My Husband Warm the Bed- 1182

“The genius of the business world, that name really fit him well. Silvia said excitedly, “Young Master Kyle, I’m telling you, it only took him three years to become the most influential figure in Madison City. This is something that has never happened in Madison City. Your father, Mr. Kyle, is really amazing.”

Jayden raised his eyebrows and asked, “You mean the one everyone had been talking about, that Mr. Kyle?”

Silvia said, “Did I confuse you? Did you think of someone else instead?”

Jayden said, “No, I heard you loud and clear.’

Silvia thought of something else. “Jayden, didn’t you tell me that your father loves your mother very much… if that is the case, then your father is not a pervert like what the people would say

Jayden smiled and said, “Only an idiot like you would believe in those rumors.

“You just feel like something is missing if you don’t tease me, do you?” Silvia glared at him and said, “By the way, since Mr. Kyle is not a pervert like how the people were saying, then why didn’t you guys clear things up on your side?”

Although Silvia had not seen the legendary Mr. Kyle, she had met two of his sons. They were such outstanding individuals, so their father should not be a sleazy person. Otherwise, how could he raise such excellent children?

When Silvia first heard of the rumors about Mr. Kyle, she was extremely disgusted by him. Now that she had come to know more about Mr. Kyle, she almost became his fan. “Young Master. Kyle, tell me more about your family. I want to know more about them.”

“Do you really want to know more about my family, or is it just Mr. Kyle?” Although he was the Mr. Kyle that Silvia was interested in, Jayden was still a little jealous.

“Why are you even pettier than I am? The reason why I wanted to know more about your family is you. If they had nothing to do with you, why would I even care about them at all?” Silvia blurted out these words without thinking it through. However, she did not know how shocking it was to Jayden.

Jayden used the most direct way to express his surprise by lowering his head and kissing her on the lips.

His kiss was swift but overbearing. It was so overbearing that it felt like he was

going to suck Silvia’s soul away, Silvia was struggling at first, but soon enough, she was already slumping in his arms, letting him hold her and kiss her.

After god knows how long, Jayden finally let go of her.

Silvia, who had been freed, was gasping for air. When she finally caught her breath, Jayden pulled her into his arms again. She was so startled that she shouted, “What are you going to do?

Jayden smiled and said. “Didn’t you ask me why Mr. Kyle didn’t clarify the


Silvia said, “Then answer me properly. Don’t mess around”

“Well, sometimes, the more you try to clear things up, the messier it gets. If you just ignore them, it will eventually die down.” In fact, this was not the real reason why Jayden did not clarify the rumors. He was the one who started the rumors, saying that Mr. Kyle was an old and sleazy man. His intention was to keep those gold diggers away from himself. He did not want them to bother his private life

“Well, you do have a point there.” Silvia nodded in agreement.

“My family is all well. My father is a businessman, and the business has been going pretty well. My mother has her own studio, which is very successful too. My sister is married, my younger brother is still young, and my grandfather is retired… but my grandmother passed away a few months ago.” When he talked about his grandmother, Jayden would still feel a little distressed. He regretted letting Silvia run away and not being able to fulfill his grandmother’s wish to see her granddaughter-in-law. However, it was all now in the past. Jayden did not want to bring it up because he did not want Silvia to feel guilty about it a

“Your grandmother must love you very much.” Judging from his tone, Silvia could tell that he missed his grandmother a lot.

“Yeah, she loves me very much. Jayden picked up Silvia’s hand and touched the bracelet on her wrist. “She had always wanted me to get married earlier, but I still couldn’t bring my wife to see her before she died… This bracelet is a gift that she had prepared for her granddaughter-in-law.”

“This is a gift from your grandmother? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Jayden had never told her that it was a gift from his grandmother so she did not like it and thought that it was ugly. She had even thought of selling it off.

Jayden asked, “Do you like it?”

“It’s a gift from your grandmother, of course I like it” Silvia raised her hand and looked at the bracelet carefully. She used to think that it was ugly, but now that

she knew it was a gift his grandmother had prepared for her granddaughter-in law, she thought that it looked beautiful. “Luckily I didn’t sell it.”

Jayden said, “You’ve even thought of selling it?”

“I’ve only thought about it, but I wouldn’t actually dare to do that.” She knew that if she were to sell it, Jayden would definitely punish her, so she did not dare to sell it for the past few months. However, she was glad that she did not sell it, or else, she would feel guilty for the rest of her life.

“Silvia, let’s go back home and visit my family during your winter break.” Jayden had finally said it, and while he was waiting for Silvia to answer him, every second felt like a year.

“Jayden, are you sure you want to bring me along to see your family?” For her, taking her back home to see his family would mean that he had seen her as his family member. It was something even more meaningful than signing on the marriage certificate,

“You don’t want to?”

“Why wouldn’t I want to?” She was already his wife, why would she not want to go home with him?

She really wanted to meet his family. She hoped that they would like her and accept her as one of them.

The moment Jayden heard that she was willing to go home with him, he immediately switched the subject, “If you want to go back home with me, then you’ll have to behave well in the next few months and not get into any trouble, otherwise..

Silvia shouted, Jayden, I think that you’ve gotten things wrong here. You were the one inviting me to go home with you, so why does it feel like I’m the one begging you to let me meet your family?”

Jayden said, “They are both the same thing anyway.

Silvia said, “Of course, it’s not the same thing.”

Jayden asked, “How are they different then?”

“That’s… Mm… what are you doing? Can you stop kissing me whenever you want?” Silvia pushed Jayden away and glared at him fiercely. “Jayden, don’t mess around when I’m being serious here, okay? Otherwise, don’t blame me for being mean to you”

“What were you going to say then?’

“Do you still have our marriage certificate?’ Since he was going to bring her

home, she could not just sit around and do nothing, could she?

“Why? Are you going to tear them up?” “Why would even want to do that?” Silvia rolled her eyes at him. “Do you have

it with you or not?

“Silvia, what on earth are you trying to do now?” Of course he had it. However, he had to be wary of her in case she would go crazy and actually tear the marriage certificate into pieces.

“Give it to me tomorrow morning. I need it!

“What for?

“I told you I need it. Why are you asking so many questions?”

*I don’t trust you

“You’re the one who said that there must be trust in a relationship, but now you’re saying that you don’t trust me.

“Alright, I’ll just believe you this time then.”

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