My Husband Warm the Bed- 1173

Upon hearing Julien’s words, Levi suddenly understood something. So you’re saying that my parents knew of our every move?”

Julien smiled and said nothing

With a hopeless look, Levi touched his butt and said plaintively, “Oh no… It’s over! I’m doomed! I’m going to get kicked in the buttocks again.”

It was already difficult to deal with Mia, and now that Neil was on her side too, they would definitely beat Levi up together!

Boohoo! Levi lamented why he was Mia’s son! Could Levi choose another family to reincarnate to?!

Perhaps it was possible because Neil and Mia would beat Levi to death, and so

he would have a chance to reincarnate

Just as Levi was fretting, Julien did not comfort him, and even decided add fuel to the flames, “Hmm, why don’t I tell Aunt Mia about what you did so she could punish you for everything all at once?”

Levi was speechless.

If he could beat Julien in a fight, Levi would definitely tie him up now and give him a taste of his fists.

Julien was excited to finally meet the brother he missed for so long. Hence, he was in the mood to tease Levi. Otherwise, he would not even be bothered to do


Julien added, “If Miss Silvia is the girl whom Jayden likes, he’s you badly when he finds out you confessed your love to her.”

going to punish

Levi’s eyes widened in surprise. Did he inadvertently try to snatch Jayden’s woman? “Didn’t you say that Silvia was just a nanny?”

Julien chuckled and said, “You’re a fool, and you don’t admit it! Could a nanny

bring guests home at her own will?”

Levi could not refute Julien’s words.

“Oh My God! I’m finished! The old man Neil, my mother, and now Jayden too. I’ll probably get beaten to death! Levi thought.

No way! He must do something so that he could avoid getting beaten up.

Levi thought for a while and then turned around to hug Julien. “Julien, I know

you’re the best buddy I have and you won’t tell Jayden about it, right?” Julien immediately put on a solemn face and said, “Get off me now.”

Levi shook his head. “If you don’t promise me that you’ll not tell Jayden about

it, I will never let you go.

Julien said, “I’ll count to three. If you don’t let go of me on the count of three, Ill give Aunt Mia a phone call right away.”

Levi was at a loss for words.

How could Julien be so heartless? Levi was exasperated,

“Boys, are you guys not going to take a rest at all?” Auntie Cherry barged into their room without knocking on the door. Julien was displeased, so he raised

his eyebrows and gave Levi a knowing look.

Levi knew what Julien meant, but why should Levi listen to a person who

always bullied him?

Therefore, not only did Levi not drive Auntie Cherry away, he even spoke

pleasantly, “Auntie Cherry, were just about to get some rest.” “Then, would it be okay if you boys rest a little later?’ Auntie Cherry smiled and

said, “I have some questions that would like to ask the two of you.”

“Just ask us, Auntie Cherry. I’ll tell you everything I know.” Levi was the master

at sweet-talking. He was capable of making the others think that he was just an

innocent little boy who knew nothing.

Auntie Cherry said, “Did you two really come here to look for your brother?”

Levi nodded, “Yes.”

When Levi spoke, he would widen his eyes and look into Auntie Cherry’s eyes.

Looking at the innocent look on his face, Auntie Cherry could tell that he was

not lying at all, so she was somewhat relieved

Auntie Cherry added, “Miss Turner has already gone out to help you look for your brother. So, don’t worry about it, okay? I believe that there will be news about your brother very soon.”

Levi nodded his little head and said, “Yes, I believe in Miss Silvia and I believe in you too, Auntie Cherry. With both of your help, we’d definitely be able to find our brother soon.”

This child was so eloquent and good looking tool With just a short conversation, Auntie Cherry had already fallen for Levi’s charm.

Levi was such a lovely child, even the elderly Auntie Cherry could not withstand

his charms. Hence, Silvia, who loved adorable things, fell at Levi’s feet


Auntie Cherry instinctively reached out her hand to touch his head, but Levi

nimbly avoided it.

He said in an innocent and lovely tone, “Auntie Cherry, my mother said that a man must not let anyone touch his head, only his future wife can touch it”

“Pfft… Auntie Cherry could not help laughing and said, “Alright, you boys should

get some rest now.”

Auntie Cherry wanted to stroke Levi’s head but he dodged it. It was supposed to be an awkward situation, but with a random excuse, not only did Levi resolve the embarrassment, he had also amused Auntie Cherry. It was undeniable that this little guy was indeed a social prodigy.

Auntie Cherry turned around and left. Julien, who had been keeping his silence the entire time, suddenly asked, “Auntie Cherry, how long have you been working here?”

“I started working here ever since my master had moved into this house. It has not been very long, but it’s been more than three years now. Auntie Cherry did not suspect anything and answered with a smile, “Boys, you should get some rest now. If you need anything, feel free to let me know.”

After listening to Auntie Cherry’s answer, Julien stopped talking. However, it was very obvious that he was displeased,

Levi did not notice the look on Julien’s face, and turned around to lay on the bed. “I wonder when Jayden would come home. I’m sure that he’d be very happy to see us here.”

Julien said coldly, “How ignorant!”

“Julien, to be specific, I’m still your elder. You’d better change that attitude of yours when you speak to me. Stop saying that I’m stupid and ignorant. Otherwise, I’ll really act as an elder and teach you a lesson” Thinking of his identity in the family, Levi could only sigh with exasperation at the complexity of the matter.

Levi did not even know if Kevin Kyle was considered his uncle, or his cousin!

To be precise, based on blood relations, Levi’s father Neil was Kevin’s Uncie. So that brat Julien, should be calling Levi as Uncle!

However, Levi’s mother, Mia, who had been adopted by the Kyles, requested for

Levi to be identified based on her status in the family. Mia was Kevin’s younger

sister, hence her son, Levi, became the most junior member of the family, who At times, Levi really couldn’t understand why Neil would fall in love with Mia as

was constantly bullied!

she only did things her own way!

Julien sat beside and did not say a word.

Julien was a reserved person and he would seldom speak, but Levi was sensitive enough to realize that Julien was displeased. “Why are you upset all of a sudden? We will be meeting Jayden soon, shouldn’t you be happy about it? Or are you worried that I will tell Jayden about the things that you’ve done?

Julien looked at him with his cold eyes without uttering a word.

Therefore, Levi stopped talking. He knew Julien’s character all too well. He knew that he would not be able to get anything out of Julien if he did not want to talk

In West Side’s manage office.

“Are you sure that there’s no such owner by the name of Simon Kyle? Are you sure that there’s only one owner with the surname Kyle here in West Side?” Silvia had repeated these questions more than ten times.

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