My Husband Warm the Bed- 1175

If she could get the two boys to give her a photo of their brother, then she could post it on the missing person website. As long as their brother was in Madison City, they could definitely find him.

Silvia ran back home while happily coming up with the entire plan. However, she

was not paying attention to her steps, so she ended up tripping over something and fell on the ground. Her fall was even worse than what the thief had experienced earlier.

“F*k! What the hell is going on?” Looking at the scratches the wound on her lips, she was on the verge of tears

on her elbows and

All she wanted to do was to help those two handsome boys find their brother. Did she do something wrong to deserve this? Why did God have to punish her like this?

“Miss Turner, what happened?” The moment Silvia tripped over, Auntie Cherry immediately came over to help her up. When she saw the wounds on Silvia’s body, she was so worried that her eyes were full of tears, “Let’s get into the house first. I’ll call Dr. Thames to come over now.”

“No, Auntie Cherry. You don’t have to call Dr. Thames. These wounds aren’t that serious. Could you please go get me some antiseptic cream for me instead? I’ll be fine after applying it.” Dr. Thames was gentle and poised, but Silvia always felt that there was a hint of fancy in Dr. Thames’s eyes when she gazed at Jayden. Hence, Silvia did not really like having Dr. Thames around.

“Miss Turner, just look at your elbows, it’s all scraped now. How can you say that it’s not serious?” Auntie Cherry must not take things lightly. For the first time ever, she disobeyed Silvia’s wishes and picked up the phone to call the doctor,

However, Silvia did not say anything about it. Although she did not want to see Dr. Thames, if she happened to get an infection, she wouldn’t be able to help those boys anymore, right?

As usual, Dr. Thames arrived in a flash. Minutes after the phone call, she was

already at the house with her medical kit in hand.

While Dr. Thames was treating Silvia’s wound, she said, “Miss Turner, these are just external injuries, and since you’re still young, it would heal faster. In the next two days, they will start drying up and it will be all healed. But, only on the

condition that you keep them dry at all times so that they won’t get infected. Otherwise, it could be life-threatening.

“Okay, I’ll keep that in mind.” As much as Silvia disliked Dr. Thames, she still had

to be polite to her, so she said, “Dr. Thames, so sorry for troubling you again.

Dr. Thames said, “Miss Turner, I’m afraid that you must have misunderstood about some things. I didn’t come here voluntarily. I’m here because Master Jayden hired me, so it’s my job and responsibility to do this. There’s no such thing as troubling me at all.”

“You’re right. He was the one who hired you and I’m his wife, so it’s reasonable for you to treat me.” Although Dr. Thames’s words were mean, Silvia could not

deny it at all. Therefore, she accepted it.

However, Dr. Thames had unexpectedly exerted some force on her wound while she was applying the medicine, which made Silvia hiss in pain.

Before Silvia could say anything, Dr. Thames spoke first, “Miss Turner, make sure that you pay extra attention to your wound for the upcoming days until they are fully healed. Make sure that you don’t get to the wound like you just did

Did she do anything just now? Why did she not know that she did something? Silvia looked at Dr. Thames. There was a gentle smile on his face, but this smile made Silvia extremely uncomfortable,

Perhaps, it was just an illusion? It was probably because she had a prejudice against Dr. Thames, so she felt that Dr. Thames would do something bad to her?

If this happened in the past, Silvia would definitely voice her dissatisfaction.

However, after having been through so many incidents, Silvia had learned to

control her temper.

“Auntie Cherry, now that Master Jayden is not at home, you should take good care of this house and make sure that nothing happens. Otherwise, you will be the one to be blamed. No one would be responsible for it” That was what Dr. Thames had said to Auntie Cherry when she was leaving the house.

Silvia knew that Dr. Thames wanted Silvia to hear those words. It seems that Silvia regarding Dr. Thames as a rival had been reciprocated

However, Silvia was not in the mood to deal with Dr. Thames. What cared about the most at that moment was the two boys who were looking for their brother, so she said, “Auntie Cherry, I’ll go up and check on the boys.

Auntie Cherry warned, “Miss Turner, you should slow down a little. Be careful

not to fall down again.”

Silvia smiled and said, “Don’t worry about me, Auntie Cherry. It won’t happen


It looked like these two boys were really exhausted after looking for their brother for so many days. They were sleeping so soundly on the bed that they did not even notice that someone was entering the room.

Levi’s sleeping posture was just like his personality. He was lying on the bed with his arms spreading out on each side as if he was the only one on the bed.

“Little guy, you’re so cute.” Silvia pinched Levi’s face. “You’re so cute. I really wish that I could keep you two here.”

Silvia took a look at Julien. He was sleeping like a soldier, with his body straight and his arms on the side of his body, just like how he was when he was awake However, his expression looked much more relaxed. His cheeks were blushing,

which made him look even more adorable

When he was awake, Silvia did not dare to pinch his face. Now that he was asleep, Silvia had finally plucked up the courage to pinch his face.

His cheeks were very squishy. They were like marshmallow and it felt nice to touch them. However, before Silvia could take her hands off his cheeks, Julien slowly opened his eyes and stared at her with an indifferent look.

“Oh… you’re awake, Daly!” Silvia quickly let go of her hand and pretended that nothing had happened a while ago.

“Did you hurt yourself?” Not only did Julien not blame Silvia for pinching his

face, he had even taken the initiative to ask about Silvia’s injury. This was the

first time that he had ever cared about someone whom he had only met twice. “It’s just a minor scratch. It’s not a big deal.” Silvia’s heart was softened upon hearing Julien’s thoughtful words. If Julien were to make any requests to her now, she would not refuse any one of them at all.

In fact, she was not trying to comfort Julien at all when she said that her wounds were not a big deal. She had been involved in fights ever since she was a child, so she was used to getting injured. Therefore, as it went on, her skin had become relatively thicker and such minor injury really would not bother her at all.

Hearing that it was just a minor injury, Julien did not ask any more questions.

“By the way, Daly, do you have any photos of your brother?” As soon she asked, Silvia could see that a wary look immediately appeared on Julien’s face, so she hurriedly explained, “I went to the management office just now and they said that the person there was no one who goes by the name Simon Kyle. The only owner with the surname Kyle is the owner of this house. Since that is the case, I thought that I could post your brother’s picture on the Internet and we could ask the netizens to help us to look for him. I believe that we will be able to find him way faster than just us going around looking for him.

“We don’t have his photos though. If Julien really gave Silvia Jayden’s photos, they would be exposed at that instant. He was not that idiotic to do so.

However, he felt that this beautiful woman in front of him shared the same

shortcomings with many other pretty women – they were beautiful yet foolish. D The staff at the management office had already told her that there was only one owner with the surname Kyle. On top of that, both he and Levi also shared the same surname. How did she not get suspicious about it at all?

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