My Husband Warm the Bed- 1179

“B*stard, now that you have your brothers, you’ve completely forgotten that you still have a wife at home!” Silvia grabbed the pillow and gave it a hard punch However, the force of it opened up her wounds again, making her grimace in pain

Not only did those three brothers bully her, her wounds were bullying her too. It seemed like there wasn’t any good to be a good person after all. Hence, she decided that she would not be a good person anymore and she would never let the others ignore and bully her


Silvia was sad and angry, but no one was by her side to comfort her. Therefore, Silvia thought of Audrey again. She picked up the phone and called her. “What are you doing, Audrey?”

“I’m applying my mask now,’ said Audrey as she gently massaged her face. “Why are you calling me at this hour? Did you get into a fight with your Young Master Kyle again?”

“How did you know?” Audrey could often guess what had happened to her when she called Audrey on the phone. Silvia really could not help but admire Audrey, who was beautiful and smart.

“I could tell just by listening to your voice. After massaging her face, Audrey lay comfortably on the sofa. “Besides, if it wasn’t because the two of you were fighting, you wouldn’t have called me at this hour

“Yeah, you’re right.” Silvia thought for a moment. Whenever she called Audrey, it would be mostly because she had gotten into an argument with Jayden. When they were on good terms, she would never think of Audrey.

“Silvia, how dare you admit it! If Silvia was beside her, Audrey would definitely

teach her a lesson. “Tell me, how did he make you angry again?

“He’s ignoring me, I think…” “Forget it. On a second thought, Silvia did not want to tell Audrey about it anymore. She thought that she should not tell anyone about her family issues. How embarrassing would it be if the others happened to know that she would go around complaining about her husband just because

he ignored her, right?

Besides, he was not the only thing that she had after all. If she were to become a resentful woman just because her husband had ignored her for one night, how

was she going to continue living her life in the future then?

“If he doesn’t care about you, then you should just go up to him and bother him.” Audrey laughed, and her laughter sounded a little flirtatious. “Silvia, let me tell you, men are just animals that think with their lower body. Sometimes, you just need to play a little trick on him, and I can guarantee you that he will do whatever you want. He will never ignore you anymore.”

“Really? It’s that effective?” Silvia’s interest was piqued so she hurriedly asked,

“Audrey, how can I do that? Tell me quickly.

The thought of being able to order Jayden around had gotten Silvia all worked


“Just do it with him,” said Audrey with a smile.

Silvia asked in a hurry, “Do what?

“It! You know what I mean!” said Audrey.

Silvia was so anxious that she almost shouted at Audrey. “What do you mean by ‘it? What is ‘it’? Audrey, how am I going to know what you’re referring to if you don’t tell me clearly?”

Audrey sighed, “Hey little girl, are you telling me that you don’t know your Young Master Kyle is the most passionate towards you when the two of you were doing those things? The kind of passion that could melt you into a puddle of


“What are you.” Silvia finally understood what Audrey was referring to. Her face immediately turned red and she said, “Audrey, is this what you are thinking about all day? I don’t want to talk to you anymore. I’m hanging up now.” Superficially. Silvia was against what Audrey had just suggested, but in her

heart, she agreed with Audrey. She lay on the bed as she filled her mind with the

thoughts on how to deal with Jayden. The moment Audrey heard the disconnect tone, she smiled and said, “Silvia, I know you want it a lot, but you’re still trying to pretend to be an innocent little girl in front me.. You have no idea how much better I was at pretending in the past than you are now.”

Thinking of the past, Audrey thought of the person that she should not have

thought about again.

Audrey curled her into a wry smile. It had been so long since what happened, but those things were so clearly imprinted in her mind that whenever she thought about it, it felt like all of that only happened the day before.

At the dining table.

“Jayden, I think Miss Silvia is angry!” After seeing Jayden, Julien had completely forgotten about Silvia, who had taken care of them for a whole day. However, Levi still had a little conscience and still remembered her.

“Miss Silvia? He reached out his hand and pinched Levi’s tiny face. “You shouldn’t call her Miss Silvia.”

Levi scratched his little head and asked, Jayden, why can’t I call her Miss Silvia?”

“You have to stop calling her that. She’s my wife and your sister-in-law. You’ll

have to address her as Sister Silvia from now on. Jayden looked at the two

boys and said, “Julien, Levi, make sure you keep that in mind.”

Julien nodded obediently and said, “Yes, Jayden, I’ll remember that.”

Levi’s jaw dropped in surprise, Jayden, is she really your wife?”

Jayden rubbed his head and said, “Who else can she be then? I can’t be joking

with you guys about these things, right?

“But…but. If Silvia was really Jayden’s wife, then he was doomed. He thought that Silvia was still young, so it would not be possible for her to be Jayden’s girlfriend. Therefore, he had plucked up his courage to pursue her. Now, it seemed like he was going to get kicked in the a*s again.

Jayden asked, “But what?”

Julien continued, “Someone tried to hit on Sister Silvia.”

“Levi, you’re really getting bolder now that you’re growing up huh? How dare you hit on my wife?” Jayden pretended to be angry and said, “Tell me, what should I do with you?”

Levi hurriedly reached out his hands and covered his bottom. “Jayden, didn’t know that she is your wife. If I knew, I would never ask her to be my girlfriend.”

Looking at the nervous look on Levi’s face, Jayden laughed again. He pinched Levi’s face and said, “I’ll let you off this time. If you dare hit on her again, I will definitely whoop your *ss”

Levi shook his head vigorously. “No, won’t do it again. I promise.” However, Levi was still feeling a little reluctant to let go of Silvia. He thought about how great it would be if Silvia was not Jayden’s wife.

After dinner, the two boys were still stuck to Jayden like glue and even

persuaded him to sleep with them. Jayden loved the boys and he could not

bear to see them being sad, so he agreed to sleep with them.

Julien held Jayden’s arm and leaned against him. He rubbed his little head against Jayden’s arm and said, “Jayden, it’s been a while since I’ve slept next to you like this.

When Julien was a child, he would often sleep next to his beloved brother, Jayden. After Jayden left home, Julien still dreamt of sleeping next to Jayden, but he would always wake up to an empty bed.

Now, he could finally lay by Jayden’s side. He felt so blessed and happy!

“Silly boy!” Jayden rubbed Julien’s little head, and a warm feeling rushed into his heart. It was such a beautiful thing to know that someone had been missing him all these while.

“Jayden, I haven’t been so close to you for a long time too.” Levi held Jayden’s other arm and rubbed his face against him like how Julien did. “Jayden, it’s really good to have you by our side.

Jayden smiled and said, “Alright silly boys, let’s go to sleep now!”

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