My husband Warm the Bed- 1178

Jayden poked his little head and chuckled, “You’re even complaining now, huh?”

Levi pursed his lips and said aggrievedly, “When Julien cried, you wiped his tears gently. When I cried, not only did you not wipe off my tears, you even yelled at me. Humph, you don’t love me at all:

Jayden laughed and said, “If you could actually shed some tears, I’ll wipe them

off for you too.”

Levi was dumbfounded,

He was pretending to cry, so of course there would not be any tears.

If Jayden had not ignored him, why would he have to pretend to cry? He just wanted his attention. He did not want Julien, that scheming boy, to steal his spotlight. However, his acting had failed. How sad!

“Is this what you learned from your mother, huh?” Jayden shook his head. His Aunt Mia really would never fail to impress him. He really had no idea what Aunt Mia had been instilling into Levi’s mind all these while.

“Wow. Jayden. Do you also think that my mother is a bad influence? That’s what I think too, so does my old man Neil’ Thinking that Jayden was on their side, Levi was so happy that he was hopping around the dining room.

Julien, who had always been quiet, wanted to impress Jayden, so he said, “Jayden, I’ve been studying really hard and I made sure to practice Taekwondo too. As long as it was something that you taught me, I’ve never neglected any of them.”

Jayden said with a satisfied look. “Our Julien has always been an excellent child and you would never make us worry about you… However, Julien, when it’s time to play, you should have fun too. You must learn how to relax yourself and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Do you understand?

The children of the Kyle family had inherited their father’s intelligence. Studying had never been difficult for them and they would often skip grades too. That was the case for Julien. Although he was only twelve years old, he had already finished his high school education.

But because he was so outstanding, Jayden was worried that if Julien were to meet with some minor setbacks in the future, he would feel disappointed at himself.

Jayden did not want Julien to put too much pressure on himself. He hoped that Julien could have a happy childhood.

With an adorable look, Julien nodded his head and said, “Til listen to whatever

you say, Jayden.”

“Jayden, I studied hard too, and my grades improved a lot this year..” Levi was smart, but his priority was never on his studies. He had often failed his exams, which was completely different when compared to Julien. However, both the Kyle family and the Brown family had never thought that a child would only be considered excellent if they excelled in their studies. They would always give their children the freedom to choose what they wanted to do.

If they liked studying, they would provide the best learning conditions. If they liked to play, they would also let them have fun. To them, growing up healthily and happily was what they were after

Jayden nodded and said, “Sure, our Levi is terrific too!”

Jayden complimented Levi, but Julien was unconvinced, so he said, “Levi, are you sure that you’ve studied hard? From what I see, the only thing you’ve been learning now is how to pick up girls.”

Levi was so anxious that his face immediately turned red. “Julien, you’re talking nonsense. I..

Jayden interrupted them and said, “Alright, alright… Could the two of you just stop quarrelling already? You two are brothers, aren’t you? So you boys should get along well with each other. Alright, let’s have dinner together, then we can have a good chat afterwards.”

After meeting the two boys, Jayden was in a good mood. He had even forgotten the main purpose of him coming back home that day.

“Okay. It was indeed a rare occasion to see these two boys being so united and would even answer in unison. The two of them stood by Jayden’s side and held on to his arms as they followed him to the dining table,

After Jayden had sat down at the dining table, the two boys sat next to him. The three of them were inseparable.

When the three brothers were ready to have their dinner, it was only then they

had realized that there was still another person at the table. That person was

Silvia, who the three of them had neglected.

Silvia stared viciously at the drumstick in her hand and said, “Hmph… sure enough, we should never trust men no matter how old they are. They could sweet talk you and make you happy, but the moment they turn around, they

would immediately forget about everything.”

When Levi and Julien saw Jayden, all of them had completely forgotten about her existence. When she greeted Jayden, he did not even reply her. Silvia was dejected and she felt wronged… She was the one who should be crying instead, wasn’t she?

Moreover, what made Silvia feel even more upset and aggrieved was what happened after. Now that she had explicitly expressed her dissatisfaction towards them, she thought that they would at least care for her.

But… but no, no one cared about her at all. The three brothers ate and chatted among themselves as if Silvia was transparent,

“Jayden, you should try some of this.

Silvia saw Julien, who had been cold to her, was taking care of Jayden. Not to

mention how adorable he looked while he was at it. “Jayden, eat this. This tastes even better.”

Silvia then looked at Levi, who had been putting all his attention on her a while ago and even said that he wanted her to be his girlfriend when he grew up. At this very moment, he was also refilling Jayden’s plate over and over again.

Even she did not get to enjoy such a privilege’, so why did Jayden get to enjoy them alone?

In order to help the boys to look for their brother, she had been busy for the whole day and she had even hurt herself… She was trying so hard to please these two boys, but the moment Jayden appeared, all her efforts went down the drain.

Why were they so close to Jayden though?

Was Jayden their brother who they had been looking for?

Silvia, who had been fascinated by these boys’ good looks for the entire whole day, was finally in her right mind. She realized that it was likely they had already known their brother’s whereabouts when she told them that the owner this house was a Kyle too. However, not only did they not tell her about it, they had even made her go around to look for him.

Oh no! Silvia felt pathetic! She had been fooled by these two little boys.

“I’m done eating!” Silvia was furious. She had to express her dissatisfaction, but the three brothers still ignored her. They were enjoying each other’s company while having their dinner together.

“It seems that I’m an extra here,” Silvia thought to herself as she put down her

fork dejectedly and went back to her room. She was really sad. She felt really awful when the others were ignoring her.

She picked up her phone and called Reagan. “Reagan, have you posted the

photos on the Internet?”

Reagan said, “Boss, are you doubting my efficiency? Since when have ever held up anything that you’ve asked me to do?”

Silvia said sullenly, “Just delete the post. We’ve found him already.”

Reagan said again. “It seems that the netizens in Madison City are really amazing. It hasn’t been long since I have uploaded the pictures but you’ve already found him.”

Reagan misunderstood the situation, but Silvia did not feel like explaining it to him. She was not willing to admit that the two boys had deceived her and she had even believed them wholeheartedly. In front of Reagan, she somehow had to be wary of her identity as his ‘Boss’.

After hanging up the phone, Silvia went to the bathroom and wanted to take a bath. However, she recalled what Dr. Thames had told her. She must keep these wounds dry, or she would risk an infection. Looking at these wounds on her body, Silvia felt even more awful.

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