My Husband Warm the Bed- 1163

The first thing Silvia saw when she entered the room was Audrey. She was lying n*ked on the bed and her entire body was flushed, as she murmured, “It’s hot. So hot. Give me water. I need water.”

“Jayden, Audrey wants some water. Can you please go get me a glass of

water… Silvia rushed over and tried to cover Audrey with the quilt.

However, Audrey immediately pulled it away. Silvia could not let anyone see Audrey’s néked body, especially Jayden! She quickly said, “Jayden, don’t come in. Ask those waitresses to come in.”

The two waitresses who were about to leave instinctively looked at Jayden. Jayden then said in a cold voice, “Why are you two still standing here? Go and help her now.

Stanley, who had just rushed over, leaned in and whispered in Jayden’s ear, “Sir, only you can get rid of the heat in Miss Audrey’s body. Miss Turner won’t be able to do anything about it.

Jayden raised his eyebrows and asked in a deep voice, “What do you mean?

Was his boss unhappy?

But why was he unhappy?

Was it because Audrey was drugged?

Stanley hurriedly explained, “Sir, I had no idea that Miss Audrey was your woman. If I had known it earlier. I wouldn’t have let anyone take her away, let alone let them drug her.”

Stanley’s words were very straightforward with his words, and Jayden, who had never thought about it in this aspect, finally understood what Stanley meant. He smiled coldly and said, “Stanley, I guess you are really tired of living”

The moment Stanley heard what Jayden said, his legs trembled. “Sir, I’m the one in charge of Phantasy Nightclub and now that something happened to Miss Audrey there, I’d take full responsibility for it. But, I really had no idea that she was your woman.”

In the past, Stanley was great at observing people. He could always figure out what his boss was thinking and anxious about, but he was making repeated mistakes at this moment!

Jayden looked at him coldly. “It seems that you haven’t realized what your

mistakes were

Did he do something else wrong that even he was not aware of?

Stanley was confused as he said, “Sir, please forgive me for being dull-witted,

Could you please tell me what I’ve done wrong?”

Jayden said, “You should go to the ice cellar and stay there for a while. Come out once you’ve figured it out”

Stanley said, “Sir.

On second thought, Stanley held his tongue. He did not want to say more to exacerbate the situation. Now, he should just deeply reflect on his earlier mistakes,

Stanley thought that it probably was not because Audrey was drugged. If Jayden meant so, he would not have said that Stanley had not realized his mistake.

If that was the case, then could it be because Audrey was taken away by

someone else?

If that was it Jayden would have rushed over to Audrey and comforted her. He wouldn’t be just standing outside the room! So that could not be the case.

Hence, did that mean that Jayden did not care about Audrey at all?

The moment he had this idea in his mind, Stanley was so scared that he could feel a shiver down his spine. If that was really the case, then putting Audrey on Jayden’s bed was…


Stanley felt like he should jump off the eighth floor. How could he make such an idiotic mistake? “Sir. I.”

Jayden said, “Why are you still here? Do you want me to get someone to carry you there?”

With an aggrieved look, Stanley apologized, “Sir, I’ve already realized my

mistake. You’re not interested in Audrey at all. Sorry, misunderstood your


Jayden said, “Since you knew but did it anyway I want you to go to the cold room and stay there for two hours to reflect on your mistakes.”

Stanley didn’t dare to explain anymore. “Yes, Sir. I’ll go now.”

This was indeed his fault. All of them could see how much Jayden cared about Silvia. It was impossible for him to have a change of heart in such a short

period of time.

Therefore, he really deserved to be punished.

Jayden, on the other hand, was glad that Silvia was entirely focused on Audrey Otherwise, if she happened to catch on Stanley’s intention, she would definitely make a huge fuss about it.

In the room.

“Audrey, I’ve got you some water.” Silvia handed Audrey a glass of water, which Audrey had chugged down in the next second.

However, this water could not relieve the heat in her body at all. “It’s hot, it’s so

hot… Please save me. save me.”

Audrey felt like her body was on fire, and it was going to burn her alive. Unable to control herself, Audrey started scratching her body

Silvia did not expect that Audrey would hurt herself. However, it was already

too late to stop her. Therefore, she could only watch as a few bloody scratches appeared on Audrey’s body.

However, it seemed like Audrey could not feel the pain at all as she continued scratching herself. Silvia quickly grabbed on to her hand and asked, “Audrey, what’s wrong with you?”

“Hot… I’m hot… Help me. Audrey was in a confused state. She could not recognize Silvia, who was in front of her. All she knew at that moment was that she was feeling very warm and if the heat in her body was not removed at that instant, she might really explode.

“Don’t be afraid, Audrey, I’ll take you to the hospital right away.” Silvia grabbed Audrey’s hand and shouted at the door, “Jayden, I’m sending Audrey to the hospital now.

In fact, anyone in Madison City, who knew Young Master Kyle, would only listen to his orders. However, Silvia was the only who dared to give him orders.

With Jayden’s help. Audrey was soon on her way to the hospital. After sending Audrey on the ambulance, Silvia asked Jayden to drive her to the hospital.

On the eighth floor of Phantasy Nightclub, a tall man stood by the window and

watched the ambulance driving away until it was out of his sight Huh… It seemed that he had failed again. He knew that no matter what he did, she would never give in nor would she save him.

When Audrey finally woke up, she saw that Silvia was next to her and accompanying her. At that instant, her heart which was as hard as stone, suddenly softened. Tears that had not fallen for many years flowed out from the corners of her eyes.

She quickly wiped away her tears and forced a smile. “It does feel good to have a friend by my side when I’m sick. I think should get sick more often in the future.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. If you don’t cherish your body in the future, I won’t care about you anymore. Silvia glared at Audrey and got her a glass of water. “Here, drink some.

With a smile on her face, Audrey took over the glass of water and said, “Little

girl, thank you!”

Silvia stared at her and said, “Why are you thanking me? I took care of you because if you really died, there would be no one to bicker with me anymore and my life would become very boring

Audrey knew that Silvia did not mean what she said, so she did not expose her. Instead, she put on a smile without saying anything.

Silvia said again, “Audrey, do you still remember what you’ve said to me?”

“I’ve told you so many things.” sald Audrey. “How would I know what you’re talking about?”

Silvia said, “You told me that as a woman, should learn when to be tough and when to be gentle. You said that we as a woman should not pretend to be tough all the time. When it is time to be weak, we should be weak, and only then would men love us even more… You were the one who told me all these things, but why don’t you understand it yourself?”

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