My Husband Warm the Bed- 1191

“We were hired to kill the boys, so we’re just doing our job. We don’t know who you fellows are. Ashton and Barnas were already panicking. But because they had been in this industry for so many years, their mental endurance was much better than ordinary people. Although they were flustered, they did not show it on their faces.

“Huh. So you’re telling me that whoever hired you did not tell you who our Young Masters are?” The gunman curled his lips and sneered, “You’ve been in the business for so many years now, so I find it quite hard to believe that you two did not actually do a background check on your targets before killing them off”

“Of course we would do that, but this time the person who hired us said that our targets are just some little brats. Moreover, we were sure that those kids weren’t from any of the powerful families in Madison City. If they really were, we would have looked further into it” Speaking of this, Barnas realized something He was so angry that he spat on the ground. “Fck, it seems like those fcking b*stards had fooled us this time.”

The gunman slowly raised the gun in his hand and said in a cold voice, “Since you’ve finally realized that, then you can rest in peace now. Remember to find the b*stard that had set you up when you become a soul. Don’t get to the wrong person

Upon hearing this, Ashton and Barnas were scared out of their wits. They had never thought that they would end up dying so miserably.

Hatred, anger… but what was the point? They could not do anything to avenge themselves.

However, at this very critical moment, a cold and childish voice sounded, “Let

them go!”

Julien came out of the corner with his hands behind his back. He looked exactly like a little adult, and his cold and dignified temperament was on full display

The gunman did not understand why Julien would do so, so he said, “Master Julien, they are here to kill you. You are going to store up trouble for the future if you were to spare them.”

At last, Levi, who came right after Julien, continued to speak on Julien’s behalf,

“Uncle Banks, you heard them yourself too. They were hired to kill us and they were only doing their job. It’s not like they wanted to kill us themselves, so just let them go!

“But.” Simon Banks was hesitating. However, since his young masters had already given their orders, he had no choice but to abide by it. “Since our young masters have decided to spare your lives, you guys should get lost now, and don’t ever show up in front of us again.”

“Are you guys really letting us go?” Ashton and Barnas could not believe their ears. They looked at each other while thinking that everything that had just happened was just unbelievable,

However, they had figured it all out at that instant. It seemed that these two boys were too naïve. They had no idea how terrifying they could be and they did not realize that the person who hired them would not give up just like that.

Since they have failed this time, the mastermind would definitely hire other

killers to finish off the job. When the time comes, these two boys might not be so lucky to escape death like they did this time,

“What else? Do you want us to treat you guys to dinner or something instead?” In the face of such vicious killers, not only Levi was fearless, he was also dignified, and he somewhat did look like his father, Neil, as he spoke.

“No, of course not.” Ashton and Barnas exchanged glances and slowly stepped back. After retreating for a few steps, and confirming that the other party was not going to pull the trigger on them, they said, “Since you let us go, we will give you guys a piece of advice. Those who want to get rid of you will never give up that easily. You’d better pray hard that you’ll stay safe.

After saying that, Ashton and Barnas immediately ran off. They were fleeing in so much fear that they did not look anything like a cruel and ruthless killer would be

As soon as the killers took flight, Simon immediately asked, “Master Julien, those men have been doing these wicked things for a long time, why do you want to let them go?”

Julien said, “You know, they are just hired assassins, and not the mastermind. It wouldn’t do us any good to kill them anyway. Instead, I want you to get some of your men to follow them and gather some clues. I must find out who the mastermind is I want to know whether they are targeting Rovio or Jayden. B

“Yes” Simon shed his tough demeanor and became as gentle as a sheep as he spoke to his young masters. “Master Julien, Master Levi, I’ll send you two home

first. After all, we don’t know who we are going up against at the moment, so we

should keep our guard up.

“Okay.” Although Julien and Levi were young, they knew very well what they should do. Although they were eager to look for Jayden, they had to prioritize their own safety… They knew that if those bad guys were to catch them, it would definitely be a great threat to Rovio and the Brown family. Therefore, they would never take the risk.

On the way back home, Julien gave Levi a knowing look. At that instant, Levi understood what Julien meant. “Uncle Banks, I heard that you are not working for Jayden anymore, but how did you manage to show up at the right time?”

Simon said, “It’s true that I no longer work for Master Jayden, and I can no longer follow him everywhere he goes, but he still treats me well. I’m thankful that he did not fire me and let me stay in the team. Now that you two are here, Master Jayden has assigned me as your bodyguard.

Levi asked, “Uncle Banks, you don’t Jayden for removing you, do you?”

Upon hearing Levi’s question, Simon’s face darkened and he sounded a little displeased. “Master Levi, what are you talking about? I have been with Master Jayden for more than ten years now and I have always been loyal to him. He has never maltreated me, so how can I hate him?”

Levi smiled and said, “Uncle Banks, I’m just joking. Don’t get mad at me, okay?” Simon was loyal to Jayden, and he had never had any hateful thoughts against Jayden. Now that he was misunderstood, of course he would be upset. Therefore, Simon fell silent, and a sullen look appeared on his face.

Julien said, “Uncle Banks, we all know that you’re loyal to Jayden and our family. Levi is just a kid, he doesn’t know what he was talking about. I’ll teach him a lesson later when we get back home. Please don’t take it to heart, okay?”

As soon as Simon heard what Julien had said, the grievances in his heart

disappeared. He was full of joy as he said, “Master Julien, I didn’t take it to heart at all. I’ll send you two back home now.”

Julien nodded and said, “Thanks, Uncle Banks:

Simon said, “Please get in the car”

At that very moment, Levi was cursing in his heart. Julien, this devious brat. He would always make Levi the bad guy, and now, everyone would think that Levi was the naughty one.

Boohoo… He was really pitiful. Not only did his parents not love him, there were so many people around him that would only bully him.

Julien said, “Levi, why are you not getting in the car? Are you planning to walk


“I’m getting in now.” Humph… Julien was threatening him again. Levi promised himself that he would definitely let Julien have a taste of being the scapegoat one day.

“That’s right, that’s what a good boy would do!” When Levi got in the car, Julien even stroked his head.

Levi was displeased. He was not much younger than Julien, but Julien would

always teased him like he was a little child.

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