My Husband Warm the Bed- 1180

After accompanying the boys to sleep, Jayden got out of bed. He walked out of the door cautiously, making sure not to make a sound. After thinking for a while, he decided to give his family a phone call to tell them that the boys were safe with him.

Jayden dialed his mother’s number. As soon as it was connected, the person on the other side had already answered the call. His mother asked in a gentle voice. “Is this Jayden?

“Yes, it’s me, Mom!” Jayden nodded and said after a short pause, Julien and Levi are safe with me now. I will take good care of them. You don’t have to worry about them.”

“Okay, I’m not worried if they are with you. Jayden, how are you doing lately?”

Compared to the two boys, Karen Daly was more concerned about Jayden.

The previous time when he returned to Chatterton Town, he had told everyone that he was married. However, he did not bring his wife along with him, so they

did not get a chance to see his wife.

They weren’t sure if he was really married or did he say that just to make his

family feel at ease.

In short, Karen had been worrying about him for the past few months

At first, Karen wanted to fly over to Madison City to see what was going on, but Kevin Kyle would not allow her to do that. Kevin said that Jayden did not want them to disturb his life, so they should not. They should wait until he could completely open himself up, then only they could go over to visit him.

Kevin was the head of the family. Since he had said so, Karen was not an unreasonable woman too, so no matter how much she missed her son, she could only endure it.

“I’m fine, Mom.” Jayden should have stayed by his parents side and taken care of them. He should make them feel at ease, but instead, he made them worry for him. Perhaps he was really an unfillal son!

He could have stayed with his parents and worked for his father at the company. However, because of what had happened in the past, he was ashamed to stay at home. On top of that, he wanted to prove his own abilities, so that was why he had chosen this very path.

Karen said, “Jayden, now that you’re alone out there, you must promise me that you’ll take good care of yourself, okay? If there’s anything that you need, you can just tell us. As for your father, he cares about you a lot too!

“I know, Mom.” Jayden knew very well how his family treated him.

However, his father was not good at expressing his emotions. He had hardly expressed his love for his children, but they could still feel his love for them.

“Well, I guess it’s getting quite late for you over there, right? You should go get some rest now. Karen smiled. “Just remember that you can come visit us at Chatterton Town any time you like, alright? We are all living here for most of the time now

“Okay.” Jayden nodded again. “Mom, you must take good care of yourself too. Also, please make sure that Dad doesn’t overwork. Ask him to rest when it’s time to rest, okay?”

“Okay, I will tell him that. Alright, I’m going to hang up now. Make sure you rest well. In fact, she really wanted to hear Jayden’s voice, but she did not want to disturb his sleep. Therefore, she forced herself to hang up the call even when she was reluctant to do so.

Hearing the disconnected tone, Jayden still held onto the mobile phone for a long time. He wanted to spend more time with his family too, but he just couldn’t do it now…

Thinking of the wounds on her body and the fact that Jayden was still ignoring

her, Silvia could not fall asleep at all.

“B*stard, who do you think you are!” Silvia was cursing at Jayden in her heart. If

this were to happen in the past, she would have rushed out of the room and

beaten him up.


The sound of the door knob turning sounded in Silvia’s ears. Was it Jayden, that b*stard?

Silvia immediately looked back and saw that the door was gently pushed open. Then, a tall man came into the room.

“B*stard, I thought you’ve already forgotten about me. Don’t ever think that now that you’re here, I will forget about how you’ve ignored me just now. Silvia was very happy to see Jayden, but she was unwilling to admit it, so she could only

mutter to herself.

Seeing that Jayden was walking towards her, Silvia immediately closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep.

She could feel that he was sitting on her bed and that his gaze was fixed on her

face. She could also feel that he was looking at her gently and lovingly. “You’re already an adult, but you’re still acting like a child.”

He was complaining about her again. Silvia covertly clenched her fists. If he dared to say anything bad about her again, she promised that she would let him have a taste of her fists.

“From now on should I just call you a green-eyed monster?” Jayden tried to get onto the bed, but Silvia stopped him by kicking him.

Silvia, you… Was this silly woman having her mood swings again?

“That’s right. I’m a monster, you’d better not come near me” After giving Jayden a glare, Silvia covered herself with the quilt and continued to sleep.

Humph, he was the one who ignored her and complained about her. He better not come onto the bed.

“You’re the one jealous here but you don’t even allow anyone to say that you’re jealous?” Jayden sat on the bed and got close to her again. Just as he approached her, Silvia stretched out her leg and kicked him again. However, Jayden was prepared this time. Not only did she fail to get him, but Jayden had

also even managed to grab her by the ankle.

Silvia was so angry that she shouted, “Let go of me, you b*stard!”

Jayden said, “Let go of you so that you can kick me again?”

Silvia glared at him. “That’s because you’ve ignored me.”

Jayden said helplessly, “Do you think that you’re still a child like Levi? I ignored him so he pretended to cry to get my attention. Now that I’ve ignored you, you’re trying to hit me then?

Silvia pouted her lips and said, “Hmm, you do have a point there.

“It’s not that I’m trying to neglect you on purpose. It’s because the boys haven’t seen me for such a long time.” Jayden gently pulled the quilt off her and changed the topic. “Does it still hurt?”

“I thought you didn’t notice them at all. She thought that Jayden could only see his brothers and he did not know that she was injured.

In fact, he had already noticed her injuries the moment he saw her. However, he

decided to ignore her because she said that he was bothering her so he wanted

to teach her lesson. But little did he know, this young lady’s temper was really He explained to her, Julien is my brother and Levi is my cousin brother, and I’ve

beyond his expectation.

watched the two of them grow up. Moreover, haven’t visited them for a long

time, so they came over to look for me because they missed me.”

Silvia was not an unreasonable person after all. As long as Jayden was willing to talk to her nicely, she was also willing to listen to him. She was not the kind who only wanted to cause trouble.

“Why didn’t you tell me all these things then? Silvia had always known that Jayden had a family, but he had never mentioned anything about taking her home and introducing her to his family. If the two boys never showed up. Silvia would never know about their existence at all.

Could it be that he was…

Silvia didn’t want to think about it negatively, but she could not help but to be curious about it.

“They are my younger brothers and you are my wife.” Jayden lay next to her and held her in his arms. “Don’t be jealous of the kids already, okay?

“Who said that I’m jealous?” Silvia did not push him away. Instead, she snuggled up in his arms and said, “I’m just, just upset with you because you’ve completely ignored me. You didn’t even take a look at me.”

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