My Husband Warm the Bed-1181

“How can I not notice you?” Jayden took her into his arms and his hand was starting to slide across her body “Well, it’s all because of you. You said that! was bothering you.”

“Jayden, can’t you just talk without touching around? Silvia grabbed his hand and continued, “I’m telling you, we’re going to have to talk this all out tonight. I don’t want any more misunderstandings between us in the future.”

“Okay, what do you want to talk about?” Jayden agreed without a second thought. Now that Silvia was holding on to one of his hands, Jayden started touching her with another hand, His wife was now in his arms, how could he miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of her, right?

“You know more or less about my family” Silvia felt that if she wanted Jayden to be honest with her, she had to be open with him. She had always been on her guard when she was with him, of course Jayden would not tell her everything about himself. She knew that in a relationship, there must be reciprocity

“Yeah, I do.” When Jayden heard that Silvia was talking about her family, and the look on her face was relatively solemn, he immediately stopped fooling around and lay quietly next to her while listening to her attentively

“You’ve only heard about my family from the others but I thought that I should tell you about it myself” Silvia scooted up so that she was at eye level with Jayden. “I am my parents’ only child and they have always had great expectations for me. My father is Kurtson Turner, and he’s the founder of Wateria Corporation. He had put in his entire life into the company, and it was as important as his life. After more than 20 years worth of blood, sweat and tears, Wateria Corporation had finally become quite a reputable company in Madison City

Jayden knew Wateria Corporation like the back of his hand, so much so that he could even say that he was even more familiar with than Silvia. He knew how Kurtson founded the company, and everything about its operation throughout the years. He even knew how Kurtson was as a person.

To be honest, the reason why Norman Turner could destroy Wateria Corporation within such a short time after Kurtson death had a lot to do with the wrong business model that was being applied to the company before. Silvia added, “My father is not only a good boss, he was also a good father. He

devoted himself to his work, but when he’s at home, he will take good care of my mother and I. My mother used to work side to side with my father when he first founded the company. However, she eventually fell ill due to the stress, so she had been staying at home ever since.”

“Mm. Jayden did not interrupt her. Instead, he held Silvia’s hand so that she knew he was by her side.

“A few months ago, my father passed away in a car accident that Norman Turner and his group of bstards had set up. Those bstards not only wanted to take over the company, they even tried to manipulate me.” Silvia rubbed her face against Jayden’s arms and continued, “And you were involved in what happened after that, so I will just skip that part”

Silvia looked fine when she spoke about her father’s death, but Jayden knew that she was not as at ease as she seemed to be. Jayden knew that she would still be sad whenever she thought of her father. However, she was now a grow up, she had learned how to keep her emotions to herself.

Jayden was still silent. He tightened his around her so that she knew that

he was by her side and that he was someone she could rely on in the future.

“As for me, I believe that you should know everything about me very well. I’m like what you see, I can still eat, sleep, get into fights like how I used to… Anyway, it’s always only I that can bully the others. If anyone were to piss me off, I will definitely pound their teeth into their goddämn throat.” Silvia glared at Jayden fiercely. “And that includes you!”

That’s right. She was just a silly girl who knew nothing other than eating, sleeping and getting into fights… but she was also the woman who made him fall deeply for her.

“Well, I’m afraid I have to tell you that I’m such a person too. It has always only been me bullying the others and no one could ever do anything to me. Jayden pinched her face and said, “But.” you are an exception!

Jayden did not say it out loud, so Silvia did not know what his true thoughts were. She raised her fist and punched him in the chest. “Huh, we’ll see who will have the last laugh then.”

Silvia hit him, but Jayden was not angry at her. Instead, he grabbed her tiny fist

and kissed it. “Silvia, do you want to see who will be the one ending up getting


“You’re an animal!” The look in Jayden’s eyes was evil, and at a glance, Silvia immediately understood what he meant by ‘bullying’. “Now that I’ve told you

everything about myself it’s time for you to tell me about yourself.”

Silvia told him about her family, but she did not mention a word about Felix at all. Their immature relationship was already a story of the past. She thought that there was no use to dwell on the past anymore, and they should all move on from it.

However, little did she know, Jayden was very well aware of Felix and they had even crossed paths with each other.

“My family is a little bigger than yours. Jayden caressed her head. If I were to talk about it, I might not be able to finish it in one night. Are you sure that you won’t fall asleep?

“I will stay awake even if you are going to talk about it for two whole nights. He had never told her about his family, so she had always been very curious about his father, Mr. Kyle, so how could she doze off?

Jayden said, “My grandfather is still around, and other than my parents and my

aunt’s family, I have a younger brother and a younger sister. My sister is just one

year older than you and my other is Julien, whom you have just met.”

“Jayden, even your younger sister is older than me, don’t you think I’m a bit too young for you? You really have to treat me better from now on, otherwise, I will not take care of you when you are old.” Although she said so, Silvia envied Jayden for having so many siblings.

When she was a child, she really wished that she could have a younger brother or sister. However, her mother was in poor health and it would not be easy for her to get pregnant, so she had not been able to give birth to a younger sibling for Silvia. Hence, Silvia had become the only child in the family.

“Silvia, I’ve told you all these things but this is the conclusion that you’ve come up with? What was this woman’s brain made of? It was most likely that her brain was not filled with brain juice but mud.

“But what I said was the truth though?” Although she was really envious of him, she did not want to tell him that was what she felt. Otherwise, he would definitely show off in front of her whenever he gets the chance. She knew very

well how shameless this man could be.

Jayden didn’t know what to say

He did not want to talk to her anymore.

Silvia held his arm and shook it. “Young Master Kyle, tell me quickly. Tell me about your father, Mr. Kyle. I want to know what kind of person your father is and how he could become the most influential man in Madison City in just

three years.”

The mighty “Mr. Kyle that she wanted to ask about was lying right next to her. She could just take a look carefully and see what kind of a person he was… However, Jayden did not want to clarify it. Since she had misunderstood it, he would just let it be.

Silvia spoke coquettishly. “Young Master Kyle, don’t be angry, alright? Tell me, please.”

Jayden glanced at her and said, “My father is a genius in the business world. He has broken all kinds of investment records, and as far as we know, no one has broken any of them yet”

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