My Husband Warm the Bed- 1189

After sending the boys to their room, Silvia went back to the room and covered Jayden with the blanket. “When you were asleep, Levi and Julien were really worried about you.”

“I’m sorry to let you guys worry about me!” Jayden held Silvia’s hand, but his

voice still sounded a little weak silvia, if I don’t wake up one day…” Silvia interrupted him in a harsh voice, “Jayden, I’ve been hoping that you won’t wake up, so that I can spend all your money on other men

Did this fellow not know how worried she was?

She was so worried about him, but he actually spouted such nonsense to her the moment he woke up! “He should die! Then he’ll see how I spend his money on some other kept man!” she thought fiercely.

“Silvia, how dare you!” Sure enough, the overbearing nature in him was triggered at that instant. When he heard that Silvia wanted to spend all his money on other men, he was jealous, even if he knew that she was just teasing him.

Silvia pouted her lips at him. “Since you’re dead, why would you even care about what I do? At that time, even if you’re just a soul, you can only watch while I get together with another man and you can’t even do anything about it.

“Really?” Jayden smiled evilly. He reached out his hand and grabbed Silvia’s

head to pull her into his arms. Then, he kissed her, enjoying the taste of her lips.

“Jayden. Mm. This man was still having a fever. She could feel how warm his body was, but he was still much stronger than her. Sure enough, he was a tough fighter

However, this kiss did not last very long. After a short while, Jayden let go of her and pressed his thumb on her lips. He then said in a domineering tone, “Silvia, you’re mine when I’m alive. And if I die, I’ll drag you along with me. I’ll never let anyone touch you.”

What a domineering man! However, Silvia liked it

“Do you mean that even though we are not born on the same day you want me to die on the same day as you? Silvia smiled and said, “Jayden, if you want to confess your love to me, then just do it. If you do it nicely, I might actually accept it.”

Jayden did not know what to say

This silly woman really had a different set of logic. How could she think that he was expressing his love to her while he was threatening her? Perhaps, it was because she was different that he was attracted to her, and he was falling deeper in love with her.

“If you don’t speak, I’ll take it as a love confession already.” Silvia smiled playfully and lay beside him. Jayden, can you let Julien and Levi stay here a little longer?

Jayden asked, “Aren’t you jealous of them? Or think that they’re nuisances?”

“I might get a little jealous, but why would I think that they are a nuisance? They even helped me fight against the monsters. The two boys were so sensible and adorable. She liked them very much, how could she think that they were a nuisance?

Jayden was confused, “What monsters?”

Silvia said smugly. “This is a secret between us. We are not going to tell you.”

Jayden said, “Are you really not telling me?”

“Yup, I’m not.” Silvia reached out her hand and touched his forehead. “You’re a big man, but you’re weaker than me. If you can’t even protect me, why would I still need you? I really don’t want you anymore, what should I do?”

Jayden said, “Don’t you know what I can do?”

Silvia said, “You’re so weak. What can you do?”

Jayden said, “You!”

“Shame on you! Silvia waved her fist at him. However, when her fist was about to land on his body, Silvia held back her strength

Her fist gently fell on his body. He was still a patient, how could she bully him like this? “Jayden, I’ll bring you home to see my mother once you are completely well.”

Silvia wanted to bring him home to see her mother. When Jayden heard what

Silvia had just said, he immediately felt much better. “Silvia, I’ll go home with

you tomorrow to see my mother-in-law.” “Why are you in such a hurry?” Silvia rolled her eyes at him. “Take care of yourself first. I don’t want to take a sick man home and let my mother worry

about us.”

“Who says that I’m sick?” Jayden had already made up his mind, “Well go home tomorrow.”

Jayden was insisting on going home with her. Silvia reached out her hand and touched his forehead. His fever did go down quite a lot. “Okay, if your fever is completely gone tomorrow, then I will bring you home to see my mother.”

“Okay, let’s go to sleep now!” Jayden held Silvia tightly in his arms. His grip was

so tight that it felt a little painful.

Silvia was finally willing to take him home to meet her mother. At that instant, Jayden felt like he had gotten so much better. Silvia, on the other hand, was amazed by this man as she looked at him

If she had known that she could cure his illness by telling him that she was going to let him meet her mother, she would have done that earlier.

The next day.

During the day, it was sunny and the temperature was much higher

The weather was no longer cold. Jayden’s fever had subsided and he looked

He did not look like some who had a high fever the night before. Before heading out, Jayden said, “Julien, Levi. Silvia and I might not be coming home tonight. I want you two to stay at home and be good, okay?

Silvia had to attend her lectures during the day, so she had planned to bring Jayden home at night. Besides, this was the first time Silvia had brought Jayden home, it would be the best if he could spend the night there.

Julien nodded obediently and said, “Jayden, you can go do your thing. We will wait for you at home.”

Levi, on the other hand, was not as compliant as Julien. “Jayden, where are you

and Sister Silvia going? We have nothing to do at home anyway, why don’t you

take us with you?”

Jayden said, “I have something important to attend to, so I can’t let you two tag along. Just stay at home, okay? I promise that I’ll take you two out to have fun when I’m back, alright?”

After failing to get Jayden’s permission. Levi turned to Silvia and said, “Pretty Sister Silvia, we’re here only a few days now so we’re not familiar with anything here. I know that you’re a kind person, please take us along with you, okay?”

“Pretty Sister Silvia?” Jayden was dissatisfied with the way Levi was addressing Silvia, so the look on his face and his tone were a little fierce.

“Don’t yell at him, Jayden.” Silvia shielded Levi and glared at Jayden. going back to my house anyway, it’s fine to let them tag along.”

It was the first time for Jayden to officially meet his mother-in-law. How could

he bring these two boys with him? Therefore, he said, “It’s a definite no this time.”

Silvia said, “They are your brothers. Don’t you feel sorry for them? Even if you’re

not, I do. I don’t want these two boys to be sad, so I’ll take them with me.”

Levi held Silvia in her arms and said, “Sister Silvia, you’re the best.”

Jayden said, “Levi, take your hands off her.”

Levi was speechless

Silvia said, “He’s still a child.”

Jayden said, “He is just a child, but he’s even thinking of pursuing you when he’s an adult!”

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