My Husband Warm the Bed- 1160

“Yes, I am!” Silvia immediately concealed the anxiousness in her voice and said calmly, “All you want is money, Isn’t it? As long as she is safe, I will bring you the money”

The man said, “Of course we want the money… as for her… now that such a

beautiful woman is in front of us, I’m worried that my men wouldn’t be able to

hold in it for too long.”

Silvia did not know who Audrey had provoked, but she knew that there were all kinds of people in the Phantasy Nightclub and some of them would do just anything.

At this critical moment, Silvia thought of the person who was sitting next to her.

His father was Mr. Kyle, the legendary figure in Madison City. He was a big shot that both the government and the mafias were afraid of. At this time, it should not be a big problem to use his father’s reputation to scare the other party. Silvia looked at Jayden, who was driving the car, and then growled coldly into the phone, “I’m sure that you’ve heard of Mr. Kyle, right? The woman in your

hands is Mr. Kyle’s woman. If you dare to lay a finger on her, I’m afraid that you

would have to prepare yourselves to face him!”

Upon hearing this, Jayden frowned. The legendary Mr. Kyle of Madison City was sitting right beside her. Also, since when did Mr. Kyle’s woman end up being in someone else’s hands?

However, Silvia’s crisis management skills were rather impressive. In the face of an emergency, she could be calm and also ruthless. At the very least, she did not let Jayden down with her performance!

Jayden would give her 60 points for her performance, which was a pass.

The man sneered and said, “Huh… You sound kind of confident huh? However, you should have said something more convincing. Do you think that Mr. Kyle would have so much time to care about such trivial matters?”

Silvia smiled coldly and said, “You don’t have to believe me. After all, I can’t prove that she’s indeed Mr. Kyle’s woman with mere words. But, you can go ask around yourself and here’s a friendly reminder, don’t ever offend someone who you can’t afford to offend. Otherwise, you should know the consequences better than me.”

Silvia’s words were firm and strong, which did shock the man on the phone. “We

are at Phantasy Nightclub. I will give you half an hour to bring the money here, otherwise I can’t guarantee what my men will do to her.”

There would always be people who would pretend to be Mr. Kyle’s friends, and

all of them were proven to be fake in the end. However, when the man heard

Silvia mentioning Mr. Kyle’s name, the man still had some scruples about it.

He was worried that among those people that he had met, there would actually be Mr. Kyle’s people. Therefore, if he really happened to do something to them, then he would not be too far away from death.

Therefore, whenever someone mentioned that they were related to Mr. Kyle, he would still spend some time to confirm it before taking the next step. After that, the man hung up on Silvia, without giving her the chance to get any

more information from him.

“D*mn it, how dare you hang up my phone. Don’t ever let me catch you, or I’ll tear you into pieces.” Silvia scolded while dialing Reagan’s phone number.

Knowing that Audrey was in trouble, and at a Phantasy Nightclub even, the first people Silvia thought of were Reagan and Lemur. The guys used to get into fights at the Phantasy Nightclub so they were experienced in such situations.

Right after Silvia had hit the call button, Jayden reached out his hand and snatched her phone away from her. He ended the call and said, “Silvia, I want you to be clear about something.”

Because of what had happened to Audrey, Silvia was so anxious that she wished she could just grow out a pair of wings and get to Audrey immediately. Silvia was already on the verge of going mad but Jayden actually snatched her phone away while she was looking for help. Silvia was so frustrated that she shouted, Jayden, what are you doing? I’m calling someone. It’s an emergency”

Jayden said, Silvia Turner, do you actually know who your man is?”

When something happened, the first person who she had thought of was not him and Jayden was very upset about it.

Silvia was about to go crazy as she spoke, “Jayden, I’m not in the mood to mess around with you now. I’m trying to save someone now. If there are any delays, I will lose the opportunity to save her.”

Phantasy Nightclub was a famous nightclub in Madison City. The people who visited the place were not ordinary people and they were not someone who Audrey could afford to offend. Silvia had no idea who Audrey had offended, so if she were to go over any later, the consequences would be unimaginable.

As she spoke, Silvia’s eyes suddenly lit up. D*mn it, why was her brain so slow?! Wasn’t the person beside her the most influential person she knew?

Jayden, this bästard, was Mr. Kyle’s son. If he was the one who showed up, it

would be equivalent to Mr. Kyle coming in person. By that time, who would dare

to lay a finger on Audrey?

After thinking this through, Silvia immediately put on a smiling face. She held Jayden’s hand adorably, “Young Master Kyle, a friend of mine is in trouble now. If I were to ask you for help, you won’t refuse me, right?

The reason why Jayden had grabbed her mobile phone was to let her know that she should have asked him for help. He didn’t want her to think of her friends first whenever she was in trouble. Now that she had understood it, he was starting to feel a little annoyed for the fact she was being this nice to him because of someone else.

Jayden remained silent. Therefore, Silvia shook his hand and said, “Young Master Kyle, are you going to help me?”

Jayden glanced at her and said, “Tell me everything.

Silvia immediately explained, “Audrey is at Phantasy Nightclub, and I think she offended someone. They are asking for money and will not let her go until they get the money. I wanted to get someone else to go over with me, but I was worried that Audrey’s captors were too powerful. I worried that I might fail to save Audrey and get myself in trouble too. So, that’s when I thought of you. You’re Madison City’s mighty Mr. Kyle’s son. I’m sure that those men would back off if you showed up personally.”

This silly woman was finally enlightened. She had finally realized that she shouldn’t rush her way through things whenever she was facing a problem. Instead, what she should do was ask for his help

In an instant, Jayden sped up and drove to Phantasy Nightclub. However, while he was driving, he did not forget to ask Silvia, “Why are you saving her? She always thinks so highly of herself and she does things without thinking about the consequences. She probably deserved it.”

Upon hearing this, Silvia thought that he did not want to help her, Silvia was disheartened as she withdrew her hand and said, “If you don’t want to help me, then just forget about it. Just give me back my phone. I’ll call find someone else to help me.”

She thought that she was indeed a fool to actually believe him. He had always disliked Audrey, so why did she expect that he would save Audrey?

Jayden asked, “You knew that you might get into trouble saving her, but you still insist on helping her?”

Silvia said furiously, “It’s none of your business!”

Jayden added, “When you were thinking about your friends, have you ever thought about other people? For instance, your mother. Or him? What would

her mother do if something were to happen to her? And him, what would he do?

Silvia said, “You don’t have to worry about it. I know how to protect myself

“What do you know?” Jayden suddenly shouted in anger, “Silvia, you’re not a child anymore. Don’t you think that you should think carefully before doing anything?”

“I’ve thought about it, but…” Since he didn’t want to help her, she could only think of another way herself. Besides, she had been to those places and she had even gotten into fights there. Hence, there would be nothing that she would be afraid of.

Jayden snorted and said, “But what?

Silvia said, “I’m her only friend, so I must save her. Otherwise, she might really get killed by those people.”

Jayden said, “If an adult did something without considering the consequences, and something bad really happened, the person totally deserved it.”

“Can you stop being so sarcastic? I know that I shouldn’t have asked you for help. It’s my fault, okay? Are you happy with that now? Young Master Kyle!” Silvia’s eyes had already turned red due to anger as she stared at him with a ferocious look

Under her intense stare, Jayden took out his mobile phone and dialed a phone number. “I want you to look for a woman named Audrey now. Make sure that she stays safe once you find her.”

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