My Husband Warm the Bed- 1185

The geographical location of Madison City was unique, so the weather in November was always unpredictable. It would be sunny during the day and wearing a short-sleeved shirt and shorts would just be okay. However, when the night came, the temperature would drop drastically. Even with a thick coat, one would still feel chilled to the bone.

The weather was extraordinarily strange that night. At nine o’clock at night, the wind started to blow strongly. The cold wind which was blowing on the people’s face felt like a knife cutting through their skin.

Usually, the shopping malls would be filled with people at this time. However, as the temperature had gone down so drastically, most people had decided to stay home to avoid the cold weather.

Hence, it was rather conspicuous when Silvia was standing at the entrance of the lobby by herself. When a few of her acquaintances walked past her, they would greet her in a worried tone, Silvia, the weather is so cold now, why are you standing here? Go home quickly, don’t let your mother worry about you.”

“Yeah, I’ll head back home in a bit” If she could go home, why would she stand here in the cold wind? Her mother had driven her out and that was why she was braving the cold wind,

She wanted to stay at home and accompany her mother, but Mrs. Turner told her that now that she had just gotten married, she should not leave her husband alone at home. So, she was kicked out of the house. When she first came out, the weather was still fine. She did not expect that cold wind would start blowing not long after.

It was not easy to get a taxi back to West Side at this hour, so Silvia had to give Jayden a phone call to ask him to pick her up. She had waited for almost half an hour, but Jayden was not here yet.

Silvia was sure that if she were to wait for another half an hour, Jayden would have to go home with her frozen body. Of course, this metaphor was somewhat exaggerated, but it just proved how cold the wind was.

“Ah.. It’s so cold. Jayden, you bastard, do you want me to freeze to death here? So that you can marry another woman?” Silvia wrapped her coat tightly around her body and stretched her neck to look around, hoping that Jayden would suddenly appear in front of her. However, after looking around for a long time,

she did not see anyone coming

However, her coat was not warm enough. Therefore, she started jumping around on the side of the road, trying to warm herself up. Just as she was jumping and hopping around, Jayden’s car finally arrived,

He stopped the car and got out immediately. He took off his coat as he walked to her and wrapped it around her shoulders, “Silvia, are you a fool? Why didn’t you go someplace warmer?

“You’re the fool!” While Jayden was putting on the coat for her, Silvia threw herself into Jayden’s arms and wrapped her arms around his waist tightly Jayden, I’m so cold that I thought I’m going to die. Hold me tightly and give me some warmth

She snuggled up into his arms like a child. It looked like it was just a casual move but in fact, it showed how dependent Silvia was towards Jayden and the trust she had for him.

Jayden could feel it too so he could not bear to scold her anymore. He just

wanted hold her in his arms and feel her heartbeat his body After a while, Silvia raised her head and said, “Jayden, can you promise me one thing?

Jayden asked, “What is it?”

“From now on, you must treat me better. You can’t be angry at me for no reasons. You can’t always bully me, and you can’t think of torturing me.’ Since she had introduced him to her parents, that would mean that she had chosen him as her life partner. If he dared to mistreat her again, she would definitely rip his skin off.

“Let’s get in the car first, then we can talk about it. The weather was freezing, Jayden was worried that she would catch a cold.

Silvia insisted, “Promise me first, or I won’t get in the car.”

Jayden said, “As long as you listen to me and don’t make me angry, of course I won’t get angry at you and I won’t bully you.”

Silvia pouted her lips and said, “You are a man and you should be more generous. If I happen to make you angry unintentionally, you should be the bigger man and forgive me.”

Jayden asked, “Are you getting in the car or not?”

Silvia said, “But you haven’t promised me yet.

Jayden said, “If you can promise me that you won’t cause any more trouble or

make me angry, of course I can promise you that.

“You’re so petty!” Why on earth was there such a petty man in this world? She must be an idiot to think that this fellow would treat her well.

Look at him, he could not even let her win once. How could he be nice to her?

He must have bewitched her to actually make her think that he would treat her


“You really don’t want to get in the car?” Jayden asked. However, before Silvia could answer him, Jayden had already left her behind and got in the car by himself.

Silvia was speechless.

It seemed like she was really the idiot here!

Silvia, who had been standing in the cold wind for half an hour, did not catch a cold. She was still as energetic as she usually was. However, Jayden, who had a weak body, had fallen sick

His fever had already reached thirty-nine degrees, which made him feel lightheaded. Silvia and the boys were so worried that they could not sit tight. The three of them gathered around his bed and looked at Dr. Thames, who was giving him a jab, with a worried look.

In Julien’s memory, Jayden had always been in good health. Even if he had caught a cold, he did not even need to take any medicine. He would recover quickly after drinking lots of water and resting up,

As far as the boys could remember, Jayden had only fallen ill once. It was three years ago, when Jayden had saved Karen Joy. That time, Jayden had a gunshot wound and he was in a coma for a few months.

During that time, Julien had been praying every single day, hoping that Jayden would wake up as soon as possible. He was even willing to be sick in Jayden’s place

Perhaps, his prayers were heard. Later, he had gotten the news that Jayden had woken up from his coma. After hearing the news, he immediately rushed to the hospital with his family to see Jayden. However, all that was left was a letter. They could not even get a glimpse of Jayden.

After Jayden had left home, Julien was sad for a long time. He had been wondering when Jayden would be back home to see him. After waiting for three long years, Jayden had finally come home. However, he only stayed back

for a few days. After sending their grandmother off and attending Karen Joy’s wedding, Jayden left home again.

Jayden had been busy since he had returned home. He was so busy that Julien

could not even get the chance to have a good chat with him, so Julien had no

idea that Jayden was now in such poor health.

Apparently, Jayden had an old injury. Whenever the weather was cold, he would

get a fever.

Getting a fever whenever the weather was cold? And he even needed injections

to get the fever down?

How did he become this weak?

Could it be because of the gunshot wound from three years ago?

As he thought about it, Julien asked, “Dr. Thames, is his fever caused by the

gunshot wound?

Although Julien was still a child, he spoke like an adult. Even though Dr. Thames

did not know who he was, she did not dare to him. “Yes. Master Jayden had suffered from a gunshot wound, but the wound was not treated properly. and that was why he was suffering from its side effects now. Whenever the weather gets cold, he would get a fever. Sometimes, it would even be worse

than getting a fever.”

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