My Husband Warm the Bed- 1169

The residential area where Jayden’s villa was located was called the West Side and it was the most well-known residential area in Madison City

The scenery at West Side was picturesque, and the air quality was said to be the best. Moreover, the weather was like spring all year. Therefore, the houses here were high-priced and it was not something that any rich man could afford

to own

The people who lived here were billionaires and the thing that they had the most was money. Therefore, the price was never in consideration.

What they prioritized the most was safety, comfort, and privacy. Therefore, the security at the West Side was top notch.

Silvia had been living there for several months now. Anyone who wanted to enter the area would have to go through a series of security checkpoints, Therefore, it would not be that easy for thieves to get in

This was her first time ever to see a thief in the area… While she was still

immersed in her thoughts, the thief was already getting close to her.

Silvia used to read adventure novels when she was a child, so she was particularly valorous. At this time, when she saw that the thief had stolen from those two little boys she instantly wanted to save the day.

When the scrawny thief ran past her, Silvia immediately stretched out her leg and tripped him up. Seeing that the thief had taken such a hard fall, Silvia felt a little sorry for him as she quietly withdrew her leg.

However, the thief shouted, “Btch, why are you being so fcking nosy. I’ll kill you today!”

The thief cursed at Silvia as he rolled over to his side to get up, However, before

he could even get up, Silvia lifted her foot and stepped on his back. “Since

you’ve already scolded me, I guess I have no reasons to hold myself back then.

The thief shouted, “You damned woman, take your stinky feet off me at this instant and might spare your life today. Otherwise, I’ll make you regret for being so nosy.”

“Are you sure that you’re capable of doing that? Well, then tell me, how are you going to make me regret it?” To be honest, this was the first time Silvia had seen such a stupid thief. He was already under her feet, but he still dared to

threaten her.

Didn’t his mother teach him to back down when the odds were against him? Even she knew the importance of being flexible and to never overestimate


“Karen Joy…


The two little boys who came afterward exclaimed at the same time, but their contents were different. Silvia did not pay attention to what they were saying, so she said, “Handsome lads, don’t be afraid. I’ll protect you two!’

“You are…?’ The two young boys were not afraid of the thief at all. Instead,

they were very interested in Silvia. Their eyes were widened as they stared at


Moments ago, when they heard the sound and then saw Silvia, the two of them thought that Karen Joy had come after them. However, now that they had taken a clear look at her, they realized she was not Karen Joy at all.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. The most important thing is that I’ve caught the thief.” Silvia had never thought of revealing her name, but when she turned around and saw these two handsome lads, she was stunned,

A while ago when these two boys were far away from Silvia, she could not see what they looked like. But now that they were standing right in front of her, she could finally see their faces clearly.

At this time, Silvia couldn’t think of any words of praise at all. She only knew that these two boys were the most good-looking boys she had ever seen.

Both of them were dressed in a sporty casual outfit and they looked like they were about 1.5 meters tall. They were not short, but their faces were very tender. Judging from their appearances, they were probably around eleven or twelve years old.

“What’s your name, handsome?” His face was rosy and smooth, it must feel nice to touch it. At that instant, Silvia really wanted to reach out her hand and pinch their faces.

“Miss, why don’t we call the police and let them take the thief away first…

Otherwise, it will be quite troublesome if he gets the chance to run away, said

one of the boys, who looked much bubblier

“You are so good looking, of course I will listen to you no matter what you say Silvia quickly took out her mobile phone. However, just as she was distracted

by her phone, the thief tried to fight back. However, the two boys reacted quickly by stepping on the thief’s arms. The thief was in so much pain that he stopped struggling

Just as the two boys were dealing with the thief. Silvia had just ended the call. “Handsome lads, the security guards will be here soon and they will hand him over to the police.”

In the next second, several security guards rushed over to them. “It’s our fault

that a thief had gotten into the residential area. We are really sorry about it.”

Silvia waved her hand and said, “Forget it. You guys should take him away and hand him over to the police.

However, the young boy, who had been keeping his silence, said with a solemn face, “Don’t just apologize. If it’s useful to apologize, then do we still need security personnel? It was fortunate that nothing bad had happened today. If the thief were to hurt someone, could it be solved with just an apology?”

He was young, but he was calm and confident when he spoke. His aura was so strong that it scared the security guards. “Yes, yes, yes… We will immediately arrange our personnel to inspect the whole area and strengthen the entire security system. We will never let any unrelated people sneak in again.”

The boy said again, “Take the thief to the police. I don’t want to see such an incident happening in this area ever again.’

“Yes, yes, yes. We’ll take him away right now.” The security guards nodded

repeatedly and hurriedly took the thief away.

Not only were the security guards stunned by the little boy, but Silvia was too. Although he was still young, he had the demeanor of an adult.

What kind of family did this young boy grow up in? How could he behave in such a dignified manner at such a young age?

Silvia was still stunned while the bubbly little boy tugged her sleeve and said in a sweet voice, “Miss, you’re not only beautiful, but your heart is shining too. I

really like you.”

Silvia smiled and said, “Really?”

No matter how true it was, these words were totally useful on Silvia. She had almost completely fallen into this little boy’s charm.

“Of course. I meant it from the bottom of my heart.” The bubbly boy held Silvia’s hand and asked. “Miss, do you have a boyfriend?”

Before Silvia could answer him, he added, “You are so young and beautiful.

Ordinary men don’t deserve you at all, so I’m guessing that you don’t have a boyfriend. Why don’t you wait for a few years? You can wait until I grow up, then you can be my girlfriend.”

“Little Mr. Handsome, did you just eat a whole jar of honey? You are so good at making girls happy, huh? Did you learn it from your father?” Someone had just flirted with her, and he was a twelve-year-old. However, she was enjoying it very much.

“Miss, I’m not just trying to make you happy. I’m really telling the truth. Also, are you willing to wait till grow up so that I can court you?” Although he would always sweet talk to all the girls that he had met, he was indeed praising Silvia from the bottom of his heart. Silvia was not only beautiful but she also looked somewhat similar to the mischievous Karen Joy. Therefore, he really could not stop himself from taking a liking to Silvia.

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