My Husband Warm the Bed- 1170

“You’re obviously sweet-talking me” Although Silvia knew that he was sweet talking, she still liked it and was amused. Then she smiled, “Handsome boy, I’m already married. It seems like can’t wait for you to grow up in this life. However, I’ll be sure to wait for you in my next life.”

“What? But you’re still so young. How could you be married already? It’s probably because you don’t like it so you’re coming up with such an excuse, right?” The handsome boy looked like he was really sad.

“No, that’s not the case at all. How can I not like you? You two are so handsome. I already feel happy just by looking at the two of you.” Silvia had always liked handsome men, or else she would not be talking to this little boy for so long

The handsome boy asked, “Sister, do you like me then?

Silvia nodded. “Of course I like you! If I don’t like you, I won’t even talk to you.”

“Oh, so you won’t talk to anyone that you don’t like.” The bubbly boy pointed his finger at the quiet boy and said, “Since you’re not talking to him, I’m guessing that you don’t like him then?”

“No, no… I like him too.” She could not admit that she was not speaking to the indifferent boy because she was afraid of his aloofness, could she?!

The bubbly boy despised the quieter boy, but Silvia did not. He was disappointed to know that, but he must not show it. He asked again, “What’s

your name?”

Silvia said, “You can call me Silvia.”

“Silvia? What a wonderful name you have there.” The bubbly boy praised Silvia again and Silvia was pleased to hear that. She thought that if all the boys in the world were like this, it would be a great world to live in.

The boy said again, “Sister, could you please bend down a little? I’ll tell you a secret.”

“What kind of secret that you want to tell me?” As soon as Silvia bent down, the little boy held her head and kissed her on the face. “I like you.”

The boy who was standing next to him immediately frowned while maintaining his indifferent look

Now that a handsome little boy had confessed to her, Silvia was on cloud nine.

“By the way, Mr. Handsome, now that you’ve even confessed to me, but I still don’t know your name

“I’m Levi… I’m Brown Kyle. Pretty sister, if you don’t mind, you can just call me Brown. This talkative boy was Mia Kyle and Neil Brown’s son, Levi Brown. He knew that he had to be careful when he was out there, so he came up with a fake name on the spot.

Of course, it was not enough to introduce just himself. When they were out, Levi would also be Julien Glover Kyle’s spokesperson. “Sister, he’s my brother, Daly Kyle. You can just call him Daly

“Oh? You’re both Kyles!” When Silvia heard that their surname was Kyle too, she felt inexplicably close to them. She reached out her hand and pinched Levi’s little face. Sure enough, it was soft and supple, and it felt very nice touching it: Silvia wanted to pinch Julien’s face too, but when she saw the serious look on that little fellow’s face, she immediately retreated her hand and said, “Are all the

Kyles this good looking?

Not these two boys were good-looking, Jayden, shared the same surname, was extremely handsome too. Perhaps, God favored the Kyles.

“I’m not sure about the others, but everyone in my family is good looking” Levi

was that confident

Silvia smiled and said, “Your father must be very good at making your mother


Levi shook his head and said, “My father is always busy with his work, and he rarely has time to accompany my mother. Because of that, I was the only left to keep my mother company. She told me that every woman is special so I must learn to be nice and gentle to them, and never be like my father who never knew how to love and care for a woman.”

“So that’s what you’re doing now then?” Silvia couldn’t help but reach out her hand to pinch Levi’s face again.

“Sister, you are so kind and beautiful. Any man who sees you will just want to be nice to you. So, it’s normal for me to do this.” His words were well-argued, which delighted Silvia

“Who on earth is this kid?”

“He’s so handsome and he’s eloquent too. I wonder how many girls will fall in love with him when he grows up.”

Listening to Levi’s words, Julien who was standing beside him was frowning.

No wonder Neil would think that Levi was not his biological son. Besides the similarity in their appearances, there was nothing common between Levi and Neil at all. All Levi knew was how to sweet-talk girls.

When they were at home, he was able to make Karen Joy brim with joy with his words. It was still the same now that they have left home and met a girl who looked so much like Karen Joy Julien was utterly speechless to see Levi being like this.

Judging from their conversation, Silvia realized that Brown was a talkative and a high-spirited little boy whereas Daly was very quiet. From the moment they met, Daly had only spoken two sentences, and that was to the security guards. Then, he had been keeping his silence ever since. These two brothers really had completely different personalities.

After chatting for a while, Levi took the opportunity to make a request. “Sister, can we ask you for a favor?”

Silvia asked, “What favor?

Levi immediately put on a sad face. “We came to Madison City to look for our elder brother, but we could not get in touch with him with the phone number that he had left for us. We don’t know where he lives too and we’ve been searching for him for the past three days, but we still couldn’t find him.”

Seeing that Levi was about to cry, Silvia was distressed, so she quickly comforted him, “Don’t cry, Brown, don’t cry. I will help you find a way, okay? Where are your parents though? You guys have gone missing for three days now, I’m sure that they are looking for you, right?

Levi said, “We snuck out without our family knowing. Our parents had no idea

about it.”

“You sneaked out without your parent’s permission?” Silvia became anxious. “Brown, how about this? You should give your parents a call first and tell them that you are safe now so that they can be at ease. Then, we can go look for your brother

Levi pursed his lips and looked as if he would cry at any time. “Sister, can we not make that phone call? My father is very fierce. If he comes here and takes me back home, he’d definitely break my legs.”

Upon hearing Levi’s words, Julien, who was silent, sighed again. “How could a nice person like Uncle Neil give birth to such a son, who would badmouth his own father?”

“Your father is that fierce?” Because of Levi’s good looking face and convincing

words, Silvia believed his words without a doubt. “Why don’t… the two of you go

back to my house with me first? Then we can go look for your brother together.” “Okay. Levi hugged Silvia. “Sister, you are really as beautiful and kind as an


“Oh my!” Silvia was over the moon to receive such a compliment.

As a result, the two boys, Levi and Julien, followed Silvia to Jayden’s house.

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