My Husband Warm the Bed- 1194

“Silvia, let’s talk over our meal, okay? I really need to get back to the kitchen now” Mrs. Turner said as she walked away, “Come to the kitchen after you get Jayden a cup of water. I’ve prepared some snacks for him. He must be hungry after a long busy day

“But Mom… I’m your daughter, not him!” At that instant, Silvia felt as if her mother did not want her anymore after getting a son-in-law.

Moments ago, Mrs. Turner could not get her eyes off Jayden at all, and she did not even take a glance at Silvia. This was something that she had never seen before. In the past, as long as Silvia was around, Mrs. Turner’s gaze would be fixed on Silvia no matter where she went.

“Silvia, I’m thirsty Hurry up and go get me a glass of water” Silvia was already frustrated about the situation but Jayden, that b*stard, was trying to order her around,

“If you want to drink water, you can go get it yourself.” How was this possible? How did Jayden become her mother’s favorite child at the first meeting? He even wanted her to serve him. Of course, Silvia was not willing to do so

“You are really a green-eyed monster. You just get jealous every time you get the chance.” Jayden held Silvia’s hand and spoke with a doting smile. “Why did I marry such a jealous girl?’

“My mother is practicing favoritism now! She doesn’t even look at me anymore now that she met such a good looking guy. Silvia pursed her lips. “I’m not that ugly, am 1? Why did she ignore me after meeting you?”

Jayden poked her forehead and said, “Silly girl, I really wonder how did you survive up till this point in life. If you were the empress in ancient times, guess you would die at the hands of the scheming concubines.”

“Jayden, you’re criticizing me again!” Silvia glared at Jayden fiercely. “If I were the empress, would kill the emperor myself first.”

Jayden smiled and said, ‘I’m not criticizing you, but it’s a fact that you’re silly”

Silvia was speechless. “Jayden, do you not know how to speak nicely? If you don’t, then you can get out of this house now. Don’t even think of having dinner here.

“Silly girl, Mom is being nice to me because I’m your husband. If I am a nobody,

would she be this nice to me?” Jayden pinched Silvia’s cheek. “See. Do you not agree with me that you’re silly?”

“Hmm, now that you said so, I feel much better now.” Silvia smiled at him, “So

Jayden, you must make sure that you will treat me well in the future, or my

mother will teach you a lesson.”

Jayden really believed that Mrs. Turner would never let him off if he were to mistreat Silvia., and that was why he would bully her when he still had the chance. “If that is the case, will you listen to your mom and get me a cup of

water then?

“Sure, Young Master Kyle. Please wait for a moment. I’ll go get you some water right away.” In the end, Silvia still had to be Jayden’s servant. However, this time, she was more than happy to be one.

In fact, Jayden was right about one thing. Mrs. Turner was nice to him because he was Silvia’s husband. More importantly, it was because he loved Silvia very much

To the man who loved her beloved daughter, of course, Mrs. Turner would be nice to him. She was kind to him, because she hoped that he would be even nicer to Silvia in the future.

In order to celebrate her son-in-law’s first visit, Mrs. Turner had already started preparing for that night’s dinner since morning. She had prepared several dishes, which varied from seafood to braised meat.

After serving Jayden a glass of water and some snacks, Silvia went to the kitchen. “Mom, is there anything that I can help you with?”

“The dishes are already now. I need you to get the table ready and help me serve these dishes.” Mrs. Turner looked at Silvia. “I’m so happy to see that my little girl has found such a good husband.”

“Mom, you haven’t even really talked to him, how do you know that he’s a good man?” Silvia was confused. For as long as she could remember, her mother was a cautious person. But why was she being so rash this time?

“I don’t need to talk to him to know if he was a good man. I just have to look at you and I’ll know it.” Mrs. Turner could tell if Jayden was treating Silvia right just by judging how happy Silvia was when she was with him. In fact, she knew more about Jayden than Silvia did.


“Go get the table ready. I don’t want to starve my son-in-law.”

“But Mom, I am your daughter.

“Well, that’s what you said.”

Silvia was at a loss for words.

Forget it! Her mother was just not in her right mind that day. It would better for Silvia not to take it seriously.

After helping her mother to serve the dishes on the table, Silvia started introducing the dishes, and she even tried to show off, “Jayden, my mom’s cooking is really good. You’re a lucky man to be able to taste them.”

“Wow, I feel hungry just by looking at them.’ Jayden would always tease Silvia, but when he was with his elders, he would know where to set his boundaries. In short, Jayden was determined to please his mother-in-law so that she could hand over Silvia to him with assurance.

“Jayden, I heard from Silvia that you don’t like heavy food, so I’ve eased up on the seasonings. If it’s good, you should really eat more of it. If you don’t like it, I can cook something else for you.”

Silvia complained, “Mom, he can get out if he doesn’t want to eat it. How can you spoil him like this?”

Jayden said politely, “Mom, don’t worry. I’m not picky about food at all. I can eat

anything, especially the dishes that you’ve prepared for us. They looked very

appetizing, I really can’t wait to taste them

When Silvia heard Jayden say that he wasn’t a picky eater, she looked at him with scorn. When he was with her, he would be so picky with his food. How dare he say it right in her face that he was not a picky eater?

“That’s great then.” There was a bowl of soup in Mrs. Turner’s hand. Mrs. Turner would always give the first bowl of soup that she had filled to Silvia. However, when Silvia reached out her hand to take over the bowl, Mrs. Turner handed the soup to Jayden instead. “Jayden, the weather is getting cold now. Drink some

soup to warm up your body first.”

Silvia was speechless.

Silvia once again felt that she might not be her mother’s actual daughter. Instead, Jayden, that b*stard, was actually her mother’s son!

After handing him the bowl of soup, Mrs. Turner asked, “Jayden, can I have Silvia tonight?”

Jayden replied, “Mom, Silvia is your daughter. You don’t have to ask for my “Then you can sleep in Silvia’s room tonight. She’ll sleep with me. Mrs. Turner sighed. “I’ve always thought that my daughter was a little girl, but now, she’s


already married

“This is not how things should work! You two are discussing who I should sleep next to tonight. Shouldn’t you guys ask me about my opinion instead?” Silvia felt that if she did not voice out at that instant, they were going to ignore her again.

However, they did not care about Silvia’s opinion at all. Mrs. Turner and Jayden said simultaneously, “We’ve already decided that you will sleep with Mom


*I should be the one to decide!” No matter how big of a fuss Silvia was making, it was all useless. They had already decided whom she would sleep next to that night

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