My Husband Warm the Bed- 1168

“Yesterday morning?” Silvia grabbed Auntie Cherry’s arm and smiled playfully. “Auntie Cherry, you must be kidding me. He was here with me the whole night and we were still together right before dawn. How is it possible that he went out yesterday morning?”

“Miss Turner, you must have met Master Jayden in your dreams.” Auntie Cherry smiled with a knowing look on her face

“Auntie Cherry, I’m being serious here. Stop making fun of me.” Silvia was thick

skinned, but now that Auntie Cherry was looking at her with that look, she

couldn’t help blushing

Auntie Cherry added, “Miss Turner, are you feeling a little confused because you’re slept too much? You’ve slept from yesterday morning to this morning. It has been about 20 hours.” 1

“Have I slept that long?” No wonder she didn’t feel tired at all. Silvia looked at Auntie Cherry again. “Auntie Cherry, could you please take these away for me? I’m going to change my clothes and I’m going out later

Auntie Cherry smiled and said, “Miss Turner, why don’t you give Master Jayden a phone call?”

Silvia said, “Why would I call him? I’m so happy that he’s not home. It’s so

peaceful and quiet.”

She sounded quite tough, but as soon as Auntie Cherry left, Silvia immediately took out her mobile phone and dialed Jayden’s phone number. As soon as it was connected, Jayden’s mellow voice sounded from the phone, “Lazy sloth, you’re finally awake huh”

“You are the sloth! Your family members are all lazy sloths! Your child will be a lazy sloth in the future too!” She called him on the phone to ask him how he was doing, but all she got was being called a lazy sloth. After bombarding Jayden with her words, Silvia finally felt better,

Jayden’s low and deep laughter sounded from the other side of the phone. “My child is also your child. If our child is a lazy sloth, it must be because of his mother, since she’s a lazy sloth herself.”

“Who said that I was going to give birth to your baby? I don’t want to give birth to your child.” Silvia said so, but she was already thinking if they would be having a son or a daughter in the future. If it was a boy, who would he look like?

What if it was a girl, would she look like her?

Jayden chuckled and said, “I’ll look for another woman to give birth to my child then.”

Silvia gritted her teeth and warned. “Jayden Elias Kyle, are you asking for a beating now? I’m warning you, if you ever dare to find another woman behind my back to give birth to your child, I will definitely break your third leg.”

“Okay, I’ll keep that in mind” When Jayden thought of how adorable she always looked like when she was gnashing her teeth, Jayden couldn’t help laughing again. If she was with him, he would definitely pulled her into his arms and nibble on her face.

When Silvia heard Jayden’s laughter, she stamped her feet in frustration and said, “Jayden, I’m being serious here. Do you think that I’m joking around with you?”

“Of course not. I just thought that you would look really cute when you’re jealous. And the moment I think about it I just want to bite you” Jayden’s tone was very flirtatious. Upon hearing this, Silvia’s ears immediately turned red. She quickly changed the subject by asking, “Where did you go?”

Jayden said, “I went to T City to get something done. I’ll be back in two days, so you can have fun alone at home for the time being. Also, you’d better don’t get into any more trouble.”

“Since when did I get into trouble? She was his wife, but he would always talked to her like she was a child, which was really annoying.

Jayden said, “You’d better not.”

Silvia said, “Remember to have your meals on time and take your medicine on time… The weather is getting colder now. Don’t come back with a sick body, alright?”

Jayden said, “Yes, Honey.”

“Don’t be so cheesy, will you? I’m having goosebumps all over already.” It was the first time Jayden had ever addressed her like this. It got Silvia so excited that she immediately hung up on him. “B*stard, all you know is how to flirt with me. You’ve probably flirted with a lot of girls and that’s why you’re so good at it.” Humph… Did he think that he was the only one who knew how to flirt? She could too. However, when Silvia thought about how she could flirt with men,

she instantly realized that she did not know how to do it at all. Then, Silvia thought of Audrey. If she could get to Audrey’s level, she wouldn’t even need to do anything at all. One unintentional move was enough to make a

man fall head over heels for her.

Therefore, Silvia decided to seek advice from Audrey. She could not lose to

Jayden at this.

Silvia dialed Audrey’s phone number. “Audrey, where are you?” “I’m going on a date” said Audrey

Silvia replied, “Huh?”

Audrey looked at herself in the mirror. Her figure was neither too thin nor too chubby. It was perfect. “I met a guy when I was at the hospital. He’s the super rich kind, so we exchanged numbers and I’ve just asked him out for a cup of coffee.”

“You really never fail to impress me, Audrey. You’ve only stayed in the hospital for one night and you’ve actually managed to get a guy’s phone number already Silvia lowered her voice and said, “Audrey, why don’t you take me with you and let me learn from you how to flirt with men?”

“Flirt with men? Hey, when you’re at my level, you don’t even need to flirt with men at all. Audrey put on a necklace, as her fair fingers slid across her collarbone. To tell the truth, she looked so amorous in the mirror that she was about to fall in love with herself, let alone a man.

However, there were exceptions among men too. For instance, Silvia’s Young Master Kyle. He was the only man she had met in the past few years who would not even look at her straight in the eyes. It was as if she was no different from a pile of dry bones.

Silvia asked, “Audrey, can I come along?”

“I was just thinking about your Young Master Kyle. He wouldn’t even spare me a glance… are you sure you still want to learn from me?” asked Audrey

D*mn it, Audrey saw right through her. Silvia was embarrassed but she tried to denied it, “Who told you that I’m learning it to use it on him?”

Silvia didn’t want to admit it, but Audrey didn’t want to expose her too. “Come over then, I’ll let you watch and learn for free.”

“Alright.” Silvia immediately answered. It was her last day off anyway and Jayden was not at home too. Now that she had gotten such a rare chance to do whatever she liked, and if she didn’t make good use of it, she was outright an idiot

Silvia was dressed in a white T-shirt and a pair of washed, ripped denim jeans.

Her hair was tied up into a high ponytail, revealing her smooth forehead, which made her looked like a high school student.

However, Silvia was not satisfied with her own appearance. She looked like a

teenager and her dressing was not feminine at all. Of course, she could not

attract men with such an appearance.

Therefore, Silvia looked through her wardrobe again. However, in that large wardrobe, she could not find anything else that she could wear. All her clothes were of the same style. They were neither mature looking nor charming.

“Forget it, I’ll just wear like that first. I’ll ask Audrey to accompany me to buy some clothes later. It must be a mature and sexy look, so that Jayden will never treat me like a child again.” Silvia thought to herself.

Because she was free and the weather was nice, Silvia did not ask the driver to send her. Instead, she chose to go on foot and once she had arrived at the entrance of the residential area, she would take a taxi to Audrey’s place.

“Thief! Catch the thief.”

When Silvia was walking on the quiet tree-lined walkway, she suddenly heard two childish voices shouting. When she turned back, she saw a skinny man was running toward her, and not far behind from the man were two boys who were chasing after him.

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