My Husband Warm the Bed- 1189

The cold wind whistled outside the house, and the temperature was still plunging. It was as if that night was destined to be an extraordinary night. Dr. Thames walked through the green walkway with her medical kit in her hand

and finally arrived at her house As soon as she entered her room, she threw the kit onto the floor and cursed, “You bunch of scoundrels. I will send you all to

All these while, Dr. Thames had been enduring Silvia, that b*tch, who had been stepping all over her. And now, two spoiled brats showed up out of nowhere. What right did they have to order her around like she was their servant?

If she could, she wanted to kill them at that instant.

“What’s the matter?” A tall man came out from a dark corner and bent over to pick up the medical kit that Dr. Thames had thrown on to the ground. “Why are you so upset after seeing your sweetheart?” Dr. Thames said coldly, “Who let you in? Get out of here now. Don’t let me see


The man ignored her scolding and helped her put the medical kit away. “My dear Dr. Thames, you’ve endured it for more than three years now. Can’t you just wait a little longer? Do you want someone else to take your sweetheart away forever?”

“Humph. you know nothing! I can wait for three years and not do anything about it because there had never been a woman around him. Silvia had only known him for a few days, and they are already married now. They were so fast that I was caught off guard. To think of it, they are already married for quite a few months now.’ Thinking of Jayden and Silvia’s marriage, Dr. Thames was furious. However, she did not know where she could vent her anger.

Dr. Thames had always thought that there was a woman in Jayden’s heart so it would not be easy for anyone to enter his life. However, she could not believe that Silvia, that wretch, had taken away her opportunity to be Jayden’s woman within such a short period of time.

“And that is why you are being so anxious and panicking here, and you’re about to mess up your own plan now?’ The man curled his lips and sneered. “You should know better than I do that if Jayden were to get suspicious about us, he would definitely kill us. And don’t forget that for him to kill us, it would be as

easy as pinching an ant. So, all we can do now, is endure.

“Huh. all you say is to endure?! The woman you love has been snatched, but you still tolerate it?!” Dr. Thames said disdainfully, “Frankly, if you were capable enough of taking care of your woman, would we even get ourselves involved in such a mess?” D

Dr. Thames’ words sharp like a knife, piercing into the man’s heart.

The man clenched his fist and rushed up to Dr. Thames. He grabbed her by the neck and said, “Dr. Thames, you’re not anyone to me, and you are not that capable yourself too. I’m warning you, if you ever dare to talk nonsense again, I will cut off your damned tongue!”

However, Dr. Thames was not afraid of him. “Humph, you can only act tough in front of me. If you really have the ability, find the man who destroyed everything you had.”

“Of course will look for him. Otherwise, why do you think that I came back here?” The man let go of Dr. Thames and a vicious look appeared in his eyes, That man had ruined everything for him, of course he would make him pay the price.

Dr. Thames said, “But you are not allowed to hurt him. He’s mine.”

The man sneered and said, “You don’t have to worry about it. I will go along with what we’ve agreed previously”

“It’s good that you remember that” Dr. Thames took a couple steps back and

said, “I’m terribly vexed now. Could you get someone to do me a favor?”

The man asked, “What is it?”

Dr. Thames said, “I don’t know where Silvia got those boys from, but they are really smart and they behave like adults. I want you to find a way to get rid of them. Otherwise, they will definitely be a stumbling stone to our plan.”

The man asked, “What boys?”

Dr. Thames said, “I met two little boys when I was at Jayden’s house. They are about 5 feet tall and took like 12 years old. I don’t know where they came from, but they were being a pain in the ats tonight.”

The man hesitated. “It’s better not to stir up any more trouble during this period

of time, or we might risk getting exposed.”

Dr. Thames said, “What are you afraid of though? I didn’t ask you to do it anyway. If you find someone else to do it, even if the matter got exposed, no one will find out that you are the one behind it.”

The man thought for a moment and said, “Alright, you can leave this matter to me. I will send someone to deal with those two boys. As for you, you should really control your emotions and don’t let it ruin our plan.”

“There’s no need for you to tell me that. That is why I’m venting here at home, isn’t it? Do you think that I would actually expose myself in front of him?” Unless she was sick of living, otherwise she would never dare to do that.

Simon had been working for Jayden all this while and he was even one of the people who had watched Jayden grow up. However, because of Silvia, Jayden could even fire him without a qualm, let alone Dr. Thames who was just a doctor. D

Silvia took a thermometer and measured Jayden’s body temperature. He was still burning, so she took a fever patch and stuck it on his forehead.

“Jayden, wake up quickly, okay? Don’t let the fever damage your brain. If your

brain is really ruined, I will let Dr. Thames take you away” To be honest, Silvia

had never taken care of someone else in her entire life and Jayden, this b*stard, was the first to make her do that. Levi said, “Sister Silvia, I know that you can never bring yourself to let anyone

take Jayden away from you.” Silvia said, “Who said that I can’t do that? If he doesn’t wake up now, I will throw him out of the window)

It was as if Jayden had heard that Silvia was going to throw him out, so he slowly opened his eyes and asked, “Who’s going to throw me out of the window?’

“You’re awake!” Silvia quickly grabbed his hand. “If you don’t wake up any time sooner, I’ll really throw you out of your window.” Knowing that Silvia was just pretending to be mean, Jayden did not get mad at

her. He looked at her and saw that Levi, Julien, and Silvia were at his bedside.

“I’m only having a fever, I won’t die from it. You all should go to bed.”

“You’re only having a fever?” Silvia glared at him fiercely. “Jayden, you’re probably out of your mind because of the fever. Do you know how worried we were for you when you went unconscious?

Jayden said feebly. “I’m fine. You guys should go get some rest “Jayden, why do you have to torture yourself like this? Your wound will heal up properly if you get the right treatment, but why wouldn’t you cooperate with the

doctor?” Julien did not understand why Jayden would do that to himself. He felt that he did not understand his brother at all. Jayden said, “Silly boy, it’s just a fever. It’s not as serious as you think. Don’t

think too much about it, okay? Go back to the room with Levi and go to bed already. I’ll be fine when you wake up tomorrow.”

“Jayden.” Julien’s eyes suddenly turned red and he was choked up.

Jayden smiled and said, Julien, why are you crying?”

Julien sniffled and said, “I’m just worried about you. I’m afraid that I won’t get to

see you again when I wake up from my sleep “No. I promise you that I will let you know whenever I go, okay? So you don’t

have to worry about me anymore.” Jayden stroked Julien’s head and promised


Jayden, you can’t leave me behind, okay? You have to tell me where you go too. Levi, of course, did not want to be left out.

Jayden nodded and said, “Okay, I promise you two, alright? Well, you too should go to bed already”

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