until her body has fully recovered so that nothing would happen to her.

Silvia was not completely convinced. “So, you don’t want a child now, because you’re protecting me?”

Jayden held her hand and said, “What else could it be? Do you really think will find someone else to give birth to a child for me?”

Silvia said, “I dare you!”


While the two were talking, Silvia’s cell phone suddenly rang. She glared at Jayden and said, “Jayden, I’m warning you, you’d better not lie to me, or i’ll make you regret coming to this world.”

Upon hearing Silvia’s warning, Jayden’s eyes darkened but he could not utter a


Silvia took out her mobile phone and saw that it was a phone call from Audrey “Audrey, why are you calling me at this hour? Do you know that you could actually lose a friend by calling at an inappropriate time?

“Silvia, it’s me, it’s me… I’m Audrey.” Audrey’s voice sounded strange. It was if

she was drunk or in a trance.

Did something happen to Audrey? Silvia’s heart skipped a beat. She hurriedly said, “Audrey, I know it’s you. Did something happen to you?”

“Silvia, didn’t you say that you are my good friend? I need your help now. If you are my good friend, then please come over and get me out of this place.” Audrey’s confused voice sounded in Silvia’s ear.

“Audrey, where are you now?” Other than Audrey’s voice, there was also a quarrelling commotion in the background. However, it was too noisy, so Silvia could not understand what it was.

“I’m at Phantasy Nightclub!” As Audrey spoke, she suddenly laughed. “There are a lot of handsome guys here. There are so many of them… Silvia, come here quickly. I’ll introduce a few to you.”

“Bitch, I asked you to find someone to get the money here. Why are you talking so much nonsense!” A man suddenly shouted in an angry tone, which almost deafened Silvia’s ears.

“I am. I’m asking my friend to come now. Ah.” Audrey screamed out of a sudden, and then her voice, which was full of fear, sounded again. “Silvia, they just drugged me and they are forcing me. Please come and save me. I don’t know who else to look for, besides you!”

Judging from the sound, it seemed like those guys had beaten Audrey up. Silvia was so worried that her chest tightened. “Audrey, tell me where you are now? I’ll go over to you now.

I’m… Where am 1?” Audrey, who was in a daze due to the drugs, could not remember where she was. She could not recall how she had offended those guys at the Phant Nightclub. She only lized that someone was pulling her hair at this very moment. It was so painful that it felt like her entire scalp was going to be ripped off.

Are you the woman’s friend?” A man’s voice sounded from the phone. He had probably snatched the phone away from Audrey.

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