My Husband Warm the Bed- 1162

When they heard of the name Mr. Kyle, the fierce men calmed down in an instant, and even the look in their eyes had become tame.

However, the man who was on the phone with Silvia was unwilling to give up, so he asked again. “Director Ziglar, are you sure that she is really Mr. Kyle’s woman?’

Director Ziglar nodded and said, “Mr. Pierson is here too, do you still think that it’s false?”

After hearing Director Ziglar’s answer, everyone in the room shivered. They were all glad that they did not actually harm the woman.

Earlier, when they heard from the phone call that Audrey was Mr. Kyle’s

woman, none of them believed it. However, they did not touch her just in case it

was true. Alas, she really was Mr. Kyle’s woman!

“Why are you guys still standing there? Hurry up and untie Miss Audrey so that Mr. Pierson can take her away.” The man immediately put on a smile. “Mr. Pierson, if we had known that Miss Audrey was Mr. Kyle’s woman, we wouldn’t dare to touch her at all:

Stanley did not know either. If he had known it earlier, he would not have let these people touch his boss’ woman. “What have you guys done to her?”

The man said in a humble tone, “Mr. Pierson, we haven’t had the time to do anything to her and you’ve already found her. All of these are just a misunderstanding. Please do explain on our behalf when you see Mr. Kyle.

“It’s good that you haven’t done anything to her. This is indeed a misunderstanding and I will make sure to explain it clearly to my boss.” Stanley smiled and said to the waitress, “You two, hold her.”

Stanley did not dare to hold Audrey personally. If Audrey was really Jayden’s woman, and Stanley touched her, he knew that Jayden would probably chop his hands off.

Since Audrey was his boss woman, Stanley dared not neglect her at all. He

ordered the two waitresses to send Audrey to the room which he had

exclusively saved for Jayden.

The two female waitresses took Audrey to Jayden’s room and turned back to ask Stanley, who was following behind them, “Mr. Pierson, where should we put


Audrey was reeking of alcohol and because she was being tied up just now, she was in a total mess. Even if Jayden liked her, he probably would not be in the mood to do anything with her after seeing her in such a state.

Therefore, in order to please his boss, Stanley made a decision. He told the waitresses, “I want you two to wash Miss Audrey up. Make sure that she’s clean before you put her on Boss’ bed.”

“Mm… It’s so hot. Because of the drug, Audrey was experiencing hot flashes, so she began to tug at her clothes. Her clothes were already revealing, so the moment she pulled her clothes, her body was already exposed in the air.

Stanley immediately turned his head away and said to the waitresses, “Hurry up, don’t waste any more time. As for her hot flushes, only Boss can help her with them.”

Now that his boss’ woman was drugged, Stanley was glad that nothing worse

had happened. Otherwise, he would really be in big trouble.

Stanley had been working for Jayden for three years now. Three years was neither too long nor too short. He knew that when it came to work, Jayden was absolutely the best

In just three years, Jayden’s company had successfully monopolized the entire Madison City. On top of that, his businesses were growing rapidly and they even had businesses in the neighboring countries.

However, Stanley knew nothing about Jayden’s private life. He did not know who his family members were and what he would do besides work. In these three years, Stanley never saw any woman around Jayden. Silvia was

the first woman to appear by Jayden’s side and she had changed him


Seeing Jayden’s love for Silvia, all of them thought that their boss had finally found the love of his life. However, Audrey had appeared out of the blue.

Thinking of Silvia and Audrey, Stanley shook his head helplessly. He had always thought that his boss was one of a kind and not a swinger like many men were. However, judging from this incident, it seemed that his boss was no different from other men after all. Jayden would think of other women too!

“Jayden, who was it that you were calling just now? Does it really help to call him?” Silvia was worried throughout their journey to Phantasy Nightclub, and

she was bombarding him with questions,

Jayden hated that Silvia’s entire attention was on someone else, so he told her, “If anything happens to Audrey, I’ll pay you back with my life, okay?”

“Young Master Kyle, can you not talk like this? How can I bear to let you trade

your life for hers?” Silvia reached out and held Jayden’s hand. “Audrey has no friends and her parents are not by her side. Now that she got into such trouble, she would probably need a shoulder to lean on. I’m her only friend, and it is my honor that I am the one she had thought of when she was in danger. I hope that I can help her and get her out of this trouble. If I were to run into any trouble in the future, I also hope that someone will appear in time to save me.”

“You will never be in danger. Even if you were, the only person who you should expect to show up is me.” Jayden suddenly turned the steering wheel and stopped the car steadily. “We are here.”

“We’re here?” Silvia was still a little confused. She got out of the car with Jayden and rushed up to hold his arm. “Thank you, Young Master Kyle!”

Silvia knew that Jayden could be a little childish sometimes. Therefore, as long as she could speak patiently to him and make him happy, everything would be fine.

However, Jayden did not say anything. There was no need for her to thank him. She was his wife, and her business is also his business. Therefore, he would definitely save Audrey

“Sir, you, you’re here!” When Stanley saw that Silvia was by Jayden’s side, he was somewhat surprised. His boss was indeed amazing. He had even brought

his girlfriend along to meet his lover

“Where is she?” Jayden asked.

Stanley glanced at Silvia but did not notice one bit of jealousy on her face at all. Then he said, “Miss Audrey had drunk quite a fair bit of alcohol and she was being tied up too… so I’ve asked the waitresses to wash her up and send her to

your room.”

Upon hearing Stanley’s words, a slight frown appeared on Jayden’s face. He was dissatisfied that Stanley had brought someone into his room. However, on second thought, ever since he had married Silvia, he had not stayed overnight in Phantasy Nightclub. Therefore, there was no need to keep that room for him


Even Jayden did not catch on the meaning behind Stanley’s words, let alone Silvia. At that very moment, the only thing that she was concerned about was

Audrey’s safety

She followed Jayden into a luxury suite which was located on the eighth floor. As soon as she entered the room, Silvia was stunned. The room was scented and the lights were suggestive. It did not look like they were here to save someone at all. Instead, it felt like they were here to meet a lover.

Seeing that their boss had arrived, one of the waitresses sensibly said, “Sir, Miss Audrey has been waiting for you in the room for a long time. We will get back to work first.”

Her words sounded somewhat strange, but Silvia didn’t want to think about it too much. Moreover, she did not believe that there would be anything between Jayden and Audrey

“It’s hot. I’m so hot… Help me..” A muffled voice sounded from the room. The moment Silvia heard it, she immediately rushed into the room.

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