My Husband Warm the Bed- 1195

Just as Silvia felt that the whole world was against her, Jayden, who had stolen her mother’s love away from her, had finally found his conscience. He picked up a piece of her favorite bacon and put it on her plate. Silvia, I’m sure that Mom had specially cooked this for you. You should try it.”

Dmn it! So that bstard actually remembered her favorite food! With such a simple move, Silvia was already so moved that she was going to shed tears. “Thanks!” She shoved the piece of meat that Jayden had given her into her

mouth. It was the taste that she was familiar with. At that instant, she had

forgotten about all the grievances that she had suffered that night.

“Slow down. No one will take them away from you.” Jayden patiently reminded,

“It’s not like you don’t know that I can never slow down when there’s good food in front of me.” Silvia was still the same old Silvia. She was still as straightforward as she used to be, and her emotions would be clearly written on her face. On top of that, she would never care about her image whenever she was eating her favorite food.

“Just look at you, you’re getting it all over your face.” Jayden said disdainfully, but on the other hand, he was carefully wiping her mouth with a wet tissue. This girl just would not let him worry less about her.

“Jayden, she has been like this since she was a child. Don’t get bothered about it. You should start eating now, or else the food is going to get cold.” Mrs. Turner was the one who had been taking care of Silvia, Therefore, when she saw that Jayden was taking care of Silvia and he was not just putting up a show for his mother-in-law, she was pleased. She even thought of whipping up more dishes to show her satisfaction for her son-in-law.

“Okay.” After filling up a bowl of soup for Silvia, Jayden picked up his spoon and started drinking the soup. However, while he was at it, he would glance at Silvia from time to time. He was worried that Silvia would choke herself.

Silvia felt that Jayden had stolen her mother’s love for her. However, little did she know that the person who Mrs. Turner and Jayden cared the most was herself. She was the most important person in their hearts.

Throughout the entire meal, Mrs. Turner and Jayden would only chat among themselves and they would even ignore Silvia, but the only topic that they would talk about was none other than Silvia. She was the center of their

attention that night.

The meal lasted for nearly two hours. In front of Silvia, Mrs. Turner and Jayden talked about everything they could talk about. Of course, there were also some things that had to be kept a secret from Silvia

Mrs. Turner suddenly turned to Silvia and said, “Silvia, I want to chat with my son-in-law, so we’ll go over to the living room first. Could you please clean these up and do the dishes?”

“Mom, what do you want to tell him that I can’t listen to? Like many people, Silvia was a nosy person. The more she was not allowed to know about some things, the more she wanted to know.

Mrs. Turner leaned into Silvia and whispered in her ear, “I’m going to give him a warning. I want to tell him that if he ever dares to bully my daughter in the future, I’ll definitely kill him.”

“Mom, you should have done this a long time ago. Let me tell you, men are cheap. You shouldn’t treat them nicely all the time. Silvia noticed that Jayden was looking at her, so she immediately ange subject. “Okay Mom, I’ll clean everything up. You guys can go to the living room first.

Silvia really hoped that her mother could give Jayden a warning on her behalf so that he would have a sense of crisis. Then, he would not dare to bully her in the future. The moment Silvia thought of the look that Jayden would have on his face after

receiving her mother’s warning, Silvia was overjoyed. She was even whistling

while washing the dishes

In the living room.

Mrs. Turner got a glass of water for Jayden and said, “Drinking coffee or tea at night may affect your sleep, so let’s just have some water. It’s better for our body.

“Thank you, Mom!” Jayden got up and took over the glass politely. “Mom, I’m your son-in-law, and we’re a family now. If you want to say anything to me, just say it. Please don’t have any qualms about it.”

Mrs. Turner enjoyed chatting with such a smart person. Jayden was not like Silvia at all. Silvia could be so slow at times, that Mrs. Turner had even thought of cracking open Silvia’s head to check if her brain was alright!

Since even her mother had thought of doing that, of course, the people around Silvia would feel the same way too. Jayden was one of them. There was more

than once that he had thought of opening up Silvia’s head and see what was


Mrs. Turner sat on the sofa across Jayden and went straight to the point “Jayden, I have heard a lot of rumors about you recently. I know that most of them are not credible, but I do believe that your family is very influential. However, I don’t know, and I don’t want to know how powerful your family is, nor do I want to get any benefits from you and your family. My only wish is that you will be good to my daughter for the rest of your life.”

Jayden nodded and said, “Mom, Silvia is my wife, and she will be my only woman for the rest of our lives. This is a fact that no one can change. I will be good only to her for the rest of my life.”

“I’m relieved to hear that” Although there were countless people who had

broken their promise, Mrs. Turner believed that Jayden was a man of his word. She added, “Now that Silvia had brought you home to meet me, it simply means that she has chosen you as her life partner. So today I will officially hand my precious daughter over to you, and my only wish is for you to be treat her well for the rest of your life.”

Mrs. Turner had already said these exact same words when she met Jayden the previous time, but she had to say it again. She wanted Jayden to know that no matter how huge the gap between the social status of the Turner family and the Kyle family was, Silvia was still her precious baby. She would not allow anyone to bully her.

“Mom, you can rest assured. Silvia will be my only wife. There will be no one else in this life.” Jayden was never an impulsive person. Growing up in the Kyle family had trained him to become a calm and cautious person,

After his mistake, Jayden had decided to marry Silvia. He did not care whether he loved this girl, but the moment they were married, this girl was someone he had to take care of for the rest of his life.

All the men in the Kyle family seemed to have abided by this tradition. Once

they had decided on a woman, it would be for the rest of their lives. They would not think of any other women. Jayden’s grandfather, Hale, only loved his grandmother, Rana. Rana had a weak body was ill for decades. Hale took care of her for years and had never even complained once.

As for Jayden’s father, Kevin, it was needless to say what kind of a husband he was. He was the kind who would pamper his wife. The only person in the family who could control him was also his wife.

Mrs. Turner nodded and said, “There are some things that you have done, but Silvia doesn’t know about it, so let’s just hide it from her for the rest of her life. Don’t put any pressure on her. I want her to be with you out of love and not because she wants to repay your kindness.”

“Mom, I know.” That was what Jayden thought too. However, he did not expect that Mrs. Turner would have the same idea. After thinking about it, he thought it was something that he should have expected of Mrs. Turner. After all, both of them were someone who wished that Silvia could live happily for the rest of her life.

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