My Husband Warm the Bed- 1193

“Jayden, don’t you think this is a little too much?” Silvia felt stifled as she looked at all the gifts in the house: “Are you trying to show off your wealth?” “What do you mean by showing off?” Jayden said, “I’m rich, why do I need to

show off my wealth? Only those who don’t have much money would show off.” D

What was this man talking about? And with that kind of tone? He was being so arrogant that it annoyed Silvia

Silvia glared at him and said, “Sure, you are rich, you can do whatever you want. But let me tell you, If you really have no where else to spend your money, you can just give us cash. We don’t need anything else, we just need money!”

Jayden said, “We’re family now.”

What Jayden meant was that his money was Silvia’s too. She could just spend it as she liked. However, Silvia did not the behind Jayden’s


Silvia rolled her eyes at him. “My mother hasn’t met you nor has she acknowledged you yet. Don’t say that we’re a family so soon, or you might risk getting your heart broken

Silvia was her parents’ only child. In the past, her father would always say that his daughter must marry the best man in this world. Therefore, Silvia thought that her mother would be very picky about her son-in-law. It was very likely that

Jayden would not meet her mother’s expectation.

Jayden didn’t know what to say

Could he tell her that he and Mrs. Turner had already met up and that she had already acknowledged him as her son-in-law?

“You’re here, Silvia!” Upon hearing Silvia’s voice, Mrs. Turner, who was busy in the kitchen, tried to squeeze through the gifts. However, because the living room was filled with gifts, Mrs, Turner could only stay in the kitchen. “I’m happy that you two are here to see me, you really don’t have to buy me any gifts. I’m really running out of space now that there are so many gifts in the house now.

“See what you’ve done.” Silvia glared at Jayden again and said, “Mom, the gifts are blocking the way, don’t try to squeeze through them. We’ll clear them off for you first.”

Jayden had only thought of buying gifts for his mother-in-law, but he had

overlooked an important reality. Mrs. Turner’s house was just an ordinary three bedroom apartment and not a villa. There was not much space to store that many gifts. At that moment, Jayden, who originally wanted to please his mother in-law, felt a little embarrassed for making such a mistake.

“Jayden, go and ask them to stop moving the gifts into the house already. If this continues, I’m afraid that we won’t even have a place to have our dinner later” Silvia glanced at Jayden with disdain. She put down her bag and helped to sort out the gifts. “My mother doesn’t need all these things. Her only wish is for me to accompany her more. If you really want to be nice to your mother-in-law, then let me come home at least three nights a week.”

“Sorry, but you guys can stop right there,” Jayden told the workers to stop moving the gifts into the house. Then, he turned back and nodded at Silvia. “Okay

“I really can do that?” Jayden had actually agreed to her request, and he even agreed to it so easily. There must be something going on in his mind.

“Could you guys please ove everything in the living room into the empty room? When you guys are done, you can get your salaries from the Finance Department. I’ll ask them to pay you twice of what we’ve initially agreed.” After giving his instructions to the workers, Jayden looked at Silvia again and said, “I’ll come home with you.”

Sure enough, it was a trick!

However, Silvia was happy to hear that. She smiled at him and said, “Mom is in poor health, and I’m not that strong either. We do need someone at home to do all the hard labor. If you’re willing to do that, then you can come along.”

Jayden said, “Sure.

“Jayden, are you sure that you heard me clearly?” Jayden had been giving in to her for the whole night. He was not behaving like himself at all. Or did he do something behind her, so he was trying to make it up to her?

“Of course I did. Jayden pinched her cheek and said, “It’s my pleasure to be at my wife’s service.

I’m getting goosebumps all over already” Mrs. Turner had successfully got through the pile of gifts. When she came over, her eyes were fixed on Jayden and she was looking at him as if she had never seen him before. “Silvia, this is my son-in-law, isn’t it?”

“Yes Mom, it’s him, Jayden, the one that I’ve mentioned to you two days ago Although she was married for several months now and they had done

everything a married couple would do, this was the first time she had brought Jayden home to meet her parents. So, when she heard that her mother was addressing Jayden as her son-in-law, Silvia was so bashful that her face was starting to blush

Jayden, who was pretending that it was the first time he had met Mrs. Turner, said politely, “Mom, it’s nice to meet you! I’m Jayden Elias Kyle, and I’m Silvia’s husband. Sorry for not coming over to see you earlier.”

“No, don’t worry about it at all. I’m very happy that you two could come visit me together” Mrs. Turner was delighted. She studied Jayden and said, “You’re good looking and classy. You’re really a perfect match for my Silvia”

Just a while ago, Silvia thought that her mother would be very picky with her son-in-law. But how was this considered picky? Not at all! Therefore, Silvia tugged her mother’s top and whispered, “Mom, you should behave more indifferently towards him.”

It was the first time that her mother had met her son-in-law. Shouldn’t she be putting on airs test her son-in-law, and make him promise her would treat her daughter well? And only then she would hand her daughter over with utmost reluctance? That was what Silvia thought.

However, Mrs. Turner had already taken a fancy to Jayden right after meeting him. Silvia thought that if her mother were to hand her over this easily, Jayden might not cherish her.

Therefore, Silvia was so anxious that she was shouting in her heart. “Mom, what’s wrong with you? You mustn’t behave like this in such a crucial moment. You must help your daughter, so that she would live a happy life in the future!”

However, neither of them could hear her voice, Jayden happily accepted Mrs.

Turner’s compliment. “Thank you, Mom!”

Mrs. Turner smiled and said, “Since you’ve already called me Mom, this place will also be your home now. Just make yourself at home, okay?”

Silvia was speechless.

Mrs. Turner’s behavior made Silvia think that her mother just could not wait to marry her off. Now that someone was willing to marry her, her mother must have wanted to thank the gods so badly.

“Silvia, hurry up and clear up the things on the sofa so that Jayden could sit down and rest. I’ll get back to the kitchen now. After giving her instruction, Mrs. Turner turned around and went into the kitchen. After taking two steps, she turned back and said, “By the way, Jayden should be thirsty by now. There is a

new mug that I’ve prepared for him in the kitchen. Remember to get him some

water, Silvia

“Mom, could you give me a second? I have something to tell you.” Silvia, from the bottom of her heart, hoped that her mother would accept and like Jayden. However, when she saw that Mrs. Turner was being so nice to Jayden to the point that she had neglected her own daughter, Silvia was somewhat upset.

The reason why a woman would want a husband was to have another person to love and dote on her. However, not only did her husband not love her, he even wanted to steal her mother away from her. What nonsense was this?

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