My Husband Warm the Bed- 1172

Levi picked up a piece of apple and put it at Silvia’s mouth. “You should eat some too, Miss Silvia.” “Aw, you’re so sensible and you’re so nice that you just make people like you. If

you continue to be like this, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to let you go

anymore.” Silvia parted her lips and bit on the apple. The apple was not sweet,

but Silvia felt a gush of sweetness in her heart.

Then, Levi picked up a piece of kiwi and fed it to Silvia. “Because I like you. I want to pursue you when I grow up, so I have to be good to you.”

Silvia smiled and said, “Kid, I’m afraid that you won’t get the chance to do that in this life. But, I’ll definitely wait for you in my next life.”

Levi pouted his lips and said, “Miss Silvia, life is a long journey, and anything is


Julien, on the other hand, who was eating the fruits without saying a word, was about to throw up when he heard that. He cleared his throat and reminded Levi that it was time to stop and they should start thinking of a way to find their


However, Levi ignored Julien and continued to feed his beloved Miss Silvia. He had been thinking about how he could steal her away from her husband when

he grew up.

The fruits on the plate were almost gone when Silvia finally remembered the reason why these two boys were here. “By the way, are you guys sure that your brother is staying in this area too?”

Levi shook his head and said, “No, we’re not sure about that.”

Silvia said with disappointment, “Oh… you aren’t sure?”

“He was the one who said that Big Brother’s house is in the West Side.” Levi pointed at Julien. Anyway, it was the cheeky Julien, who asked Levi to follow him here.

“I’m 100% sure about that. In the face of a stranger, Julien kept his words

simple and aloof.

Julien was so cold that Silvia could not help but be serious as she spoke to him. “Since you’re sure that your brother lives here, then why don’t you me his name? I will go over to the management office later and ask them to look

for him. Then, we should be able to find him.”

Levi said, “Miss Silvia, our brother’s surname is also Kyle.

Silvia reached out her hand to pinch his face and said with a smile, “Kid, of

course I know your brother’s surname is also Kyle, but you have to tell me his full name. There are many people with this surname. The owner of this house is

also a Kyle!”

Levi immediately asked, “Miss Silvia, aren’t you the owner of this house?”

“No, I’m not. Thinking of how she became Jayden’s wife, Silvia was still very embarrassed. Just like you, I’m only living here temporarily.”

“The owner of this house is a Kyle too?” Levi looked at Julien. After receiving a

look from Julien, he then asked, “Silvia, can you please tell us his name?” Silvia smiled and sald, “The owner of this house is Jayden Elias Kyle.

Jayden Elias Kyle! Jayden Elias Kyle! Jayden Elias Kyle!

This was their older brother whom they had come all the way for. All they really needed was luck. had never expected that they would Jally find him in such a manner!

However, Jayden knew nothing about Julien and Levi running away from home at all, so they didn’t know what he would do if he saw them!

The two cheeky boys exchanged glances and decided to hide their identities. They thought that they would act accordingly until they finally saw Jayden,

“Alright, boys, tell me your brother’s name now, so I can help you find him.” They have already found their brother, but Silvia had no idea about it at all. She was still worried about them, but little did she know she had been tricked by these two boys.

“Simon Kyle. That’s his name” Levi did not want to lie to Silvia, but Julien was staring fiercely at him, so he had no choice but to give a random nickname Jayden used as a child.

“Okay, I’ll keep that in mind.” Silvia ruffled Levi’s hair and said, “Brown, Daly, Auntie Cherry will bring you guys to the guest room now, so you guys can go get some rest while I help you find your brother

I’ll go with you, Silvia.” Levi felt sorry for Silvia because he knew that her effort

would all go in vain.

“I’m just going over to the management office. You two don’t have to follow me. You must be tired after looking around for the past three days, so you guys should go get some rest first. I’ll be back soon.” It was really a shame for Silvia,

who had no idea about anything to be thinking so much for these two boys.

In the guest room

Standing at the balcony and seeing Silvia’s receding figure, Levi felt guilty.

“Julien, why did you want me to lie to her? Julien patted Levi’s back and said with a sophisticated look, “I’m thinking what

you were thinking

Levi said sullenly. “I just thought that all of these might be too coincidental. We’ve been looking for Jayden for three whole days, but we couldn’t find him at all. But now, we’re actually in his house.

Julien said, “Things are just this coincidental sometimes.

Levi said, “Miss Silvia told us that she was married. Does that mean that her

husband is Jayden?”

Julien continued to throw a wet blanket on him. “She might be just a nanny that

Jayden had hired!

Levi said, “Wow, I wonder where Jayden had found such a beautiful nanny? I’ll

find one in the future too, but I won’t let her do any of the housework I’ll just

make her hang out with me.”

Julien said, “You’re so childish.”

Levi retaliated. “So are you saying that you’re not childish? If you’re really not, then why did you run away from home?

Julien returned the question, “Levi, weren’t you the one who dragged me along when you ran away from home?

It seemed like Levi was still too innocent. Even after Julien had tricked him for so many times, he still did not know the real reason why Julien had dragged him along to look for Jayden.

The reason why Julien dragged Levi along was not because he needed a companion, but because he needed a scapegoat. With Levi around, he could push all the blame on him if anything were to happen, then he would not be the one who would receive the punishment.

Levi realized that he had been set up again. His little face had already turned red when he said, “Julien, you’ve set me up again.

Julien said, “It’s not the first time that I’ve set you up. Why are you so angry about it?

Levi was at a loss for words.

However, he was not as angry as he imagined he would. Did Levi actually get used to Julien setting him up?

This was not a good thing to get accustomed to! Levi had to do something

about it

Julien added, “I’m going to get some sleep first.”

Levi stopped him and said, ‘Julien, since we’ve sneaked out like this, do you think that our family will be worried about us?”

Julien asked, “What do you think?’

Levi said, “My parents never really cared about me, but if I really happened to go missing, they will probably be worried about me. Why don’t give Mia a phone call?

Julien said, “Levi, I know that you’re not stupid, but you’ve always used up all your intelligence on those beautiful women, and you would never use that brain to think about your own stuff.”

“What do you mean?” As soon as Levi asked, he immediately thought of something. “Do you mean that they know where we are? And they also know that we are here to look for Jayden?”

“If not what?” Julien knocked on Levi’s head with his knuckles and said, “Why don’t you stop thinking about those beautiful women and just take a moment to think about the things that we’ve gone through for the past three days? If it weren’t for someone who’s been helping us in the dark, did you really think that the guards would actually let us enter the villa area? Just because we are well dressed and look cute?”

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