My Husband Warm the Bed- 1187

Levi leaned into Silvia and sat down. “Sister Silvia, do you hate Dr. Thames because you’re afraid that she would steal Jayden away?”

“What are you talking about, little guy? If somebody wants to steal Jayden away, that person can just go ahead with it. I don’t even care about him.” Silvia was

embarrassed because even child could see through her. Was she being that obvious? D “Don’t worry Sister Silvia. You are our sister-in-law now and Jayden only likes

you. No one can ever take him away from you.” Although Silvia refused to admit it, Levi could see it clearly. When Dr. Thames touched Jayden while she was giving him an injection, the look in Silvia’s eyes was so fierce, as if she wanted to cut Dr. Thames hand off. If she was not worried that Dr. Thames would snatch Jayden away, then why did that happen?

It was common for women to speak with a forked tongue. His mother, Mia Kyle was the same too. Although she loved Neil Brown deeply, she would always say that she would leave him for someone younger

“Levi, how do you know though? Silvia felt warm in her heart when she heard Levi’s words. She stroked his head and said, “Tell me, how do you know that Jayden likes me?”

Did Jayden really like her?

Silvia thought about it seriously. Jayden probably didn’t like her. If he really liked her, he would dote on her and spoil her. However, as long as she had known him, he had never doted on her nor did he spoil her. Instead, he would only bully her.

Before coming home that night, Silvia had asked him to promise her that he would be nice to her, and that he would not be angry with her for no reasons. However, not only did he not promise her, he had even left her alone in the cold wind.

How could such a b*stard like him like her? Levi must be saying that to cheer

her up

“Jayden even made you his wife, of course he likes you. Everyone in their family was like this. Neil liked Mia, so he married her.

Although Neil had never said that he liked Mia and the two of them would get

into a fight occasionally, if Mia were to get into any trouble, even if it was a

small one, Neil would be so worried about her that he could not even eat and


“That’s not necessarily true though. The reason Jayden and I got married was somewhat unusual.” They did not marry out of love, but because of an accident that happened between the two of them. He wanted to compensate her and that was why they got married.

“Of course Jayden likes you.” Julien, who was aloof, said with absolute certainty. “Sister Silvia, if Jayden doesn’t like you, he will never marry you.”

“But why?” Silvia wanted to know why the two of them could be so certain that Jayden liked her. However, after saying a few words, Julien went over to Jayden to take care of him. He had no intention to continue with this conversation

Silvia then looked at Levi and said, “Levi, my brain alone is not enough to process all of these. Could you please analyze it for me.”

With a solemn face, Levi helped Silvia to analyze, “Sister Silvia, men may not

explicitly say that they like a woman, but you could tell it by judging from his

behavior. According to my observation for the past two days, Jayden Just couldn’t keep his eyes off you. So, I’m sure that he likes you.

“Really?” Levi was so confident about it that Silvia was starting to believe him. She thought that it would be great if what Levi had said was true.

“Trust me, Sister Silvia. I’m 100% sure that Jayden likes you.’ Levi patted his chest with confidence.

“Levi, you are so young, how do you know so much about these things? Silvia recalled the times when she was with Jayden. Whenever they were together, it was true that he would never look away from her, but the look in his eyes was always full of disgust.

Jayden would always think that she was dumb, or that she was a woman who would only cause trouble. It was as if she had no merits at all.

“Silvia, you just know it when you’ve heard and seen it enough.” Levi patted

Silvia’s shoulder with a look as if he had been through all these

“Levi, you’re that amazing huh? Silvia said sarcastically. Seeing that it was getting late, Silvia continued, “Levi, Julien, it’s getting late now. You two should go to bed already. I’ll stay here and take care of Jayden’

“Sister Silvia, I want to stay back and take care of Jayden” When Jayden was in good health, Julien would always stick by his side. Now that Jayden was sick, he would never leave Jayden alone.

“Sister Silvia, I also want to stay back and take care of him.” Levi echoed. “Okay, you two can stay and keep your brother company. Go to bed when you feel sleepy, okay?” Silvia knew that these three brothers were very close to each other. Now that Jayden had fallen sick, they would definitely worry about him.

However, looking at their reaction towards Jayden’s high fever, it seemed like they were not aware of Jayden’s old illness at all,

Silvia asked, Julien, does your family know about Jayden’s condition?”

“No, they don’t” Julien shook his head. If they knew, they would never let him behave so capriciously… If the elders in the family knew about it, they would be worried sick.

“They don’t?” Silvia really could not believe it. Weren’t they his family? How could they not know about such a serious matter? Did you guys know that your brother got shot three years ago?”

Julien answered, “We all know that Jayden got shot because he wanted to save my sister. But, we didn’t know that it has caused such a great impact on his body.

“Your brother got injured while trying to save your sister?” Silvia was a little confused. At that time, Simon told her that Jayden got injured because he had encountered a mass shooting during his trip abroad. Who was telling the truth now?

Julien realized that he might have said too much. “You didn’t know about it?”

“Oh no… I do, I do, of course I do… I was just spacing out.” Silvia didn’t know why Simon would lie to her. However, she knew that Jayden did not want her to know the real reason for his injury. She had asked him about it before, but he did not tell her anything.

It was not an embarrassing thing to get shot in order to save his sister anyway So, Silvia guessed that it was because Jayden was worried that she would be afraid if he were to tell her the truth.

In fact, he could just be honest to her. She was not a timid person anyway. No, she was timid, but she had to be a stronger person if she wanted to stay by his side. Therefore, she would try her best to become brave and strong, and if an emergency were to happen one day in the future, she would not be a hindrance to him. D

Silvia reached out and grabbed Jayden’s hand gently. She said in her heart, “Jayden, didn’t you always say that I’m your wife? But do you know what the real meaning of a wife is?”

His wife was not only his life partner, or someone who would just accompany him in bed. Instead, she was someone who would go through all the ups and downs in life with him.

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