My Husband Warm the Bed- 1164

“Wow, look at you. You’re even giving me a lecture now.” Audrey blinked her eyes and smiled naughtily at Silvia. Silvia snatched the glass from Audrey’s hand and said seriously, “I’m being serious with you here. Don’t ever think that you can make me stop by joking

around like this.

Audrey shrugged and said, “Silvia, we are different. It’s just like cold medicine, which could save someone with a cold but not someone else who has a chronic disease.”

Silvia asked, “What’s the difference? Just because you are a few years older than me? Or is it because you are more experienced than me? So is that why you have to bear everything by yourself? Is that why you have to disguise yourself as a despicable woman so that everyone would look down on you?”

“Can you just stop talking about my age already? Women don’t like to be reminded of their agel” Audrey looked at her red-painted nails. “Besides, I’m not pretending to be who I am now. I had always been a superficial and materialistic woman. I only like men who are rich. As long as they are rich, I am willing to be with them.”

Silvia hated how Audrey ridiculed herself, and how she denied herself. “You’re so annoying, Audrey!”

Audrey patted Silvia on the back and said, “Don’t be angry, babe. If you die of anger, I’d have no friends. Really, it’s not easy for a woman like me to find someone who wants to befriend me.”

Silvia patted Audrey’s hand away and said angrily, “You know that you don’t have any more friends but you’re still trying to piss me off. You really deserve to be alone for the rest of your life.”

“I love you so much, why would I make you angry, right?” While answering Silvia nonchalantly, Audrey turned on the front camera on her phone. When she saw her face on the screen, she screamed in shock, “Ah.

The sudden scream startled Silvia so much that her heart trembled, After recovering from her shock, she still had to be concerned about the unreliable Audrey. “What’s wrong, Audrey?

“What happened to me?” Audrey touched her face, trying to discern something

“No, no.. this is definitely not me.”

The woman on the phone screen had messy hair and ruined makeup. She looked as ugly as a ghost. How could this person be herself? It was definitely not the usual Audrey who always looked glamorous.

Silvia grabbed the phone away from Audrey’s hand and threw it aside. She said in a stern voice, “Audrey! I’m warning you, don’t try to play dumb with me here!

“Who the hell is playing dumb with you?!” Audrey rolled over and wanted to get out of the bed. She thought that she must wash up and dress herself up immediately. What would she do if someone saw her in such a state?

Silvia was speechless when she saw how much Audrey cared about her looks. “Audrey, is beauty more important to you than anything else?”

“Of course it is. Is there any problem with that?” Audrey said as she walked to the bathroom, “Silvia, bring me my cosmetic bag.”

Silvia glared at her.

When she noticed that Silvia did not move, Audrey added, “When I’m done with my make up, you can ask anything you want. I’ll answer each and every one of them, okay?”

Silvia was never an obedient child. But taking into account that Audrey was

being bullied that night, she had no choice but to give in to Audrey. After all, she

was her friend,

Silvia found Audrey’s cosmetic bag, gave it to her and went back to the ward to wait for her. However, Audrey took so long that Silvia had eventually fallen


Silvia rubbed her eyes and yawned. “Miss Audrey, why did you take so long?’

“It’s not that long though. It only took me half an hour” Compared to her usual routine, the amount of time she had spent on her makeup that night was not long at all.

Silvia rolled her eyes and said, “Half an hour is not long? How long do you think

is considered long then?”

“You’re still young, and your skin is still soft and supple. Even if you don’t put on makeup, you’re still a beauty. Of course, you don’t need to spend much time putting on makeup.” Then, Audrey took a look at herself in the mirror. After putting on makeup, she looked much better. “Unlike me, I’m turning thirty soon, My skin is aging and I’m starting to get wrinkles. At this point, I really won’t go out with my bare face anymore.!

“Stop exaggerating, Audrey. You’re still so beautiful. If didn’t know you, I would

have thought you were in your early twenties.” Silvia looked at Audrey, who looked much livelier after putting on her makeup, covering up the little flaws on her face. Audrey was a beautiful woman, with a natural charm that attracted men!

Listening to Silvia’s compliment, Audrey smiled confidently and said, “Why? Are you going to fall in love with me after seeing the beauty of a mature lady?

Silvia rolled her eyes again. “Whatever you have on you, I have it too. Why would

I fall in love with you?”

Audrey then deliberately stuck her chest out and said, “Are you sure about that?

Silvia grabbed the pillow and threw it at Audrey. “Audrey, why are you so mean? Let me tell you, it’s because I’m still young. When I reach your age, mine will get there too.

“That’s right. With Young Master Kyle’s help, you might actually go through another stage of puberty again” Audrey smiled and said, “But. even if you don’t have what I have, Young Master Kyle wouldn’t mind it anyway,

“Alright, let’s stop talking about me already. Let’s talk about you now. Audrey would always avoid the questions or she would never answer them seriously Therefore, Silvia had to get the topic back on track. No matter what, she must solve the root of the problem of the incident which happened that night, otherwise, Audrey might actually get into trouble again,

“What’s there to talk about though?” Audrey didn’t want to talk about it. There were things that she did not want to bring up after experiencing it once because she was afraid of recalling it again.

Silvia said, “Audrey, I want to ask you about what happened tonight. I don’t mean anything else, I just want to tell you that you are no longer alone, and you have me as your friend. Remember, if you’re in trouble or need help you don’t have to bear it by yourself, you can always come to me.”

“Of course I know that. Didn’t ask you to come save me when I was in danger?” Since Audrey did not want to talk about it, Silvia stopped asking, Perhaps, Audrey had her own reasons for avoiding her questions. Therefore, she said, “You should have some more rest then I’m going back home now.”

Silvia was about to leave, so Audrey grabbed on to her hand and said, “Silvia, there’s a prerequisite to what I said. You can only show your weakness when there is someone by your side, who is willing to love and pamper you. If there is no such person, then you cannot be weak. So, you must make sure that

you cherish the person who loves you and not do anything that would lead to “Audrey, I know what to do, but what about you? Are you really not going to tell me what happened tonight?” Silvia gave her one last chance. If Audrey chose

future regrets.”

not to tell her, she would never ask again.

“TIl tell you, alright? I’ll tell you everything.” Audrey blinked her eyes, took a deep breath, and held back her emotions. Then, she said slowly, “I really thought that I was going to die tonight. I thought that I’ll never see you again. I thought that I’ll never see..” that person again.

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