My Husband Warm the Bed- 1183

Although he still could not trust Silvia with it, Jayden still chose to believe her this time. He handed her their marriage certificate the next morning and said, “Here you go. If anything happens to it, I believe that you know what will happen to you.”

Silvia took it over and put it in her bag. Then, she rolled her eyes at him. “You’re such a petty man! Am I that insignificant to you, compared to this piece of paper?”

“No, of course you’re much more important than that. Jayden pinched her face and said, “Have fun in class. I’ll go pick you up later.”

Silvia waved her hand and said, “No, you don’t have to pick me up today. I’m

going home tonight to accompany my mother.”

Jayden raised his eyebrows and said, “Are you still mad at me?”

Silvia did not understand what Jayden meant. “Why would I be mad at you?”

Jayden added, “Ive already told you that the boys are my younger brothers and they were being so clingy because they haven’t seen me for a long time. As their older brother, can’t I accompany them more?”

“Silly man! Who told you that I was angry about this?” Just as Silvia wanted to say something else, someone knocked on the door. She turned around and opened the door. Then, she saw two handsome boys standing there. “Brown, Daly, you boys are up so early

Julien and Levi said politely, “Good morning, Sister Silvia!

“Morning, good morning!” They were still addressing her as Miss Silvia before

this. Now that they were calling her Sister Silvia, she felt a little weird listening to it. After a short pause, Silvia made way for them. “You boys are here to look for Jayden, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Sister Silvia.” Julien answered and walked towards Jayden. Levi, on the other hand, held Silvia’s hand and said with an aggrieved look, “Sister Silvia, you are Jayden’s wife, which means that you’re my sister-in-law now, so I can’t pursue you anymore. You don’t have to wait for me to grow up in this life. But in the next life, you must wait for me, okay?”

“Little guy, your acting is quite on point huh?” Silvia stroked his head. “Don’t be sad, okay? If there’s really a next life, I will definitely wait until you grow up.”

“Levi!” Jayden came over and dragged Levi to his side so that Levi could not take advantage of his wife. “I’m telling you, she’s mine in this life and she will also be mine in the next life. You better behave yourself if you don’t want to get kicked in the a*s.” D

“Hehehe!” Levi immediately put on a lovely smile and smiled at Silvia. “Sister Silvia, do you really think that my acting skills are good? Mia Kyle taught me all these.

“Mia Kyle? Is she your sister?” Since the boys called Mia by name, Silvia assumed that Mia was probably their sister.

“No.” Levi sighed. “Although I don’t want to admit it, it is an undeniable fact that

Mia is my mother. Our sister is called Karen Joy. She is also a beautiful girl, but

she is not as kind as you. Karen Joy would always bully us at home.”

Jayden warned, “Levi!”

Upon hearing Jayden’s voice, Levi shrunk his neck and did not dare to speak anymore. He knew that Jayden would really spank him if he continued to talk

“Levi? Isn’t his name Brown?” Silvia had just realized that Jayden was calling the boys differently. Therefore, she looked at Jayden with a puzzled face and asked, “Were they using fake names all this while?”

“Just look at you, you’re so silly that I don’t even know how you survived for the last 20 years. Although he was teasing her, there was a loving look in Jayden’s eyes. “Let’s go have breakfast first then we can talk while we eat, okay?”

“I’ve never felt that I’m dumb though” Silvia realized that she should not compare herself with the three brothers when it comes to intelligence. If she did, she would really seem like a ‘retard’. B

After realizing that she was half-witted, Silvia had been absent-minded throughout the entire class. She was wondering why everyone in Jayden’s family was so smart

That morning, she had learned that Jayden, his sister, his father, and his grandfather all graduated from the most prestigious university in the United States. Now, Julien who was only twelve years old had already completed his high school education and he was also admitted to the same university

As Silvia thought about Jayden’s then looked at herself, she really felt that she was an idiot. Silvia had turned twenty but she was only a senior in university while Julien, who was only twelve, was already a freshman.

“Boohoo..” Silvia thought that of being surrounded by these geniuses from now on, and how they would challenge her intellectually. She gnashed her teeth in frustration

When the lecture had finally ended, Silvia wanted to be alone. However, Reagan and Lemur came over to her side, “Boss, it’s really no doubt that you’re our boss. You’re so fearless!”

Silvia was already in a bad mood. Now that Reagan was speaking in such a

strange tone, the flame that was welling up in her blasted in an instant, “Reagan,

think before you speak, or I’ll skin you alive.”

“Boss, why are you so cranky? Is it because Young Master Kyle ignored you last night?” Reagan was joking, but his smile was a little perverted. Silvia flung her fist and punched him in the face. “Can’t you tell that I’m in a bad mood?”

After taking a hard blow, Reagan immediately behaved himself, “I just wanted to tell you that the new chancellor came in today. He had demanded all the lecturers and students to arrive at the campus before seven o’clock in the morning… I didn’t expect that you would be late this morning.

“I’m already late anyway so it’s useless to say these things now. I’m not in a good mood today. You two better stay away from me and stop bothering me.’ Silvia used to be late for class, and even her lecturers and classmates were already used to it.

No one would care if she was late. If she were to be on time, everyone would probably think that something was wrong with her instead.

Reagan would only remind Silvia about it this time because the new chancellor had just taken office that morning. All the lecturers and students were present and Silvia was the only one who was late. Presumably, she would get punished very soon.

However, they had waited for the whole day but nothing happened to Silvia, Silvia was like how she usually was, as if no one knew that she was late that morning

After attending the last class of the day, it was already evening. Silvia had almost forgotten about the intelligent Kyles, so she asked Reagan and the others to join her for a few table tennis matches before going home,

Reagan and Lemur went to buy some drinks, so Silvia went over to the table tennis hall first. As soon as she arrived, a little boy ran over and handed Silvia a letter. “Miss, a handsome guy just asked me to give this to you.”

“A handsome guy? Hey, little boy, where is he?” After Silvia took over the letter, the little boy immediately turned around and ran away without answering. D Silvia looked around but she did not see any suspicious man around. She opened the envelope and thought, “Could it be that Young Master Kyle decided to surprise me on a whim?”

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