My Husband Warm the Bed- 1161

The man on the phone was Stanley Pierson. When he heard that Jayden was looking for a woman named Audrey he immediately said, “Sir, we do have a woman named Audrey now, but I’m not sure if she’s the one you are looking for.”

The name, Audrey, was a common one. However, it would be quite impossible to have two women with the name Audrey causing trouble in Phantasy Nightclub at the same time.

Jayden raised his eyebrows and asked in a low voice, “What happened?”

Stanley added, “Director Ziglar took a fancy to Audrey, who was drinking alone at the bar. He gave her a gift and she accepted it… but when Director Ziglar wanted to take things a step further, Audrey refused and even wounded him. Therefore, in a fit of anger, Director Ziglar ordered his men to tie her up.”

Jayden said, “Stanley, I gave you the right to manage Phantasy Nightclub, but how could you let those people do such a thing to a woman?

Stanley hurriedly explained, “Sir, if Audrey didn’t accept Director Ziglar’s gift, we certainly wouldn’t let them do that to her. However, the problem is that she had accepted the gift but rejected Director Ziglar’s advances and even wounded him, so no matter what she was still the one at fault”

Phantasy Nightclub was the most famous nightclub in Madison City, where many dignitaries and magnates frequented. It was also one of Jayden’s businesses.

Two months ago, a fight broke out in Phantasy Nightclub, but thanks to Jayden’s influence in Madison City, they were able to keep the matter down. In the end, Jayden had asked his employees to coordinate with the police in the investigation, so that the case could be settled in the shortest time possible.

The reason the police was able to close the case within such a short period of

time had a lot to do with the great cooperation of the employees at Phantasy

Nightclub. Therefore, not only Phantasy Nightclub was not punished, the police had even commended them for their actions. As Jayden expected, Phantasy Nightclub had become the final winner of that bloody fight.

Then, under Jayden’s order, Stanley had come up with some new rules. One of them was that they must make sure no guests were to go against the will of other guests. Once that happened, Phantasy Nightclub would immediately get

themselves involved to take care of the matter,

As for this time, if Audrey did not accept the gift, it would mean that the other party had forced her into it. Therefore, no matter how hard she resisted or even hurt the other party, Phantasy Nightclub would still be on her side.

However, Audrey did accept Director Ziglar’s gift but rejected him after. Therefore, Stanley, who was responsible for Phantasy Nightclub, was not in a

position to protect her anymore.

To tell the truth, Jayden didn’t want to save Audrey at all. However, she was Silvia’s friend. If something were to happen to her, Silvia would be sad and she would even blame herself for not being able to save her

The last thing that Jayden wanted to see was Silvia being sad, so he said, “Ask Director Ziglar if he wants anything else, I’ll give it to him.”

As soon as Jayden said this, Stanley immediately understood what he meant. Jayden was willing to offer anything in return for Audrey.

As for what that thing was, Stanley was not sure. It could be a large sum of money, or even a house… As long as Director Ziglar asked for it, they would have to give it to him. Stanley could not help but to sigh because their boss was going to suffer a great loss in order to save Audrey

“Sir, are you sure about this?” Stanley did not understand. He did not

understand why Jayden would care about this woman. Could it be that Jayden had also taken a fancy to this woman?

No, it shouldn’t be!

Stanley had seen with his own eyes how Jayden doted on Silvia. It was unlikely that he would have a change of heart in such a short period of time.

Then, Stanley thought of Audrey’s appearance. She was quite good looking, but she was completely different from Silvia. Perhaps, Jayden was already sick of innocent looking girls so he was now going for a glamorous looking woman, Jayden said, “If she loses even a strand of hair, I’ll not let this matter slide.

Seeing that Jayden was being so serious about this matter, Stanley was sure that there must be something between the two of them. Hence, he quickly answered, “I’ll go over and bring her back now.”

After the call had ended, Stanley walked out of the room. He went through the long corridor and arrived at another room. He knocked on the door and waited for the people inside the room to answer him. After making sure that there was a response, he pushed the door and stepped into the room. He said, “Director


When Director Ziglar saw that it was Stanley, he got up to welcome him. “Mr. Pierson, are you looking for me?’

“Yes… Stanley responded while taking a quick glance across the room. Sh*t,

Audrey was not in the room. Could it be that they have already finished her off?” Director Ziglar asked, “What are you looking for, Mr. Pierson? Is there a treasure in this room?

Stanley smiled and said, “I heard that there was a beauty here in your room, sol came over to have a look… Where is she?”

Director Ziglar said, “I’ve seen all kinds of women before and I have a lot of

ways to deal with a woman who doesn’t know how to appreciate favors,

“No.” This was an order from his boss, if anything went wrong, Stanley wouldn’t be able to explain to Jayden. He said in an anxious tone, “Director Ziglar, where is that woman now?”

Director Ziglar looked at Stanley. He had almost never seen Stanley being this anxious, so he asked, “What’s the matter, Mr. Pierson? Are you interested that woman?”

Stanley said, “No, not me. It was my boss who had ordered me to bring her back. Therefore, if anything happens to her, I’ll definitely be in big trouble.”

The moment Director Ziglar heard it was Mr. Kyle who wanted Audrey, his hand,

which he had just stretched out to grab the glass on the table, trembled slightly

He asked, “Mr. Pierson, Mr. Kyle asked for that woman?”

Stanley nodded and said, “Yes, Mr. Kyle had just given me a phone call. He said that as long as you are willing to let Audrey go, you can have anything you like in return.”

Upon hearing this, Director Ziglar’s heart skipped a beat. How could he ask for compensation from Mr. Kyle? Was he courting death?

Director Ziglar waved his hand repeatedly and said, “Since Mr. Kyle wants that woman, you can take her away. I’ve met Mr. Kyle a couple of times before, how could I ask for any compensation from him?”

Stanley asked, “Where is she?”

“Come with me, Mr. Pierson.” Director Ziglar led Stanley out of the room. His footsteps were very fast, as if he was worried that if they were a second slower, everything would be too late.

Then, the two of them arrived at another private room. Director Ziglar kicked

the door open, and the chaos in the room halted in an instant. The people in the room turned back to look at the door in unison. Although they all looked fierce, no one dared to make a sound when they looked at the two men who were standing at the door

Director Ziglar shouted, Where is that woman?”

Stanley kept quiet but he was already looking around the room, trying to look for Audrey. When he finally saw Audrey, who was being tied up in the corner of the room, he immediately let out a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, those people did not dare to do anything at Phantasy Nightclub. Fortunately, she was only being tied up. Fortunately, nothing worse had


The man who was talking to Silvia on the phone stood up and pointed one corner. “Director Ziglar, she’s over there. How do you want us to deal with her? We’re at your service.

Director Ziglar gave the man a look and said, “Let this woman go.”

The man said anxiously, “Boss, let her go?”

Director Ziglar asked, “Do you have a problem with that?”

The man said, “No, Director Ziglar. But that woman wounded you, how could you not avenge yourself?”

Director Ziglar said, “Mr. Kyle has asked for this woman.”

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