My Husband Warm the Bed- 1192

At University A.

Mr. Donald’s incident had caused a great impact on the education industry, and the Ministry of Education had attached great importance to it. After a thorough investigation, five professors who were in collusion with Mr. Donald had been dismissed

After the new chancellor took office, he had issued several new regulations and was determined to rebuild University A’s reputation

The students were all happy to accept the newly appointed executives and lecturers. Everyone at the university was excited about the new start, but there were also a couple voices questioning about the whole situation.

For instance, who was the person who posted on the university’s online forum? Up till now, it was still a mystery. No matter how deep the students’ investigation seemed to get they still could not gather any clues about that person

For instance, the disappearance of Felix Xavier, the former president of the student union. It was an ongoing mystery. No one knew if he was alive or dead.

At that time, Felix’s incident did not cause a huge uproar. As time went by, fewer people would talk about him and almost everyone had forgotten about him. However, someone had revisited that incident and Felix had once again become a trending topic among the students. It had garnered so much attention that there would be groups of people throughout the campus, discussing Felix’s incident.

Reagan and Lemur were no exception too. When Silvia was not around, they would discuss it with their classmates.

When Reagan saw Silvia coming over, he immediately gave everyone a knowing

look so that they could stop talking. However, Silvia still noticed their strange behaviors. “What are you guys talking about so furtively? You guys just stopped talking the moment I got here. Is it something about me? Reagan laughed and came up with a random excuse, “Boss, we were just

discussing our dissertations.” “Dissertation? We are not even doing our dissertation this year, and you’re telling me that you are discussing that? Do you really think that I’m an idiot?” In fact, Silvia might actually believe it if it was someone else who had told her

that. However, Silvia knew Reagan very well. She was certain that Reagan would not be that diligent to do that.

“Yeah, it’s true that we weren’t talking about our dissertations. Actually, we were

just having a man-talk.” In short, Reagan did not want Silvia to find out about Felix’s rumors that had been going around the campus. At the same time, he was curious about what had happened at that time.

“A man-talk? What about it?” Reagan’s words had piqued Silvia’s interest. She immediately sat next to Reagan. “Tell me

Silvia didn’t know much about men. So, she thought that it might actually help her to get to know more about Jayden Elias Kyle, that bastard, by listening to their conversation. If she could get hold of his weak point, then she would be able to do anything she wanted to him in the future.

“Silvia, are you sure that you want to listen to it?” One of the male students said. However, as soon as he spoke, Reagan gave him a slap. “I’ve already said that it’s something between us guys. You are a woman. You’d better not listen to it

“Wow, so you’ll only see me as a woman when you have secrets huh? You’ve never treated me like a woman all these while though” Silvia patted Reagan’s shoulder. “No matter what, I must know what you guys are talking about”

“Boss… Reagan held Silvia’s arm and shook it. “You are a woman. It’s really not that appropriate for you to listen to our conversation

Upon hearing Reagan’s words, Silvia’s imagination went wild again. “Reagan, Lemur, It seems like I’ve underestimated you two… How, how can you guys chat about such a disgusting topic in the lecture hall?

“What are you talking about? What disgusting topic? Reagan was so anxious that he shouted, “We were just having a man-talk. How could it disgusting?”

Lemur, who was worried that Reagan might say something inappropriate by accident, immediately voiced out, “Boss, we are just discussing some personal matters, so we can’t just tell anyone about it. It’s just like how sometimes you girls wouldn’t let guys listen to what you were talking about too.

“You guys are so petty! If you don’t want to tell me about it, then fine with me!” Perhaps, they were really talking about something very private. Since they did not want to let her join in, she would leave. To be honest, she was not that

interested in their discussion anyway.

More importantly, Silvia was occupied with the thought of bringing Jayden home to meet her mother later that night. She was not in the mood to care

about anything else anymore.

Silvia was extremely distracted throughout the whole day. As soon as the last lecture was over, Jayden’s phone call came in “Silvia, I’m here, at the south gate of the university

When Silvia heard Jayden’s voice and thought that she was about to bring him home to meet her mother, Silvia was over the moon. “Pinhead, I’m still in the lecture hall. Why are you in such a hurry?”

In fact, Silvia was even more anxious than Jayden. She really could not wait to let Jayden and her mother meet each other. She wanted to tell Mrs. Turner that this handsome man was her mother’s son-in-law. However, according to Levi, women would never show their true feelings. They would rather keep it in their hearts and let other people guess about it.

I’m in a hurry to meet my mother-in-law, not you” Jayden’s annoying words sounded through the phone, which made Silvia gnash her teeth. If he was with her, she would definitely rush up to him and bite him at that instant,

Why was this man behaving like this? She was abou to bring home to let him meet her family, why couldn’t he just say something nice to her to make her happy?

Although Silvia was dissatisfied with Jayden, she still rushed to the south gate as fast as she could. As soon as Silvia got there, she could see Jayden’s eye catching car parked at the school gate. Without a doubt, Jayden had attracted the crowd’s attention again. In fact, the people around him were not looking at the car, but at him.

The moment Silvia realized that, she hurriedly rushed over to Jayden and gave him a hug. She was indirectly asserting her dominance over him. Then, she warned him in a menacing tone, “Jayden, from now on. I want you to stay in the car when you’re here to pick me up. You’re not allowed to get out of the car

“So you’re not happy that I’ve gotten out of the car to receive you huh?” Jayden pulled his coat that he was wearing and wrapped it over Silvia. He did not want her to catch a cold in this cold weather

“Just do as I say. Don’t ask so many questions.” She could not tell him that she was upset because the other girls were staring at him, could she?

“Okay, I’ll listen to you, alright?” Thinking that she was about to bring him home for the time, Jayden decided that he would let her whatever she wanted for the rest of the day

“That’s right! That’s how a man should be.” Silvia snuggled into Jayden’s arms

and hugged him tightly. Then, she got into the car with Jayden and went back to

her mother’s house.

Silvia thought that the reason why she had brought Jayden home was to introduce him to her mother, and so that the three of them could have a meal


However, she did not expect that Jayden had actually managed to prepare a few carriages of gifts with such a short notice. She was not exaggerating at all. There were indeed a few cars that were used to transport the gifts. When they arrived at Mrs. Turner’s place, the sky had almost turned dark but the workers were still carrying the gifts into the house.

Looking at all the gifts that could barely fit in the house, Silvia was so anxious that she said, “What are all these, Jayden?”

“This is my first time meeting my mother-in-law, so these are some gifts that I’ve prepared for her. When he married Silvia, Jayden had not prepared any gifts for his in-laws. Hence, he considered these items as gifts he owed Mrs. Turner for marrying her daughter.

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