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Silvia could tell that Audrey was afraid. She reached out to hold Audrey’s hand. “Don’t be afraid, Audrey! Tell me, and we’ll find a way to solve the problem Else, you’d continue to live in fear.

Audrey sighed, “No, I’m not afraid anymore. I just feel that my life is as

miserable as a joke. No, it’s even more miserable than a joke.”

Silvia did not understand.

Audrey laughed and continued, “Last night, as usual, I went to Phantasy Nightclub for a drink. I was trying to see if there were any good looking eligible bachelors. However, before I even had my second drink, someone stuffed something into my arms, and then I was taken away by a group of men.”

Although Audrey spoke nonchalantly, Silvia nervously clenching her fists. Had she been there, Silvia would not have let those people take Audrey away.

“The old man who led the group of men said that I took his gift, so I had to go with him tonight. Audrey sneered. I mean, if he is handsome, perhaps, I would have conceded. But, he was old and ugly, and his teeth were disgustingly yellow. So, of course I resisted and so they drugged me, and I ended up here in the hospital

With a solemn look, Silvia said, “Audrey, if that old man were not ugly, were you really willing to submit to him then?

Audrey, “I.”

Silvia interrupted her. “I know that you will never do that. I know you’re just using this method to numb yourself and demean yourself. I’m warning you,

Audrey. You’d better don’t do that to yourself anymore in the future.

Audrey smiled and said, “Silvia, I guess you’ve been with your Young Master Kyle for too long now that you’re starting to get a little too overbearing huh”

“Don’t try and change the topic.” Silvia knocked on the table. “After hearing what you’ve said, I think that someone is deliberately finding fault with you tonight

Audrey nodded. “I thought it was just an accident at first, but then I saw

someone. When I was being taken away, I saw a familiar face. I’ve seen that

person several times before.” Silvia said in surprise, ‘Audrey, did you offend anyone in the past? Think carefully”.

Audrey shook her head but nodded her head after. “I think I have… I can’t escape from him for the rest of my life anyway. My fate is destined, and I’m destined to be lonely for the rest of my life.”

“Is he the one you loved?” Judging from the resolute look in Audrey’s eyes, Silvia was quite sure that one of the men who hurt Audrey earlier was someone she really cared about

“Huh.” Audrey didn’t answer. Instead, she laughed wryly, eventually tearing up.

Yes! It was because she had once loved him and owned him that her heart was aching so much after she had lost him!

“Audrey, those who don’t care about you won’t feel sorry for you, so don’t torture

yourself for him anymore. No matter how much you torture yourself, he won’t

bat an eye at all.” Silvia repeated what Audrey had told her before.

Audrey broke into a charming smile. “Who said that it was because of him? I’m not doing it because of him. I just wanted to find a rich man for myself, so that don’t have to work so hard for the rest of my life.”

“You.. Audrey was unwilling to expose her raw self, so it was for Silvia to pursue the matter. She patted Audrey on the back and said, “If you feel like getting a drink in the future, just go to Starie Blotie. Dont go to Phantasy Nightclub anymore. That place is not somewhere ordinary people like us should go to

“Yeah, that place is full of rich and powerful men… it’s indeed not a place for us.” Audrey sighed. She had never been a match for that person, and she could never win against him. He was the one who appeared by her side out of a sudden and gave her a fantasy. However, he was also the one who had left out of a sudden and broken her heart.

Both of them knew of each other’s existence and wanted to make the other party return to their side. However, they were so stubborn, unwilling to give in first. They wanted each other to concede defeat first, but doing so only would hurt them both.

“Huh, what am I thinking about it still? If I keep thinking about it, I’ll probably lose my sleep tonight” Audrey thought while shaking her head, trying to drive that ridiculous idea away. She must not waste time having impossible thoughts.

It was already late at night when Silvia finally came out of the hospital, When Silvia was walking out of the entrance of the hospital, Silvia looked up

and saw Jayden smoking while leaning against the car. She went over and took away the cigarette. “Jayden, you told me that drinking is bad for my body, so you never allow me to drink. Then tell me, is smoking bad for you?

Jayden ruffled her hair and said with a smile, “Silly girl, you actually know how

to care about me now

“Who cares about you?” When she realized that Jayden had seen through her, she blushed and said, “If you smoke when I’m around, it means that I’m breathing secondhand smoke. Do you not know that passive smoking is more harmful to the body? I don’t want to be poisoned by all that smoke and carcinogens at such a young age, okay?”

It was because he knew how harmful passive smoking was, so he had never smoked in front of her. However, he did not notice that she was coming over just now, so he could not put off his cigarette in time.

Silvia was just stubborn. She obviously cared about him, but she did not want to

admit it. Jayden hugged her and said, “Okay, in order not to poison you, I’ll quit


“Jayden Elias Kyle! Silvia looked up at him and said with a particularly serious face, “Will you stay by my side forever? Will you suddenly leave me behind one day?”

She had never had such an almighty man in the past but she still lived a good life. However, there was such a person around her now and she was already used to his constant love and care. If he were to disappear from her life out of sudden, she probably would not get used to it, right? D

“What are you thinking about, silly girl?” Jayden rubbed her head. “I haven’t even tortured you enough, how can I leave you behind already?”

“Hmph.. I knew you’re never up to any good!” Although she said so, she smiled.

“Well, it’s getting late. Let’s go home now.”

If it weren’t for his help this time, Silvia really could not imagine what would happen to Audrey. Fortunately, he was there with her. Otherwise, Silvia would not have been able to save her, and she might even get herself into trouble as well.

Now that she had Jayden, this great support to back her up, she could finally show her weakness and let him protect her.

Looking at her bright and charming smile, Jayden’s Adam’s apple bobbed and in the next second, he could not help but lower his head to kiss her. However, Silvia pushed him away as soon as he got close to her. “I don’t like the smell of

cigarettes. Don’t kiss me.”

There was indeed the smell of cigarettes, so Jayden had no choice but to hold

back his kiss.

When she noticed the disappointed look in his eyes, Silvia felt that she had gone too far. She leaned into his arms and said, “You can’t kiss me, but you can still hug me.”

Jayden hugged her and gently patted her on the back. “Okay, I’ve already hugged you. Let’s go home now

In his arms, Silvia did not respond. He looked down and saw that she had already fallen asleep. She could fall asleep so quickly! “Silly girl, you’ve been keeping yourself busy for the entire night just because of someone else’s affairs. Don’t you think that you’re a little silly?” D

Although he said so, he had been by her side for the entire time too. He never really liked Audrey, but he still accompanied Silvia up till this hour. However, he had no complaints at all while doing that

“Young Master Kyle. Silvia lay in Jayden’s arms and rubbed her face against his chest like a kitten. She mumbled, “You will always be my greatest support, won’t you?”

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