My Husband Warm the Bed- 1184

There was a photo in the envelope. It was of a girl sitting under some grapevines, basking in the sun, and it was none other than Silvia

Silvia could not recall that she had taken such a photo, but she did look quite good in it. In the photo, she was dressed in a plain T-shirt with a pair of blue jeans, and her long hair was tied into a ponytail. The golden sunshine shone on her, making her look somewhat artsy.

The longer Silvia looked at it, the more she liked it. Then, when she was about to put the photo back into the envelope, she noticed that there were some wordings on the back of the photo, “You are the sun in my day and the wind in my sky. I love you, Silvia!”

“Humph, you’re finally being this nice to me after being so mean to me all these while” Silvia put the photo against her chest and she looked delighted. “You even said ‘1 love you’ll really never expected you to be this cheesy, Young Master Kyle. Humph, do you think that you could sweep me off my feet with such words? Don’t even think about it! I’d never fall for it.”

That was what Silvia said, but she was already thinking if she should also write him a card. Since Jayden had confessed his love to her, Silvia thought that she should do something in return too.

Forget it. He didn’t tell her that he liked her face to face anyway. How could she get all excited like that when all he did was ask someone to hand her a photo. What would she become then if he were to confess his love for her face to face in the future?

Up till now, there was not once Silvia had thought that the person who had given her the photo might not be Jayden.

“What’s that, Boss?” Reagan and Lemur, who went to buy some drinks, had finally returned.

“It’s nothing.” Silvia put the envelope in her bag and said, ‘Reagan, Lemur, you

two can go ahead. I have something else to attend to, so I’ll have to head back

home first.”

“Boss, did you just reconcile with Young Master Kyle?’ Their Boss had always put Jayden before them. Once Young Master Kyle showed up, she would definitely leave them for him.

*Things are great between Young Master Kyle and I. Then, Silvia left the hall leaving Reagan and Lemur looking at each other with a knowing look. “It seems like our boss had really fallen head over heels for Young Master Kyle.”

Lemur said, “It proves that Young Master Kyle really is that awesome to make

Boss fall so deeply in love with him.”

Reagan said worriedly, “Their relationship is getting better, but do you think that the rumors about Felix that had been going around the campus would affect their relationship?”

Lemur was concerned about the same issue too. “Then let’s think of a way to avoid these rumors from getting to Boss.”

Reagan said, “But we can’t hide it forever. She will find out eventually”

Silvia did not get into a fight with Jayden in the first place anyway, so there was no need for them to reconcile. However, she was in a rush to do something that she had planned the night before. She did not want to waste another second.

Therefore, she got home within the shortest time and gave her mother a big hug as soon as she saw her. ” love you so much, Mom.”

Mrs. Turner also held Silvia in her arms and said gently, “I love you too, Silvia!” “Mom, sit down. I have something to tell you!” Silvia sat Mrs. Turner on the sofa and continued, “Mom, this might be a little too abrupt for you but please don’t be too shocked by it.”

“What’s the matter?” Silvia looked solemn, but Mrs. Turner could see the joy in her eyes. Therefore, Mrs. Turner could more or less figure out what Silvia wanted to tell her. However, she still pretended like she had no clue about it at all.

Silvia scratched her head. “Mom, I should have discussed it with you before doing it, but for some reason, I couldn’t do that.”

Getting married was one of the most important things in life. Her parents gave her life and raised her, so she should have discussed with her parents before getting married. At this moment, she was going to tell her mother that she was already married, and she thought that she was being unfilial to her mother.

“Baby, don’t keep me hanging already. Tell me what it is! After listening to Silvia’s words. Mrs. Turner was certain that her guess was right. However, she still pretended not to know anything, Frankly, her acting was close to professional!

“Mom, I’m already married. Silvia put the marriage certificate in front of Mrs. Turner. “Mom, I’m sorry for not telling you about such an important matter. I know it’s my fault, but I still want to ask you for your forgiveness. Could you please give us your blessing?”

Silvia asked cautiously because she was afraid that her mother would oppose her marriage. If that really were to happen, then she really did not know what to do about it anymore.

“Silly child, I’m more than happy to see that you’ve found yourself a life partner, why would I blame you for it?” Looking at the marriage certificate, Mrs. Turner was so excited that she could not utter a word at all. After waiting for a long time, her daughter had finally confessed to her about it.

“Mom, aren’t you surprised at all? And don’t you blame me at all?” Silvia thought that her mother would not be able to accept it in an instant. She had never expected that Mrs. Turner would not blame her at all.

“My baby has found her life partner! Why would I blame you?” Mrs. Turner pinched Silvia’s face. “Silvia, I know that you are not someone who would do something without thinking it through. And I know that you must have thought about it for a long time before telling me about it today.”

What Mrs. Turner said was right. For the past few months, Silvia was torn between telling her mother about it and keeping it a secret from her mother. It seemed like the person who knew her the best was her mother after all

Mrs. Turner said in a gentle voice, “My daughter is now a grown up who knows how to take care of herself. You could even take over your father’s business now and you can even take care of me now. Of course I’m confident that you could find your own happiness.”

“Mom, you.” Listening to what Mrs. Turner had said, Silvia was moved to tears. “I must have saved the country in my past life to have such a wonderful mother who loves me so much.”

“You’re a sweet talker!” Mrs. Turner smiled and stroked Silvia’s head. “Silvia,

let’s tell your father about this.”

“Okay. Silvia nodded and walked towards Mr. Turner’s portrait which was hanging on the wall. Mrs. Turner displayed the marriage certificate and said, “Kurtson, our daughter has brought us good news today”

“Mom, let me tell Dad about it, okay?” Getting married was a huge thing in life, so Silvia wanted to tell her father about it herself.

“Kurtson, listen up. Listen clearly, alright?” Mrs. Turner took a step back and

pushed Silvia forward. “Go, tell your dad about it.”

Silvia said, “Dad, I’m an adult now and I’ve found someone that I want to share my life with. His name is Jayden Elias Kyle and he treats me really well. Dad, you can rest assured that I will manage Wateria Corporation well and take care of mom.

Silvia thought that her father would be worried about her and her mother, so he must be at a place where they could not see him, protecting them. He would be there watching over them until someone who could take care of them had appeared.

Now that this person had appeared, her father would definitely feel at ease now.

Mrs. Turner continued, “Kurtson, our son-in-law is a good man. We can definitely hand our daughter to him. He will help us take good care of our daughter.”

“Yes, that’s right.” Silvia nodded her head vigorously. “I’ll bring him home to have dinner with Mom s other c I think both of you will definitely like him.” As long as Silvia liked him, her folks would definitely like him. She was their precious daughter after all. She was everything to them, and they would like whatever she liked.

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