My Husband Warm the Bed- 1196

After saying what she wanted to say to Jayden, both Jayden and Mrs. Turner fell silent for a moment. Then, Mrs. Turner said, “Well Jayden, you can stay here for a while when I go help Silvia out with the dishes.”

Jayden immediately got up, “Mom, you’ve been busy the whole day. It’s time to

sit down and have a rest. I’ll help Silvia with the dishes.”

Mrs. Turner hesitated for a moment, and then remembered that he was already her son-in-law. She should not regard him as an outsider, so she said, “That’s a good idea.

Jayden said again, “Mom, you can watch some TV for a while. I will come over again after helping Silvia.

“Okay!” After watching Jayden enter the kitchen, tears started welling up in Mrs. Turner’s eyes

Since Silvia was born, Mrs. Turner knew that Silvia would eventually have a family of her own when she grew up. Mrs. Turner also knew that Silvia was married to Jayden even before they had told her about it. Before this, she felt like she was dreaming. And she thought that when she woke up from the dream, her daughter would still be by her side, and she would still her precious little girl

It was not until that day when Silvia had brought Jayden home and officially introduced him to her that Mrs. Turner had clearly understood that it was not a dream. It was really the reality that her daughter had already grown up and even had her own family.

From now on, Silvia would not hug her and behave affectionately to her like a

little child. And she would also rarely have any more opportunities to wake Silvia, who liked to sleep in, up for school.

From now on, that man would be the one responsible for her daughter’s life…

Jayden stepped into the kitchen and saw Silvia humming while washing the

dishes. It seemed that she was in a good mood, so he was happy too. “Silvia,

why are you in such a good mood?”

“You guys are done chatting already?” The moment Silvia heard Jayden’s voice, she looked back and asked, “What did my mother say to you?”

Jayden said, “Answer me first, what’s making you so happy?”

Silvia said, “I’m just happy. Do I need a reason to be happy? Just mind your own business, will you?

Jayden said, “If that is the case, whatever Mom said to me has nothing to do with you then.

Silvia complained, “She’s my mother. How is it that the things my mom had said to you had nothing to do with me?

Just as Silvia was complaining in a loud voice, Jayden suddenly got close to her and gave her a gentle peck on her lips. She was caught off guard. “Mom asked me to take good care of you in future Jayden answered.

“Can’t you just speak? Why are you kissing me.. If he wanted to kiss her, he should have kissed her properly. What was the point of a gentle peck… Silvia was displeased!

“You don’t like me kissing you?’ But her eyes were telling him that she liked it

when he kissed her.

She did like it, but she was not satisfied that it was just a gentle peck. However, she was too shy to say it out loud

Silvia immediately changed the topic. “Get out of here. Don’t try to mess around here in the kitchen.”

I’m here to help you.” Jayden rolled up his sleeves. He really looked like he was serious about helping her

“Hey, I thought you are a clean freak? and you’ve always thought the kitchen is a dirty place? Are you really sure that you want to help me?’

“Although I don’t really feel like coming into the kitchen, I can’t be letting my

wife do all the work by herself, right? So I have to help

Jayden picked up the dishes that Silvia had scrubbed a while ago and rinsed them. Silvia thought he had never done any chores in his life, but he looked like he knew what he was doing. Silvia let out a sigh. It seemed that smart people were all fast learners.

When Jayden and Silvia came out of the kitchen after washing up all the dishes, Mrs. Turner had just finished tidying up Silvia’s room. “Jayden. I’ve just changed the sheets in Silvia’s room. I hope you wouldn’t mind that the room is a little too small for you.

“Don’t worry. Mom. I’m more than happy that you’ve asked me to stay over for the night, how can I complain about it?” Jayden had never slept in someone

else’s bed. However, it was Silvia’s bed, so he didn’t mind it at all. Instead, he was a little disappointed that Mrs. Turner had replaced the bed sheet that Silvia had slept in

Although Mrs. Turner had already prepared every possible thing that Jayden would need for his stay, she was still afraid that she would leave something out. “I’ve prepared all the necessary toiletries for you. If there is anything else that you need, just let me know.”

Silvia couldn’t stand seeing her mother being so kind to Jayden so she said, “Mom, you don’t have to worry about him. He’s an adult, he’ll be fine.” Mrs. Turner said, “Silvia, you should take Jayden to your room to have a look

and show him where everything is. It’s his first time here, you should be a little

kinder to him.”

Silvia was speechless.

Fine! What else could she say, anyway?!

No matter how reluctant she was to be nice to Jayden, Silvia did not want her mother to be sad. Therefore, she took Jayden to her room. The interior of her room was simple. It was not like how a girl’s room would normally look like. It looked more like a boy’s room instead.

It was the first time that Jayden had stepped into her bedroom. He looked around with great interest and said, “Silvia, your taste is a tad better than what I’ve imagined

He wanted to praise Silvia, but whenever he complimented her, she would get too arrogant. And that was why his words came out like this. Upon hearing what Jayden had said, Silvia rolled her eyes at him. “You really don’t know how to give compliments huh? Your wife would probably run away with another man sooner or later.”

Jayden pinched her cheek and said, “Don’t you even dare to do that. I’ll break your legs even if you’re just thinking about doing it.”

“If you dare to yell at me again, you’ll see if I’ll run away with another man.” Although she was complaining, this was Jayden’s first time in her bedroom Silvia explained to him in detail, “My father designed this room himself. He did it all according to my preferences, especially the study. Look here.”

Silvia opened the door and said, “This is the study room. In order to make it convenient for me to study, my father knocked off the wall and combined the

two rooms.”

Their house was not very big, but it looked spacious after renovating it,

especially in Silvia’s room. One could easily tell that the person who designed the house had put a lot of effort, time and energy into it

Jayden sighed, “Your father really loves you.”

“Of course. My Dad’s the man who loves me the most in the world.” Thinking of her father, Silvia’s was full of pride. The happiest thing in a girl’s life was to have

such a father who had loved her so much.

Jayden said, “I will try my best to be like him.”

“What makes you think that you could be like my father?” Silvia looked at Jayden with a scornful look. “I think it’s better for you to give up on that. I think ‘ll never be able to wait until the day when you’ll finally be good to me. Not only

in this life, but also in the next life.”

Jayden said, “Silvia, I think you should eat more walnuts.”

Silvia did not understand, “What do you mean?”

Jayden said, “To feed your brain.

Silvia said, “Jayden, you’re criticizing me again!”

“I’m just telling the truth, so it’s not considered as a criticism” While talking to

Silvia, Jayden glanced around the room and saw that there were two photo frames on the desk. “What’s that?” Jayden asked.

Oh no!

Silvia screamed inwardly. On her desk, there were two photo frames. One was a family photo, and the other was a picture of Silvia and Felix.

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