My Husband Warm the Bed- 1174

Silvia came to the management office in hopes that she could find Simon Kyle, the brother of those adorable boys. However, all she got was the staff telling

her that the only owner at West Side with the surname Kyle was Jayden

How could she not be dissapointed?

The pretty management office staff said patiently. “Miss Turner, even if you were to ask me for another hundred times, I only have the same answer. There’s only one homeowner here with the surname Kyle at West Side. There is no one by the name Simon Kyle.

“Are you sure about that?” Silvia stared at the young and beautiful staff and suddenly thought of something. “Oh… Is it because the owner had asked you to keep his information confidential so you can’t disclose it?’

The staff was completely speechless when she heard what Silvia had said. So, she explained, “Miss Turner, we are not trying to make things difficult for you, but there’s really no Simon Kyle here.

“Okay, okay. Since you said so, I’ll just take it as it is then” Silvia could understand that it was their duty to keep the owner’s information private, so she continued, “It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me, but could you please secretly tell Simon that his two younger brothers had run away from home and they are looking for him now? If they can’t find him, they’d be worried to death.”

Although Silvia had been pestering her, the staff still maintained her politeness, “Miss Turner, there really is no Simon Kyle here. If the children ran away from home, it would best if you could make a police report instead.”

“Okay… If you say so.” Silvia had been pestering the staff for nearly an hour, but the staff insisted that there was no Simon Kyle. Perhaps, it was true.

However, the boys were so certain that their brother lived here. Could it be that

they had made a mistake? Or maybe their brother did not register for the

ownership of the house with his own name? Alas, no matter how hard Silvia thought about it, she still could not figure it out. She could not accept this reality at all. How was she going to tell the two boys

about it later?

If she told them that she could not find their brother, they would definitely be devastated and they might even be disappointed in her

She did not want to leave a bad impression on them. She wanted to be a hero

they could admire!


Who was calling? It annoyed Silvia to received such an untimely call. Without glancing at her phone at all, Silvia immediately reached into her pocket and declined the call. “Don’t disturb me now!”

Not long after declining the call, her mobile phone rang again. Silvia was annoyed. She was thinking about how to explain to the two boys, so she was not in the mood to talk to anyone else.

However, the phone kept on ringing. Therefore, Silvia had no choice but to take out her mobile phone. When she saw that it was Jayden calling, she felt like she had seen a savior. She was in high spirits at that instant. “Young Master Kyle, you’ve called at the perfect timing. I need your advise on something.”

When Silvia did not answer the phone during the first time he called her, Jayden thought that she was in a bad mood again. He did not expect that she would sound so happy when she answered the phone, so his voice had instinctively become a little higher, “Tell me, what’s the matter?”

Silvia went straight to the point. “I’ve bumped into two little boys who came to Madison City to look for their brother earlier today, but they couldn’t get through him and they weren’t sure where he lives too. Do you have any ideas on how I can help them?”

Jayden said, “You should call the police and let the police help them.”

Silvia waved her hand and said, “No, I can’t call the police. Do you have any other options besides calling the police?

“Then ask them if they have their brother’s photo. If they do, you can post the photo online and ask netizens to help find him. Jayden did not question her on why they could not report this to the police. Instead, he immediately suggested a new idea. To him, Silvia never needed a solid reason for anything, as long as it was to her liking

“That’s right, simple yet effective! Why didn’t I think of that?” He was indeed the almighty Young Master Kyle. He had so many good ideas, and Silvia could rely on him to be her think tank!

Jayden smiled gently and said, “Silvia, you should think with your brain, but not with your stomach

Silvia pursed her lips and said, “Jayden, are you complaining that I’m eating too

much? Or are you worried that you’ll go broke feeding me? Just tell me frankly!”

Jayden chuckled, “Why would I complain that you’re eating too much? It’s just that I’ve unintentionally discovered something about you that would actually benefit me.”

Silvia completely ignored Jayden’s previous condemning remarks. She wanted to know what about her that could benefit Jayden so she said, “Tell me, what is it?

Jayden’s low and deep laughter sounded. “It’s your stupidity. Your stupidity really accentuates my intelligence.”

“Jayden Elias Kyle, let me tell you, people like you deserve to stay alone for the rest of your life. I hope that you won’t be able to get a wife in your next life!” Silvia did not want to quarrel, but he was really annoying. If she did not scold him, he would think that she was an easy target.

What?! Her stupidity accentuated his intelligence? This conceited man was

frustrating to converse with!

Silvia really wanted to trample him to death

“I’m just kidding with you. Don’t be angry, okay? By the way, it’s lunch time now, make sure you eat your meals, airight?” Although Silvia would never forget her meals, Jayden would still give her a phone call to remind her on that. He wanted to tell her that although he was not in Madison City, he had always thought of her and cared about her.

“I don’t have the time for you to tease me. I still have things to do, okay? Don’t bother me if there’s nothing urgent!” Silvia’s priority was to help the two boys to find their brother, so she did not want to waste any more time with Jayden on the phone. Without saying goodbye, Silvia hung up.

Jayden was annoyed when he heard the disconnected tone. He called to show his concern for her, but all he got was her telling him not to bother her. On top of that, she had even hung up on him… It seemed like this silly woman needed him to teach her a lesson!

“Sir, this is the information that you’ve asked for Eugene Eliot knocked on the door and entered. He handed the materials to Jayden and said, “Director Murphy has just arrived at the hotel. The negotiations will be carried out on time.”

Jayden raised his hand and looked at the time. “Let’s push the negotiation with Director Murphy’s to 1 p.m. Also, move the meeting tomorrow to this


“But Sir, are you sure that you can cope with such a heavy schedule?” Eugene

knew that Jayden was a workaholic, so it was common for him to work for more than 12 hours a day. However, after Jayden had gotten together with Silvia, he would rarely work such long hours anymore. So, why was he working overtime now?

“Do you think I can’t handle such a light workload?’ Jayden looked at Eugene with a faint smile. However, Eugene could not answer, so he hurriedly left the room to rearrange the meeting schedules.

As soon as Eugene left, Jayden thought of a woman and his lips were curled into a smile. How dare this silly woman start misbehaving just after a day he left?!

How dare she complain about him, and hang up on him? Thinking of this, Jayden decided to finish up his work quickly, so that he could go home earlier and teach the woman a lesson.

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