My Husband Warm the Bed- 1186

Sure enough, it was because of the gunshot wound that he had sustained while saving Karen Joy.

Thinking of the pain that Jayden had to go through for the past three years, Julien was so distressed that his eyes had turned red. However, he was a

stubborn and arrogant little boy, so he would never shed tears so easily

Therefore, he raised his head to stop his tears from flowing out and asked in a cold tone, “Dr. Thames, are you the one who has been treating Jayden for the past three years?”

Dr. Thames put away the syringe and nodded. “I’ve been working for Master Jayden for more than three years now. However, I couldn’t do much for him at all.”

Julien asked, “What do you mean?”

Dr. Thames added, “Before this, Master Jayden was in poor health, but he would never undergo any treatment. It was only a few months ago when he finally allowed me to treat him. If it weren’t for the long delay, his condition wouldn’t have been so bad

“Do you mean that he didn’t cooperate with the doctor before this because he wanted to worsen his condition?” Julien was blunt, which surprised Dr. Thames.

Dr. Thames was already curious about the two boys who had appeared in Jayden’s house out of nowhere. After speaking to Julien, she was even more eager to find out who they were. “Cutie, what’s your relationship with Master Jayden?”

Julien did not answer. Instead, he asked, “Why do you have to know what’s my relationship with him?

This answer was amazing!

Silvia, who was next to them, could not help but covertly give Julien a thumbs up!

After getting dissed by a child, Dr. Thames was so embarrassed that she didn’t

know how to answer his question. Then, she heard the little boy say, “Dr. Thames, could you please get his medical records ready and pass it to me by tomorrow noon?”

At such a young age, not only did he speak like an adult, he was doing things

like an adult too. However, how could Dr. Thames hand over Jayden’s medical record just like this? “Cutie, I’m Master Jayden’s doctor, and I will only listen to his orders. His medical record is private and confidential, without his order, I cannot give it to you”

Julien said, “Just do it what say. Don’t give so many excuses.”

At such a young age, he was already exuding such an overbearing aura when he speaks, which almost scared Dr. Thames. However, Dr. Thames had stepped out into society for quite some time now, so it would not be that easy to intimidate her. “Let’s not talk about whether I could give you his medical records or not. Tell me, what can a little kid like you do anything with it?”

“The gunshot wound is the cause of his weak body. He can’t get well just by staying in bed at home. We must find a better doctor to treat him. We must not allow any more delays.” Julien was worried about Jayden’s condition. He was determined to find the best doctor to treat his brother, so he had inadvertently ignored the fact that Dr. Thames was also a doctor.

No teacher was willing to hear the others say that he was bad at teaching, and no doctor was willing to hear anyone say that he could not cure his own patients.

After listening to Julien’s words, Dr. Thames’ face fell. However, she forced a smile and said, “Kid, don’t you think that you’re being a little too mean? But, you’re just a little kid after all so I won’t blame you for it. Well, it’s getting late now. You guys should go get some rest. I will take care of Master Jayden tonight

Dr. Thames wanted to stay back and take care of Jayden again. She was a doctor… For the sake of Jayden’s health, Silvia could not find a reason to refuse. Just as she was in a dilemma, Julien said, “Dr. Thames, you are a doctor. You can just leave the medicine here and go home first. We’re his family, and we will take good care of him.

“Dr. Thames, could you please measure his temperature again? If his fever had gone done, then you can go home and get some rest first. I will measure his body temperature from time to time and make sure that he takes his medicine accordingly” Silvia, who had Julien’s support, was even more confident as she spoke

To be honest, she really could not agree more with what Julien had said moments ago

Dr. Thames should only care about her own duty as a doctor, She should stop

thinking about hitting on her employer. Not only did Silvia not like her, the

people around her did not like her too.

Silvia had always thought that Julien behaved so Indifferently in front of her because he did not like her, which made her feel apprehensive about getting close to him.

However, after comparing his attitude towards Dr. Thames, Silvia finally realized

how nice Julien was to herself

To her, Julien was now an adorable little boy. When he talked back at Dr.

Thames, that was really something that would make the others want to stay

away from him.

Seeing that the two of them were going against her, Dr. Thames was extremely displeased. However, she still wanted to know who these two boys were, so she asked Silvia, “Who are they?”

“They are my cousins.” Silvia’s lie was not convincing at all, but Dr. Thames couldn’t say anything about it. She was only a doctor who Jayden had hired after all. Besides treating Jayden, she did not have the right to speak about

anything at all.

She took out a thermometer and measured Jayden’s body temperature. “Mr. Kyle’s body temperature has fallen to 38.6 degree Celsius. He is slowly getting better now. Please make sure that you guys are by his side the whole time and do keep an eye on his condition. You guys must not let things go wrong,


“Auntie Thames, you don’t like us, do you?” Levi Brown who was worried about Jayden, had not spoken a word at all. His sudden speech made Dr. Thames heart quiver and the fake smile on her face had almost disappeared.

This little kid was probably around ten years old, how could he call her

‘Auntie’? Did she look that old?

“You don’t like Sister Silvia, do you?” Levi was young, but he was very good at judging people. He could tell who really liked them and who was being hypocritical to them.

Dr. Thames put on a smile and said, “Cutie, I believe that your parents have taught you before that you shouldn’t talk nonsense, right?”

However, instead of putting on a dissatisfied look, Levi smiled and said, “Dr. Thames, it doesn’t matter if you don’t like us. We don’t like you anyway. But let me tell you, as long as Sister Silvia is still the hostess of this family, I will protect her and I will never let anyone hurt her!

Facing these two mean children, Dr. Thames felt that she was on the verge of

snapping. Fortunately, the two of them stopped questioning her so she immediately found an opportunity to get herself out.

Dr. Thames left in embarrassment, but Silvia was happy as if she had found a treasure. It was not that she had actually found a treasure, but it was because these two handsome boys had helped her confront Dr. Thames. If they were not treasures, what were they then?

Silvia really did not expect that these two young boys could be so mean when they talked.

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