My Husband Warm the Bed- 1177

“Okay. You can get back to work now. Don’t come over if I didn’t ask for you.” After giving Auntie Cherry his orders, Jayden strode to the dining area. He really couldn’t wait to teach that silly woman a lesson! How dare she complain that he was bothering her?!

“Miss Silvia, just look at you. You’re so skinny. You have to eat more so that you can gain some weight. You will be even more attractive if you gain a little more weight

“Haha,. Who taught you to talk like this?”

Jayden was walking to the dining area when he heard an innocent voice talking to Silvia. When the voice sounded in his ears, Jayden’s body shook in surprise. “Levi?”

No, that’s impossible. Jayden shook his head, trying to get that thought off his mind. How could Levi, that little guy, be in his house now? It was probably because he had been thinking too much lately that he was imagining voices now

Although he knew that the possibility of Levi showing up in his house was close to zero, Jayden still instinctively quickened his pace as he walked to the dining area

He walked quickly and stood at the door of the dining room. He looked at the dining table and thought he was still hallucinating. He saw Levi, and Julien, who looked just like his aloof father, sitting at the dining table

Were all these real? Are those two little guys really in his house now? Did he see it wrongly? Jayden was worried that he might be dreaming, so he used a childish method to confirm it. He reached out his hand and pinched his thigh.

It was painful!

That would mean that he was not dreaming Those two boys were really sitting in front of him.

It was really them! These two adorable boys!

At this moment, everyone at the dining table noticed that someone was standing at the door, so the three of them turned their heads simultaneously to look at him.

When Silvia saw that it was Jayden, she smiled and was about to say

something. However, before she could even make a sound, she could see two little figures running towards Jayden at the speed of light. “Brother.” The two boys rushed to Jayden’s side and hugged his arms like a koala that

was hanging on to a tree. “We miss you so much, Jayden!” Julien was worried that Jayden would not want to see him, so he had decided

to wait for him to come back home and see how things would go. However, the moment he saw Jayden, he had totally forgotten about his plan. He only wanted to throw himself into Jayden’s arms and let Jayden hold him, just like the old


“Jayden, Jayden.” He hung onto Jayden’s body and shouted excitedly. There was no trace of aloofness at all. At this moment, he was just like a young child, a child who would behave adorably when he seeing his beloved older brother.

Jayden was delighted yet shocked by their surprise visit. He held the two boys and asked, “Boys, tell me. Why are you boys here?

“Because we missed you, so we came here to see you.” Levi was about to speak, but Julien, who had always been reserved, spoke first and somewhat irritated Levi.

After that, Julien rubbed his head against Jayden’s chest and said, “Jayden, I want you to hug me and spin in circles just like how we would always do when I was little.

“Oh no, how can I do that still? The two of you are almost as tall as me now. I don’t think I can carry you two anymore.” Although that was what Jayden said, his hands did not stop at all. He held Levi and Julien in each arms and then spun in circles, just like the old times. Although they were bigger than before, Jayden could still do that effortlessly. D

At that instant, Jayden felt like he was in a dream, where he had gone back into the past, back at the home where these two little boys would cling to him every single day.

Julien and Levi were born just a year apart. At that time, Jayden was about seventeen years old.

Ever since Julien started walking, he had been very clingy to Jayden. He would

always make a fuss so that he could sleep with Jayden.

As their elder brother, Jayden played his role perfectly. Besides studying and working, he would take care of the younger ones at home too. He taught them how to read and write. He would also teach them martial arts and they would play together too…

Therefore, the two boys who grew up with him admired him very much. To them, Jayden was an almighty person, and his place in their hearts had even surpassed their fathers.

“Jayden, I miss you the most.” Levi did not like being ignored, especially when

that person was Jayden. He did not want Julien to hog the limelight.

“Yeah, I know.” Jayden put the two boys down and pinched their faces. “Tell me honestly, how did you boys get here?”

“Jayden, 1…” Julien who was usually calm and collected, suddenly started sobbing. There were two drops of tears coming out from his reddened eyes as he said, “I missed you so much that I snuck out from home to see you.”

When Jayden left home back then, Julien was the saddest among everyone at home. However, this little guy was good at hiding his feelings, and he knew how to control his emotions, so he had never shown his dejection in front of


Now that he had finally met his brother who he had admired since he was a child, he was on top of the world, He was so happy that it made him, someone who rarely shed a tear, cried in tears of joy. He looked at Jayden with a pitiful look and said, “Jayden, please don’t abandon me anymore, okay?”

“Julien, why would I abandon you?” Jayden gently wiped away the tears at the corner of Julien’s eyes and held him in his arms. 1 will always be your big brother, alright?”

He had never thought about abandoning the boys. It was because what had happened in the past which made him lose the courage to stay in the Kyle family… He wanted to prove that without the support of the Kyle family, he could still live a good life,

In the end, he had proven himself to everyone. His business was a success, but whenever the night arrives, he would miss home. He would wonder how his family members were doing, and if they would miss him…

“Really?” Julien’s tears were still flowing down his cheeks, but a smile started appearing on his face. “Really? Does that mean that I can come to see you whenever I miss you?”

“Of course!’ Jayden ruffled his hair and continued, “My home is your home. You

can come any time you like.”

“But Jayden. Why didn’t you tell anyone about us? Julien wanted to ask, but on second thought, he held back his words. As long as Jayden was still his big brother, as long as he could come to see Jayden whenever he misses him in

the future, nothing would matter anymore.

“Boohoo…” Levi, who was still being ignored, suddenly burst into tears. “Jayden, you only want him. You don’t care about me anymore. I’m so sad.”

Jayden said in a deep voice, “Levi, I’ll throw you out of the house if you continue to put on a show here!” E

Levi stopped crying at once. He opened his eyes and looked at Jayden with grievance. “It’s all because you’re ignoring me!”

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