My Husband Warm the Bed- 1171

When Auntie Cherry heard from Silvia that these two boys were here in Madison City to look for their brother but failed, she was very concerned. While Silvia was in the kitchen, Auntie Cherry immediately persuaded her, “Miss

Turner, why dont we just call the police? What if their familles reported them

missing? If the police found them here, we might be in big trouble.”

“Auntie Cherry, that’s possible, but it wouldn’t matter at all. We are not human traffickers anyway. If the police were to come over to the house, we can just let them take the boys away, isn’t it?” Silvia was not worried about being treated as human traffickers at all. Her only concern was if it would be inconvenient for the two boys to stay here.

She thought for a moment and continued, “Auntie Cherry, the two boys have been looking for their brother for three days now. They must have not had a good sleep for the past three days. So, could you please clean up the guest room and prepare a few sets of clothes, while I cut some fruits for them? I want them to feel at home,

“Miss Turner, you’ve just met them earlier today and know nothing about them. Are you really sure that this is going to be fine?” Now that her master was not at home, Auntie Cherry was worried that something bad would happen.

Silvia opened the refrigerator and picked out different kinds of fruits. “Auntie Cherry, they are just children. Do you think they would actually lie to me?”

Auntie Cherry said, “Miss Turner, I’m just worried..

Silvia said, “Alright, don’t worry about it anymore. You can get back to work first. I’ll go cut these up first.” “Miss Turner, are you really not thinking about it?” Auntie Cherry sighed in her

heart. Even Jayden had never gotten the chance to eat the fruits that Silvia had

personally prepared. These two boys were really lucky. If her master were to find out about it, he would surely be jealous again. Silvia said while cutting up the fruits, “Auntie Cherry, the two of them are so young. They came all the way here to look for their relative but they couldn’t find

him after so many days. Don’t you think that they’re very pitiful? If I don’t treat

them well, who is?”

In fact, it was all because they were good looking. Who could bear to leave them on the streets Just like this?

Silvia didn’t know if the others would but she definitely would not bear to do

that to them.

In the living room.

Julien sat upright and said with a serious face, “Levi, do you still remember what you’re here for? We’re here to look for Jayden, not to let you flirt with girls.

Although they were about the same age, Levi couldn’t sit like Julien at all. He was slouching on the sofa with one foot hanging up high. “Julien, I’m not even 11 years old. How could I really court Miss Silvia? I just can’t help but want to get close to her because she’s really beautiful.”

“So you knew that you are not even eleven yet huh?” Julien glanced at him and said, “Levi, believe it or not, I will tell Aunt Mia about everything you’ve done.”

“You’re threatening me again!” Levi was so angry that he stood up and pointed at Julien’s nose. “Julien, you’d better don’t go too far. You promised me that as long as I come along with you to look for Jayden, you will not talk about that matter anymore.

“I don’t remember promising you anything though. I only know that you’ve done something bad, and if Aunt Mia were to find out about it, she would definitely skin you alive. Julien curved the corners of his lips into a smile.

Julien had inherited his father’s haughty character. He would always act like an adult and he would rarely smile. Whenever Julien smiled, he would be extraordinarily cute. However, Levi knew exactly how cheeky this little guy was,

“But.. but you’ve already promised me” Julien promised him that as long as Levi was willing to sneak out with him to look for Jayden, he would never mention that incident again. Now, this cheeky Julien was going back on his


Julien said indifferently. Prove it then!”

At that very moment, Levi could only feel that there was a fire burning in his chest. “Hmph. Julien, I will definitely ask Jayden to bring me justice once we find him.”

Levi swore that he would never believe the brazen Julien, ever again. Julien would pretend to be cute in front of the family, but in fact, was wicked. “Brown, Daly, know that you ran away from home to look for your brother, but there’s no point to worry about it If you can’t contact him now. I have cut up

some fruit for the two of you, so you guys can eat these while we think of a way to find your brother, okay?” Silvia was holding a large plate of fruit in her hands. Before she had stepped into the living room, she could hear Levi talking about his brother, so she assumed they were anxious to find their brother.

“You’re so nice to us, Miss Silvia!” Levi immediately put on a lovely smile and leaned into Silvia. “Miss Silvia, did you cut all these up by yourself?”

“Yup.” Silvia nodded. Some of them are not very nicely cut, I hope that you guys

won’t dislike it.”

“No, you’ve cut it very well. I’m sure that it would be very sweet since you were the one who cut it. I must eat all of it” Levi had learned to talk like this from his mother, which was very effective in making girls happy.

“Eat slowly. If you want more, I can go prepare more for you.” Silvia enjoyed talking to Levi. Whenever she heard Levi praising her, she really couldn’t wait to do something to please them.


Just as Silvia was thinking about what she could do, her mobile phone rang. When she saw that it was Audrey, she immediately answered the call. “What’s up, Audrey?”

“I’m almost done here. If you come any later, you won’t be able to learn anything, so are you still coming over? Audrey’s grumpy voice sounded from the phone

“What are you talking about?” As soon as Silvia saw the two handsome boys, she had completely forgotten that she was supposed to go out with Audrey to learn how to flirt with men.

“Silvia Turner, did you hit your head or something?” However, Audrey suddenly realized that it could be possible that Young Master Kyle was with Silvia at this moment, so Silvia did not dare to behave wantonly

Audrey was a smart person, so she immediately changed her words. “I’m just joking with you. You don’t always get a break like this, so you should go have fun with Young Master Kyle. I won’t bother the two of you anymore. Bye.”

“Audrey. Do you have something to… Hello… Hello?” Before Silvia could finish asking, Audrey had already hung up the phone. “What’s wrong with her today?” Levi came to Silvia’s side and asked thoughtfully, “Miss Silvia, do you have

something else to attend to?” “It’s the weekend, so I have nothing to do at all. We’ll draft a plan to look for your brother after you’ve finished the fruits, alright? Silvia really treated the two boys just like any other children. She was not wary of them at all! Little did she know. These two boys were extremely cheeky!

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